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Social Harms

Official: Taliban rise caused a hike in number of Afghan child workers in Iran

The Iranian deputy justice minister has said the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan has led to a rise in the number of child workers in Iran.

10 stabbed to death in Iran’s Rafsanjan

An Afghan national has killed six other Afghans and four Iranians in southeastern Iranian county of Rafsanjan in a stabbing spree following what the police called “personal differences”.

Hostage-taking ends in Tehran after police intervene

A hostage-taking situation ends following police intervention in central Tehran.

Young woman murder triggers flurry of reactions in Iran

Murdering of a young woman in the southern Iranian city of Ahvaz and publication of its footage online has triggered public anger and a wave of discontent, drawing reactions from judiciary officials.

Social maladies should be tackled: Iranian official

A senior Iranian official has called for redoubled efforts to tackle social maladies in the country.

Iranian police crackdown on thugs in Tehran

Police in the Iranian capital Tehran have raided a number of places that are notoriously the haunts of thugs as part of a crackdown on those who harass citizens.

Iranian intelligence operatives dismantle drug trafficking cell

Iran’s intelligence operatives have dismantled a big narcotrafficking cell in western Iran. They also seized 130 kilograms of “crystal, an industrial drug, and a Klashnikov gun from the narcotraffickers.

Iran seizes opium hidden in screwdrivers bound for Europe

Iran’s customs officials have discovered and confiscated a large amount of opium hidden beneath the handles of screwdrivers in postal shipments bound for the United Kingdom.

Street cleaner returns huge amount in lost cash

A street cleaner in the Iranian city of Mashhad has returned one million Turkish liras in lost cash along with a 250 million rial check to their owner.

Iran police seize some 1.5 tonnes of narcotics

Iran has confiscated nearly 1.5 tonnes of narcotics in the southeast of the country and apprehended three drug traffickers.

Iranian soldier praised for defending woman against thief

In Iran, a soldier has been granted a 6-month reduction on his military service after he defended a woman against a thief in Tehran.

Iranian Intel. Ministry dismantles company for ripping off citizens

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry says more than 150 leaders of a pyramid company calling itself Unique Finance have been arrested in 19 provinces across the country for financial wrongdoings.

Iran at Forefront of War on Drugs: Minister

Iran’s interior minister says the country ranks first in the fight against illicit drugs and attaches great importance to the campaign against narcotics.

Iranian Military Joins Hands with Relief Teams to Supply Water to Deprived Villages

The Ground Force of the Iranian Army and Judiciary officials along with relief teams have launched work to supply water to rural areas in the southeastern Iranian province of Sistan and Baluchestan.

Iran Calls for Global Campaign against Illicit Drugs

A senior Iranian official has called on all countries to join hands in the fight against drug trafficking .

Tehran Metro to Get Suicide-Prevention Glass Walls

Glass walls are to be erected at the edge of platforms in 35 subway stations across Tehran to prevent people committing suicide by jumping in front of the trains.

Domestic Violence in Iran Less Than That in Other Countries: VP  

A senior Iranian official says the extent of domestic violence against women in Iran is less severe than that of other countries.

Over 5,000 Poisoned in Iran after Consuming Fake Booze

Health officials in Iran say over 5,000 people have been poisoned by drinking fake booze since February 20.

VP Asks Iranians to Use Helpline to Report Domestic Violence

Iranian Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs has encouraged people to contact a helpline to report the cases of domestic violence or child maltreatment as people have been told to stay home to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Nearly 800 Tonnes of Narcotics Seized in Iran in 10 Months

An Iranian official says the country has confiscated over 798 tonnes of narcotic and psychedelic drugs in the first ten months of the current Iranian year.

Tehran Working to End Use of Children for Scavenging

Tehran Mayor has urged all Tehran citizens to inform the municipality if they see any street children being used for scavenging.

Iranian Inmates Making Wood, Leather Handicrafts in Prison

Prisoners in a jail in Iran’s Isfahan are using their leisure time to make some money by making wood and leather handicrafts in industrial workshops.

‘High Number of Requests for Adoption of Children in Iran’

An Iranian official says there are currently 10 requests for adoption of per child in Iran, particularly after single women were recently authorized to apply for.

Acid Attackers in Iran May Face Capital Punishment

Iranian lawmakers have adopted a bill that allows the Judiciary to mete out capital punishment for acid attackers under certain circumstances.

Iranian MPs Vote to Step Up Acid Attack Punishment

The Iranian Parliament has passed legislation that steps up punishment for acid attacks and provides more support to survivors of such horrendous acts.

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