Thursday, January 27, 2022


Covid cases hit new high in Iran

The number of Covid cases is on the rise again in Iran. The Iranian Health Ministry on Sunday logged 5,144 new Coronavirus cases.

MP: Yemeni attacks no obstacle to Iran’s talks with Saudis, Emiratis

A top Iranian lawmaker has dismissed the notion that Yemen’s recent drone and missile attacks on the United Arab Emirates constitute an obstacle to Iran’s negotiations with the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

French Senate votes to ban hijab at sports events

French senators have voted in favor of a bill that bans wearing of hijab in sports competitions. The ban is expected to mainly affect Muslim women athletes.

Blinken: Trump JCPOA withdrawal ‘one of worst decisions in US foreign policy’

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has criticized former President Donald Trump for the current situation over Iran’s nuclear programme. The top diplomat has called Trump’s move to pull Washington out of the Iran nuclear dal as ”one of the worst decisions made in recent American foreign policy”.

Ex-deputy foreign minister: “China won’t make any sacrifices for Iran”

A former Iranian deputy foreign minister has dismissed the notion that China will make sacrifices for the Islamic Republic due to its good relations with the country

Why is Saudi Arabia dragging feet on resuming talks with Iran?

An Iranian Middle East expert examines the reasons of why Saudi Arabia is reportedly dragging its feet on holding a new round of negotiations with Iran aimed at fixing troubled ties and has instead chosen to up the ante in the kingdom’s brutal war on Yemen.

Analyst: Optimism prevailing in Hotel Coburg

Iranian news website Khabaronline has published a commentary by political commentator Jalal Khoshchehreh of which a summarized English translation is posted by IFP here: “Hotel Coburg has been the venue of talks between parties who have already held 8 rounds of talks and could have reached a deal before.

What is UAE’s motive for expanding ties with Iran?

In an article run by political website Iranian Diplomacy, Saber Golanbari, an expert on international relations, has looked into the possible motives behind the UAE’s overtures to Iran at a time when the two Persian Gulf countries are divided over a range of issues, most notably the sheikdom’s normalization of ties with the Israeli regime. Here is a summary of the article:

Dimensions of Zionists’ psychological warfare against Iran: Threat or desperation?

Nour News, a media outlet affiliated with Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, has posted an analysis on its website, saying the recent anti-Iran rhetoric by the Israeli regime’s officials is more a sign of desperation than a threat against the Islamic Republic amid the Vienna talks.

Iran: Israel showing true colors as Vienna talks advance

Iran says the Israeli regime is upset by the progress of talks between Tehran and the P4+1 group in Vienna.

Iran marks Fight Against Arrogance Day

Schools across Iran have marked the National Day of Fight Against Arrogance by holding the symbolic ceremony of ringing the bell.

Iran envoy holds discussions with acting Afghan information minister

Iran's Ambassador to Afghanistan Bahador Aminian has met with Taliban's Acting Information and Culture Minister Khairullah Khairkhwaha.  

Iranian-Saudi Talks Following Positive Trend: Analyst

A political commentator says negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia will hopefully follow a positive trend, though differences between the two countries remain.

‘US, Zionist Regime and neo-Ottoman current unable to damage Islamic Revolution’

A Tehran-based journalist and political activist warns of the ‘Military Playfulness’ of some regional countries that ‘were part of Iran in less than a century ago.’

Baku Should Beware of Unsavoury Friends: Analyst

Nournews- The growing trend of the Azerbaijan Republic’s provocative behaviour over the past weeks, which has met with Iran’s patience and cordial stances, is going on curiously, so much so that Baku has somehow staged a type of psychological warfare against Iran not to mention its tension-provoking moves on the ground.

Strategic mistakes of Azerbaijan republic and Armenia

Fars News Agency: Tension is high along Iran’s northwestern borders and many videos have emerged showing the deployment of Iranian armed forces to the areas on the Armenian and Azerbaijani Republic’s border.

Why Iran carried out missile strike in northern Iraq?

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps on Friday rained down missiles on the positions of the terrorist group calling itself “the Democratic Party of Kurdistan”, in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

Taliban accuses US of violating Doha agreement over minister banned

The Taliban accused Washington of reneging on the 2020 Doha Agreement, which brought peace between the US and the group, as a newly appointed Afghan minister finds himself on an FBI wanted list.

Israeli fighter jets bomb Gaza Strip in nighttime raid

The night sky of the Palestinian enclave of Gaza was set alight as the Israeli warplanes pounded the densely populated strip.

Why Is Iran’s State TV Presenting Fake, Embellished Image of Taliban?

A veteran Iranian journalist has criticised the picture that the country’s state TV is portraying of the Taliban saying what is being mirrored of the group is not the fact because these "terrorists" will forget all their promises when they come to power.

Iran Condemns Terrorist Attack against Shiite Mourners in Pakistan

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh has strongly condemned the barbaric attack launched by terrorists against a crowd of mourners commemorating Ashura, the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (PBUH), in Pakistan's Punjab province.

World-Renowned Iranian Geographer Parviz Kardavani Dies

Famous Iranian geographer Parviz Kardavani, who was known as the father of scientific desertology of Iran, passed away on Wednesday evening, August 18, at the age of 90.

Afghanistan’s Future Decided in Doha by US, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia: Analyst

An Afghanistan affairs analyst says what happened in Afghanistan, and the Taliban’s takeover in a matter of days, had been agreed in a deal among US, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, during the Afghan peace talks with the militants in the Qatari capital Doha.

Iranian Border Police Chief Hugs Afghan Child Refugees

A photo has gone viral in Iran showing two Afghan child refugees hugged by Brigadier General Rezaei, the commander of Iranian border guards, at a border crossing in eastern Iran.

Taliban; Domestic Afghan Issue or Leverage to Harness China’s Domination?

and armed group occupies a large part of Afghanistan these days, and now they have reached the mountainous Badakhshan province on the border with China.

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