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Expert: Two scenarios possible for US’s green light to Iran nuclear deal

Speculations are rife about the United States’ quick agreement to return to a 2015 nuclear deal with Iran based on a text presented by the European Union’s coordinator for the talks during the latest round of negotiations in the Austrian capital Vienna earlier this week.

‘EU advancing US anti-Iran agenda in Vienna instead of facilitating talks’

Iran’s official news agency has criticized the European Union for rushing to announce the achievement of what it called a “final text” following the latest round of negotiations in Vienna aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear deal.

Analyst rejects ‘concerns’ over Iran-Russia cooperation as propaganda

A former Iranian diplomat and senior political analyst has taken a swipe at the West for its smear campaign against Iran and its cooperation with Russia, saying the move is aimed at creating a negative atmosphere against the Islamic Republic.

Iranian expert: West should prevent IAEA from intervening in Iran nuclear case

An Iranian expert on international affairs says the existence of a will in the West to end safeguards issues regarding the Iran nuclear case is the most important issue for resolving the stalemate in the Vienna talks.

Former MP: Iran and P4+1 views close to each other

A former Iranian MP says the views of Iran and the P4+1 group of countries over the revival of the Iran nuclear deal are now very close to each other and the remaining differences are not irresolvable.

Ex-official: Safeguard issue seems to be ‘only knot’ in Vienna talks

A former Iranian official says the so-called Safeguard issues between Tehran and the UN nuclear watchdog appears to be the “only knot” in the diplomatic process in Vienna aimed at salvaging the 2015 multilateral nuclear deal.

Scholar: Iran, US wasted many opportunities to reach compromise

A US-based scholar says Washington has been pursuing a policy of pressure and simultaneous efforts to reach an agreement with Tehran since the presidency of Bill Clinton (1993-2001), but both Iran and the United States have lost many opportunities to reach a compromise.

Analyst: China-US confrontation inevitable as power transition takes place

An Iranian international affairs analyst says a confrontation between China and the United States is inevitable as China challenges the power of the US.

‘Iran had better mend ties with Saudi Arabia before Riyadh normalizes with Israel’

An expert on the Middle East says Iran had better pursue a current window of opportunity to hold talks with Saudi Arabia and mend bilateral ties with Riyadh before the latter potentially engages in a normalization of relations with the Israeli regime.

Former Iranian diplomat: Nuclear talks at turning point

A Former Iranian diplomat says a turning point is taking shape in efforts aimed at reviving the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Ex-envoy: Russia initiated Ukraine war to prevent future surprise by NATO

Iran’s ex-ambassador to Moscow blames the West’s agenda of expansionism as the factor that pushed Russia into war with Ukraine, saying the Russians had to take the initiative in the conflict with their Western neighbor over NATO to prevent a future “surprise” for themselves.

Analyst: JCPOA can’t satisfy Iran’s needs

An Iranian political affairs expert says although the path to restore Iran’s nuclear deal with the West is bumpy, even reaching an agreement to revive the moribund deal will not serve the Islamic Republic’s national interests under current circumstances.

Analyst: Regional countries willing to improve ties with Iran

The former representative of Iran in the Organization for Islamic Cooperation says the current situation in the region and the world calls for reconstruction of regional relations, especially among neighbors.

Analyst: Any German misstep could send Europe into black hole

While Germany plays a pivotal role in Europe as an economic powerhouse, any miscalculation by Berlin amidst the Russian war on Ukraine can affect the entire continent, a senior geopolitical expert says.

Expert: Connecting Iraq to Saudi electricity network aimed at distancing it from Iran

The director of Iraq’s al-Ittihad Strategic Research Center has said connecting the country to Saudi Arabia’s electricity network will not solve any problem and it’s only a political move to distance Iraq from Iran.

Iranian expert: Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel abject failure

An Iranian expert on international and geopolitical affairs says US President Joe Biden’s trip to occupied Palestine and Saudi Arabia was an abject failure. Abdolreza Faraji Rad told Jamaran news outlet that Israel’s intelligence agencies have confirmed that Biden made no gains during his trips to the kingdom and to Israel.

Analyst: Biden’s Middle East trip shouldn’t be overestimated

A top Iranian political analyst has downplayed US President Joe Biden’s tour of the Middle East in a wider context of developments in the world, saying the trip on its own cannot change the deep-seated policies in the region and beyond.

‘Biden’s Mideast trip to make revival of Iran nuclear deal harder’

US President Joe Biden’s trip to the Middle East to bring Saudi Arabia and Israel closer will make revival of Iran’s nuclear deal more complicated, a former Iranian diplomat says.

Iran diplomat: Biden ME tour aimed at security for Israel; we should thank him

The head of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Interests Section in Egypt says the trip to the West Asia region by US President Joe Biden is aimed at ensuring the security of the Israeli regime.

‘Mideast NATO mere psyop to fix morale of Arab govts. left alone by US’

A political commentator says the much-talked-about plan to form a NATO-style coalition of Arab states is a mere psychological operation aimed at repairing the morale of the Arab regimes that have been let down by the US despite years of cooperation with Washington.

Analyst: US creating rifts within Taliban to facilitate Daesh infiltration

An Iranian political analyst has given the Taliban rulers in Afghanistan a heads-up over US plots to cause discord within the ranks of the group and pave the way for the Daesh terrorist group’s infiltration.

Analyst: US will fail in plot to form Arab-Israeli ‘NATO’ against Iran

The US will fail to advance the plot to form a NATO-style coalition against Iran joined by Israel and Arab countries due to the deep differences of opinion existing among Arab governments in their policies toward the Islamic Republic, a political analyst says.

Analyst: Biden set off for Middle East after left in weak position

US President Joe Biden has embarked on a tour of the Israeli-occupied territories and Saudi Arabia after the lukewarm relations with Tel Aviv and Riyadh put him on shaky grounds at home among Democrats, according to a senior Iranian political analyst and former diplomat.

Analyst: Biden due in Mideast to ensure Israeli security via Arab money

A political commentator says US President Joe Biden will be visiting the Middle East with the goal of ensuring the security of the occupying Israeli regime through the petrodollars of the region’s Arab countries.

Daily: Many “allies, friends” of Iran impeding its development

Many of Iran’s supposed neighbors and friends are impeding the process of the national development, Iranian daily Etelaat has written in a column, calling on officials to focus on economic benefits as the criterion to assess any interaction with other countries.

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