Saturday, October 1, 2022


Iranian daily urges Raisi to act on pledge to establish center for protests

An Iranian daily pointed to President Ebrahim Raisi’s statement that protests “are absolutely okay” in Iran, urging the chief executive to make good on the pledge of paving the way for anti-government gatherings.

Iran’s stealth drones capable of striking MKO base in Albania: Iranian Paper

A state-run Iranian newspaper says the country is in possession of radar-evading unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which it can use to strike the base of the anti-Iran Mojahedeen Khalq Organization (MKO) terrorist group in Albania.

Eminent Iranian movie director’s passport seized upon arrival in Tehran

Renowned Iranian movie director and actor Mehran Modiri, who had left the country a few days ago, has had his passport confiscated upon arrival in Iran.

Iranian daily warns officials against rejoicing over waning protests

An Iranian newspaper has cautioned officials against looking at the dying protests in Iran through the prism of optimism, warning the smoldering fire can turn into raging flames next time and cause a bigger chaos.

Iranian police killed in riots laid to rest in Khorramabad

Iranians join a funeral procession in the western city of Khorramabad for a member of the country’s law enforcement force who lost his life during recent violent riots near the capital, Tehran.

Former Iranian TV host arrested over ‘ties to unrest’

A former Iranian television host has been arrested by security agents on charges of ‘inciting riots and sympathizing with the enemy’ following the deadly protests in several Iranian cities after the death of a woman in police custody, according to Mehr News Agency.

Iran president: Mahsa Amini’s death tragic but chaos should be avoided

President Ebrahim Raisi of Iran says the death of a young Iranian woman in police custody two weeks ago was a tragic incident that saddened the nation, but warned against opportunistic behaviors to cause upheaval in the country.

Family of Mahsa Amini files lawsuit against police who arrested Iranian girl

A lawyer for the family of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old Iranian girl who died in morality police custody in Iran, says her family has filed a lawsuit against those who arrested her, that's according to national Iranian TV.

President Raisi: Enemies’ attempt to sow sedition stems from fear for establishment’s clout

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has said during his meeting with foreign officials, they admitted Iran’s progress in various fields and said their countries need to enjoy the Islamic Republic’s achievements.

Sociologist: Protests in Iran won’t die down unless ruling methods change

Iran is impregnated with emotional reactions due to the ‘wrong ways of ruling’ by the government, and if the feeling of 'rejection and discrimination among people' does not disappear, protest movements will continue in various ways, a renowned sociologist and politician has warned.

Iranian activist Faezeh Hashemi arrested over ‘ties to deadly protests’

Political activist Faezeh Hashemi has been arrested by Iranian security forces for alleged involvement in the protests triggered after the death of a young woman in police custody two weeks ago, according to Tasnim News Agency.

Funeral in Mashahd for two people killed by rioters

People in the Iranian city of Mashhad have held a funeral ceremony for two people killed by rioters in recent days in Khorasan Razavi Province.

Interior minister: There’s evidence Amini not subjected to beating in custody

Iran’s interior minister says definitive medical evidence suggests Mahsa Amini, who died in the custody of morality police last week, had not been subjected to beating by those in charge of the detention facility.

Iranians hold rallies nationwide to condemn violent riots

Iranians hold demonstrations across the country to condemn the recent deadly riots that have hit several cities, with elements behind the violence launching attacks on security forces, public property, and sanctities.

IRGC: New wave of ‘Daesh-style’ violence organized by Iran enemies doomed to failure

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) expresses gratitude for the Iranian nation’s vigilance in the face of yet another “organized conspiracy” that the enemies and their domestic elements are pursing against the country in the aftermath of the death of a young woman in custody, stressing that the plot is doomed to failure.

Iran communications minister rejects reports of possible internet blackouts

The Iranian government’s official news agency, IRNA, has dismissed reports citing the minister of communications and information technology as saying that access to internet could be limited or cut off in the coming days amid protests over the death of Mahsa Amini after being taken into custody by the moral police in Tehran.

Kayhan: Iran must not be silent in face of parties that provoke riots

A Tehran-based daily close to Principlists says the Islamic establishment in Iran should not stay silent in the face of those who set the stage for chaos in the country, as the role of Western spy services is already crystal clear in riots that occasionally hit Iranian cities.

Protests grip Iranian cities after death of young woman in custody

Street protests break out in many Iranian cities amid anger in the country over the death of a young woman who had a heart attack in the custody of morality police, as official investigations continue to determine the exact cause of the tragedy.

Iran’s Leader appoints new members to Expediency Council for 5-year term

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei appoints the chairman and members of Iran’s Expediency Council for another five-year term.

Ghalibaf: Iran’s parl’t to push for morality police reforms

After the recent death of a young Iranian woman caused a huge uproar nationwide, the speaker of the Iranian parliament has tasked the Domestic Affairs Committee of the legislature with investigating and improving the morality police’s performance.

Protests erupt at universities in Iran over death of 22-year old Mahsa Amini

Several groups of students have held protests in universities of Tehran against the death of a young woman who had a heart attack while in police custody.

Tehran Police commander: Claims on social media about Mahsa Amini’s death “sheer lie”

The commander of Tehran’s Law Enforcement has given new explanations about the death of Mahsa Amini saying many claims regarding police mistreatment are baseless.

Iranian vice president for science, technology steps down

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has accepted the resignation by his vice president for science and technology Sorena Sattari after holding the position for nine years since the previous administration.

Father of Iranian woman who had heart attack in police custody demands full probe into her death

The father of an Iranian woman who died after a heart attack in morality police custody last week, has once again rejected reports that her daughter had background medical conditions, asking for a full probe into the cause of his daughter’s tragic death.

Rally held in Iran Kurdish city to protest death of young woman

Hundreds of people took to the streets in the Western Iranian city of Sanandaj, the capital city of Kurdistan Province, on Sunday evening to protest the death of a young woman who died of a heart attack while in morality police custody last week, Fars News Agency reported.

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