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Iran inaugurates world’s highest bungee jumping platform

Iran has opened the highest bungee jumping platform at an adrenaline-pumping height of 280 meters in the capital, Tehran.

Lightning lights up Iranian capital’s skyline

People in the Iranian capital Tehran, a dry city for most of the year, experienced heavy showers and lightning on Wednesday and the early hours of Thursday. 

Tehran air quality report reveals alarming figures

The Tehran Air Quality Control Company's recent disclosure highlights the capital city's troubling air quality situation. Since the start of the year, Tehran has endured 107 days of unhealthy air for sensitive groups and 12 days of unhealthy air for all demographics, posing serious health risks, says the company's report.

Traffic chaos grips Tehran over Scarlet Wednesday or Chaharshanbeh Suri

The streets and highways of Tehran have ground to a halt since 15:00 local time on the eve of Scarlet Wednesday, commonly known as Chaharshanbeh Suri.

Battling extremes: Aid workers prepare for weather whiplash in 10 Iranian provinces

Aid workers are on high alert across 10 provinces in Iran as the Head of the Red Crescent Relief and Rescue Organization issues a weather warning.

Iran Health Ministry: Tehran 19th most polluted capital in world

Tehran has been ranked ‘19th most polluted’ among the capitals in the world in terms of the concentration of suspended particles, responsible for nearly 14 percent of the deaths in the country, according to the Iranian Ministry of Health.

Severe smog levels in Iranian capital claim nearly 6,400 lives in one year

Around 6,400 people have died due to extremely high levels of air pollution in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Tehran faces critical air pollution crisis

The Tehran Air Quality Control Department issued a distressing report, revealing an air pollution index of 153 in the capital city on Sunday.

Report: Around 6,400 people died of air pollution in Tehran in 12 months

Reports show air pollution in the Iranian capital, Tehran, claimed thousands of lives in the year ending March, 2022.

Tehran air quality ‘unhealthy, dangerous for sensitive groups’

The air quality index in the Iranian capital, Tehran, stood at 134 on Sunday, like in previous days, falling into the Orange Category, that is dangerous for sensitive groups, on the national color-coded classification system.

Tehran’s Valiasr Street: A verdant chronicle of transformation

Valiasr Street, hailed as the Middle East's longest and a historic testament in Tehran, traces its origins from an uninhabited expanse to its current bustling grandeur.

Tehran Wildlife Clinic treating stray animals

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic at Pardisan Park located in the northwest of the Iranian capital, Tehran, admits lost animals which have been strayed from their natural habitats due to unfavorable geographical conditions or smuggling.

Flooding hits town in drought-hit region in Iran

A town in Iran’s Sistan-and-Baluchestan Province has been hit with flooding, and dozens of villages have been cut off.

Dust storm brings Iran’s megacity of Mashhad to standstill

A heavy dust storm brings businesses and sports activities to a halt in Iran’s northeastern city of Mashhad, the capital of Khorasan Razavi Province.

Dam, power plant inaugurated in Iran’s southwest

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has inaugurated Chamshir Dam and Power Plant in Iran’s southwestern Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province.

World Bank says Iran ranks 1st in drinking water access in urban, rural regions

The World Bank has announced in a report that Iran ranks first in terms of access to drinking water in urban and rural areas across the globe and among countries in the West Asia region.

Mohitban, Iran’s first-ever natural park near capital Tehran

The Iranian city of Karaj in Alborz Province, near Tehran, is home to Mohitban Park, the country’s first-ever natural park where animals live freely.

Criticism grows in Iran of govt. move to abolish daylight saving time law

There has been growing criticism in Iran over the administration’s decision to abolish the daylight saving time law and instead change the working hours at the government-run offices and agencies, in a measure that has caused many headaches for employees and citizens.

Bright nights of Iran’s capital

As people fast during the day in the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, many prefer to take a tour of the Iranian capital after the Iftar time in the evening.

Red alert in western Iranian city as snow buries homes

Iranian officials have declared an emergency state in the western city of Kouhrang, Chaharmahah and Bakhtiari Province, as heavy downpours of snow bury houses there.

Iranian capital covered in winter snow again

On Thursday, residents of the Iranian capital, Tehran, woke up to a beautiful snowfall, which blanketed streets in white.

Tehran citizens experience extremely polluted air for roughly 2 weeks

The Iranian capital Tehran has been choked by heavy smog for roughly two weeks now.

Iran’s desert city of Zahedan gets rare snowfall

Rare snowfall blankets the southeastern Iranian city of Zahedan, which has typically a hot desert climate and long summers.

Heavy smug blankets Tehran’s Milad Tower

A clip captured by Iran’s ISNA News Agency shows that a thick smug blanketing landmark Milad Tower in the Iranian capital Tehran.

Iran records nearly 21k deaths caused by air pollution annually: Official

An Iranian health official says the country registers 20,800 fatalities caused by air pollution in 27 cities every year, a figure that accounts for 12.6 percent of the total death toll.

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