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Tehran Univ. professor: Does Ukraine want to experience Iran missile power?

Following the recent comments by a Ukranian presidential advisor about the drone attack on a military facility in central Iran, Tehran University Professor Mohammad Marandi says it seems that Ukraine was involved in the “shambolic” Israeli drone attack in Isfahan, asking does it seek to experience the power of Iranian weapons?

Iran-Europe faceoff flaring up: Expert

A foreign policy expert says the standoff between Iran and Europe could drag into tension and more complicated stages.

Expert: Anti-Iran comments by China, Iraq and S Korea show they ignore Iran’s interests  

An Iranian political expert has said the stance of the leaders of China, South Korea and Iraq on Iran show that they think it’s the right time to attack the Islamic Republic’s interests or at least ignore its interests.

Analyst: Iran should de-escalate with Europe instead of showing emotional reactions to IRGC blacklisting

A political expert says mere condemnations and emotional reactions to the European Parliament’s call for Europe to blacklist the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) will not be of any help, but Tehran needs instead to find ways to decrease tensions with the Europeans.

Ex-MP: Iran Foreign Ministry must end inaction on rising tensions with Europe

An ex-Iranian lawmaker warns that a possible escalation of tensions with the Europeans could push them to refer Tehran’s nuclear case back to the UN Security Council, criticizing incumbent Foreign Ministry officials for what he describes as inaction in the face of the increasing frictions.

Iranian expert: Russia regards Iran as tool to get out of “Ukraine quagmire”

An Iranian expert on international affairs says Russia thinks of Iran as a tool to help Moscow get out of the "Ukraine quagmire" it’s got stuck in.

Ex-Iranian diplomat urges Tehran to stay out of Russia’s war in Ukraine 

A former Iranian diplomat says Russia has made Iran an accomplice in the Ukraine war، adding that Russia is playing Iran as a card in Ukraine.

Ex-Iranian envoy blames Foreign Ministry for deteriorating ties with Europe

A former Iranian ambassador to Germany criticizes the incumbent Foreign Ministry officials for what he describes as their “weak performance” that is undermining long-running relations with the European Union.

Analyst: Iran ‘intervention’ in Ukraine dealt blow to talks on nuclear deal revival

A political commentator says Iran’s “intervention” in the Ukraine war in favor of Russia dealt a heavy blow to the talks in Vienna on a potential revival of the 2015 nuclear agreement.

Analyst: Iran’s presence in Syria part of a bulwark against Israel’s expansionism

An Iranian political expert says all indications show that Turkey and Russia are making an effort to divide their interests in Syria.

Ex-diplomat: Iranian Foreign Ministry has lost its clout

A former Iranian diplomat says the current administration is using less efficient and less professional people in the Foreign Ministry.

Iran needs foreign policy overhaul away from dogmatic analyses: Analyst

A former lawmaker criticizes Iranian officials for following a foreign policy agenda based on “dogmatic, traditional and outdated” analyses of international developments, saying such an approach makes them get caught off guard in the face of the realities on the global stage.

Former Iranian ambassador: China will not side with Iran against Arab countries 

Iran’s former ambassador to Beijing says it’s highly unlikely the Chinese will change their position on the Islamic Republic ovet Tehran’s disputes with the Arab countries.

Iran can’t blame Saudi Arabia, China for recent anti-Tehran statement: Commentator

A political commentator says Iran can’t blame China or Saudi Arabia for a recent joint statement by Arab counties and China that included aggressive anti-Iran rhetoric because those countries are pursuing their own interests.

Analyst: Iran’s patience toward Aliyev’s lowly statements has a limit

A political analyst says anti-Iran "hostile statements" by Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev stem from Turkish-US-Israeli pressure aimed at dividing the two neighbors, warning that Tehran’s patience has a limit and it will punish Baku if the need arises.

Political expert: Iran govt. should take resolutions seriously

An Iranian political expert says Iran’s diplomatic apparatus should take resolutions against Tehran seriously.

Analyst: Each new resolution part of campaign to refer Iran to UNSC, activate trigger mechanism

An Iranian political analyst warns against the consequences that any anti-Iran resolution may entail on the international stage, saying every such resolution is a step toward referral of the Islamic Republic’s case to the United Nations Security Council.

Expert warns of consequences due to UNHRC’s resolution against Iran

Reza Nasri, an expert on international affairs, says the recent anti-Iran resolution passed by the UN Human Rights Council has damaged Iran's reputation, warning about inaction on the part of the Islamic Republic.

Analyst: Rise of hawks in Israel likely to fuel instability in occupied territories

A political commentator says the rise of hawkish Benjamin Netanyahu back to power in Israel is likely to fuel the regime’s radical policies, which could consequently intensify both social and security instability in the Tel Aviv-occupied territories.

Expert warns Iran government not to walk into ‘trap laid in Ukraine’

An international affairs expert says the Iranian government should take great care not to take sides in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

‘Like pain in the body:’ Iranian lawmaker calls protests ‘a blessing’

A member of Iran’s Parliament says protests are “a blessing” that tell governments where the system needs fixing.

Former Iranian envoy: Iran apparently fell victim to Russian deception operation in Ukraine

Former Iranian ambassador to Russia says Iran appears to have faced defeat in a Russian “deception operation” by getting engaged in the Ukraine conflict, stressing that such involvement does not serve the Islamic Republic’s national interests.

Analyst: Rise of far right in Israel may increase regional tensions against Iran

An Iranian political commentator warns that the rise of the Israeli far-right and Hawkish ex-premier Benjamin Netanyahu to power again is likely to increase regional and global tensions against Iran, stressing the need for preparations for that scenario.

Russia suspended grain deal to force West to sit at negotiating table: Analyst

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pulled the plug on a UN-brokered grain deal aimed at easing the global food crisis amid the conflict in Ukraine, in order to force the United States and the European Union to sit at the negotiating table with Russia over the war, an Iranian analyst and former diplomat says.

Neither Washington nor Tehran ready to sit at negotiating table at this point: Commentator

A George Washington University professor says neither Washington nor Tehran is in a position to sit at the negotiating table and engage in an exchange of concessions given their domestic issues.

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