Presidential election campaign ends for runoff vote in Iran

Countdown beings for presidential election runoff in Iran as the candidates vying for the office stopped their campaigns at 8 am on Thursday local time.

Iran Leader stresses on participation in presidential runoff vote

The Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has called for greater participation in the second round of the snap presidential election on Friday.

Minister: Iran preparing for presidential runoff elections

Iran’s interior minister says preparations are in place for a “great election” on Friday to elect a successor to the late president Ebrahim Raisi, calling on the nation to show strong participation.

Iranian presidential candidates square off in last debate before runoff vote

The two presidential hopefuls vying for the office in Iran’s runoff vote sought to woo more voters in their second and final televised debate aired from the state television (IRIB) on Tuesday evening.

Iran presidential contenders have it out in first debate for runoff

The two top presidential candidates who found their ways to the runoff vote in Iran’s elections, faced off in a televised debate on Monday night on foreign policy, cultural, and social issues.

Terrorist elements arrested during Iran presidential vote, plots foiled

The Iranian Deputy Interior Minister for Security Affairs announced that terrorists had meticulously planned to carry out operations during the presidential election with the intention of creating an atmosphere of insecurity across the nation.

Iranian presidential candidate Pezeshkian urges people to vote in runoff 

Iranian presidential candidate Masoud Pezeshkian issued a message after the Friday election results were out, calling for high voter turnout in the presidential runoff election next Friday.

Principlist candidates throw weight behind Jalili in Iran presidential runoff

The principlist candidates in the snap presidential polls in Iran, who gained notoriety for their deep chasms before the first round of elections on Friday, have now issued statements supporting Saeed Jalili, the “Revolution Front” candidate who came in second and found his way into a runoff to be held coming Friday.

No outright winner in Iran presidential election, voters to go for runoff

The Iranian interior ministry announced no straight winner emerged from the ballot boxes in the first round of presidential polls held on Friday, adding the country will hold an election runoff next Friday.

Vote counting in snap presidential election underway in Iran

Counting votes in Iran’s presidential election started at midnight right after polls closed on Friday, with the interior ministry gradually releasing reports as the initial results are trickling in from across the country.

Explainer: In what case Iran presidential election will be extended to run-off

The Iranian Constitution stipulates that the President is elected by an absolute majority of votes polled by the voters.

Prominent figures cast votes in Iran presidential elections

Iranian and international media have been flashing images of prominent political figures who have gone to the polls to cast their ballots across Iran on Friday in the snap presidential election and encourage others to vote in the highly dichotomized voting.

Voting begins for Iran presidential election, Leader calls for strong participation

Polls opened across Iran at 08:00 am local time (04:30 GMT) on Friday to choose a successor to the late President Ebrahim Raisi who lost his life in a helicopter crash last month.

Commemoration of 40th day of martyrdom of late Iranian FM

The commemoration ceremony for the 40th day of martyrdom of Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the late Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the martyrs of service, was held this Thursday morning.

Iranians to vote in over 58,000 polling stations in presidential election: Official

Iran's Election Headquarters announced preparations for the presidential election on Friday, including setting up more than 58,000 polling stations nationwide, as two candidates, Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi and Ali Reza Zakani, withdrew from the race.

Ghazizadeh Hashemi drops out of Iranian presidential race ahead of election

Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi, one among the six candidates who are vying to become Iran’s next president after the death of Ebrahim Raisi, has quit the race.

Time up for presidential campaign in Iran

With one of the candidates dropping out of the presidential election race in Iran so far, the five remaining candidates should stop their campaign for the polls to be held on Friday.

Iran election candidates busy campaigning in final remaining hours

Campaigning heats up across Iran two days ahead of presidential election.

Presidential candidate Qalibaf: Iranians will no longer tie their life to JCPOA 

Iranian presidential candidate Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf says the Iranian people will not tie their livelihoods to the 2015 nuclear deal known as JCPOA this time around when they elect their new president.

Research Center: Reformist candidate Pezeshkian front-runner in Iran presidential polls

The Iranian Parliament’s Research Center released on Wednesday the results of its latest opinion poll on the country’s upcoming presidential election, putting reformist candidate Massoud Pezeshkian in the lead among the six hopefuls with 23.5 percent of the votes.

Saudi gov’t refuses to allow Iranian Hajj pilgrims to vote in presidential election

Iranian officials say Saudi Arabia has turned down a request by Iran to allow Iranian Hajj pilgrims to cast their votes in the snap presidential polls on Friday.

Iranian presidential hopefuls seek to coax more voters in final debate

The six presidential contenders who are running for office in the Friday presidential snap elections sparred in the fifth and final debate aired by the state broadcaster on Tuesday day.

Iran’s Leader says high voter turnout in presidential election disappoints foes

Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, has stated a high voter turnout in the upcoming presidential election in Iran makes the country proud and helps it overcome its enemies.

Iran election: Pezeshkian on the rise in opinion poll, turnout around 44%

The latest polls in Iran show that the definite voter turnout in the upcoming presidential election will be 43.9 percent.

Presidential hopeful Pezeshkian: Iran can overcome problems if Iranians help run country

Iran’s only reformist presidential hopeful Massoud Pezeshkian says the piles of problems in the country can be solved in case people contribute to running the country’s affairs.

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