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Ex-envoy: Taliban using water, border closure as pressure lever on Iran

Iran’s ex-ambassador to Afghanistan says the interim Taliban rulers are using shared water resources as well as the closure of Dogharoun border with Iran as lever against Tehran, calling for vigilance in the face of risks of fresh clashes with the Afghan side.

Analyst: Talks with Europe won’t solve JCPOA case; Iran needs direct talks with US

An Iranian analyst says a revival of the Iran 2015 nuclear deal will not be possible with the Europeans, and that the Islamic Republic should engage in direct negotiations with the United States to that end.

Turkey plan to build dams on Aras River to turn 3 Iranian provinces into deserts: Univ. professor

An Iranian university professor and researcher says regional development plans by the Turkish government, including projects to construct dams on Aras River, will result in the drying out of three Iranian provinces.

Ex-envoy to Kabul: Taliban dried up Iran’s Hamoun wetlands by diverting water flow

Iran’s ex-ambassador to Afghanistan says the interim Taliban rulers are behind the drying up of the Hamoun wetlands in eastern Iran by cutting the flow of Hirmand River waters into the Iranian side of the border and diverting the waters through a dam to their opium fields.

Ex Iranian diplomat: Russia won’t take on Israel for sake of Iran

The former director general of Iran’s foreign ministry says it is unlikely that Russia will stand up to Israel for the sake of Iran.

Iran’s ex-ambassador to France: No party has motivation to revive JCPOA

A former Iranian ambassador to Paris says the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal, known as JCPOA, is stagnant now and Iran and the other parties to the deal lack motivation to reach an agreement to restore the agreement.

Expert: Israel cannot go it alone in a war on Iran

An Iranian political expert says the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has no other priority on his agenda than Iran.

Ex-Iran ambassador to Baku: Israel and West trying to turn Azerbaijan into another Ukraine for Iran

Former Iranian ambassador to Baku says the Zionist regime and the West are plotting to turn the Republic of Azerbaijan into another Ukraine for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Analyst: Iran FM’s Russia visit for JCPOA talks won’t bring meaningful outcome

A political expert says a recent visit by the Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian to Russia with the declared goal of helping restore the 2015 nuclear deal cannot produce any meaningful and practical result.

Analyst: Iran adroitly thwarted anti-Tehran resolution at IAEA

An Iranian political analyst says it’s an art and takes prudence to stop a resolution being issued against a country and Iran recently succeeded in doing so adroitly at the board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA.

Iranian analyst: War against Iran far-fetched in short term

A former Iranian diplomat says it’s highly unlikely that Israel will launch a preemptive strike against Iran in the near future.

Iranian daily warns govt.: Grossi could be Israel’s spy

An Iranian daily close to the Principlists warns the government against providing data on the country’s sensitive nuclear sites and scientists to the head of the UN nuclear watchdog, saying there is a possibility that he serves as a spy for Israel.

Analyst: Possible Iran-IAEA deal can take away US excuses for delaying nuclear talks

A political commentator says an upcoming visit by the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to Tehran appears to have created a “positive climate” that could help thwart the adoption of yet another hostile resolution against Iran at the UN nuclear watchdog.

Iranian daily: Govt. must openly declare neutrality in Ukraine war

An Iranian daily urges the government to openly declare neutrality in the Russian war on Ukraine, saying failure to fulfill such a “definitive duty” has caused trouble for the country.

Tehran-based Principlist daily: Europe isolated itself by disinviting Iran, Russia from Munich conference

An Iranian daily said Europe chose to isolate itself by uninviting Iran and Russia from this year’s Munich Security Conference for the fear of facing the realities on the ground.

Ex-Iran envoy to London warns end of JCPOA jeopardizes peace

The former Iranian ambassador to Britain has warned about the consequences of the end of Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal, JCPOA.

Tehran Univ. professor: Does Ukraine want to experience Iran missile power?

Following the recent comments by a Ukranian presidential advisor about the drone attack on a military facility in central Iran, Tehran University Professor Mohammad Marandi says it seems that Ukraine was involved in the “shambolic” Israeli drone attack in Isfahan, asking does it seek to experience the power of Iranian weapons?

Iran-Europe faceoff flaring up: Expert

A foreign policy expert says the standoff between Iran and Europe could drag into tension and more complicated stages.

Expert: Anti-Iran comments by China, Iraq and S Korea show they ignore Iran’s interests  

An Iranian political expert has said the stance of the leaders of China, South Korea and Iraq on Iran show that they think it’s the right time to attack the Islamic Republic’s interests or at least ignore its interests.

Analyst: Iran should de-escalate with Europe instead of showing emotional reactions to IRGC blacklisting

A political expert says mere condemnations and emotional reactions to the European Parliament’s call for Europe to blacklist the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) will not be of any help, but Tehran needs instead to find ways to decrease tensions with the Europeans.

Ex-MP: Iran Foreign Ministry must end inaction on rising tensions with Europe

An ex-Iranian lawmaker warns that a possible escalation of tensions with the Europeans could push them to refer Tehran’s nuclear case back to the UN Security Council, criticizing incumbent Foreign Ministry officials for what he describes as inaction in the face of the increasing frictions.

Iranian expert: Russia regards Iran as tool to get out of “Ukraine quagmire”

An Iranian expert on international affairs says Russia thinks of Iran as a tool to help Moscow get out of the "Ukraine quagmire" it’s got stuck in.

Ex-Iranian diplomat urges Tehran to stay out of Russia’s war in Ukraine 

A former Iranian diplomat says Russia has made Iran an accomplice in the Ukraine war، adding that Russia is playing Iran as a card in Ukraine.

Ex-Iranian envoy blames Foreign Ministry for deteriorating ties with Europe

A former Iranian ambassador to Germany criticizes the incumbent Foreign Ministry officials for what he describes as their “weak performance” that is undermining long-running relations with the European Union.

Analyst: Iran ‘intervention’ in Ukraine dealt blow to talks on nuclear deal revival

A political commentator says Iran’s “intervention” in the Ukraine war in favor of Russia dealt a heavy blow to the talks in Vienna on a potential revival of the 2015 nuclear agreement.

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