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Iranian daily warns of ‘moles’ following Israel’s targeting of top commander in Damascus

An Iranian newspaper has heaped praise on Iran’s armed forces for staging a massive operation on Sunday against Israel to retaliate an aggression against the Iranian diplomatic premises in Syria earlier this month, but at the same time has warned of vulnerabilities.

Ex-Iranian diplomat says unclear if Iran has made final decision over attack against Israel 

A former Iranian diplomat rejects claims that Iran has decided to attack the Zionist regime from its own soil in retaliation for Tel Aviv’s recent attack on the Iranian consulate section in Damascus that killed several Iranian military advisors.

Iranian daily: Government’s economic reports in conflict with people’s daily life

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s administration has failed to relieve people of the economic burden in their daily lives despite ‘promising’ reports released by the government, an Iranian newspaper argues.

Fmr. Spksmn.: Israeli regime ‘the loser in action’

A former Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson says the Israeli regime is “the loser on the ground and in action."

Iranian journalist: Iran should strike Israel’s diplomatic missions

Following an Israeli attack on Iran’s consulate in the Syrian capital Damascus on Monday, the occupying regime’s diplomatic missions across the world are legitimate targets for Iran, a veteran Iranian journalist says.

Expert: No bright future for Iran regarding sanctions

A political analyst says a number of internal and international factors paint a complicated picture of the future regarding removal of US-led Western sanctions against Iran.

Veteran Iranian journalist demands Tehran send aid ships to Gaza

The chief editor of principlist Persian newspaper Kayhan says Iran ‘can and should’ deliver humanitarian supplies to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip through maritime routes amid the months-long Israeli genocidal campaign.

“Trump could chock off all economic lifelines of Iran if elected in Nov.”

A political analyst warns against the notion that anti-Iran sanctions have been neutralized.

Iranian daily questions efficiency of electoral system in Iran

The electoral system in Iran is neither similar to the parliamentary democracy in other countries, nor can it lead to the emergence of the most deserved or popular candidates, an Iranian daily argues.

Expert warns of anti-Iran moves by Israel and West 

An international affairs expert says the Middle East is in transition to a new unstable order after the October 7 attack by Hamas which quote poses a threat to Iran.

Former Iranian official deplores Iraqi FM’s remarks against Iran regarding Erbil raids

A former Iranian official has decried Iraq’s foreign minister for claiming that Iran has become ‘isolated’ in the international arena.

Intl. relations professor: Iran-U.S. diplomatic talks in Oman close

In a recent interview with Entekhab news outlet, Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, a professor of international relations and a former Iranian lawmaker, disclosed that the diplomatic mechanism established between Iran and the U.S. in Oman is effectively closed.

Analyst: U.S. strikes on Yemen come with go-ahead from Saudi Arabia

An Iranian foreign policy expert says the United States’ recent attacks on Yemen were carried out with the green light from certain regional countries, particularly Saudi Arabia.

Iranian daily warns of ‘proxy’ tensions in Iran

An Iranian newspaper has raised the possibility that the Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan might be linked to the recent terrorist attack in the southeastern Iranian city of Kerman which left scores of people dead and hundreds more wounded.

Iranian intl. expert speculates on potential Israeli tole in deadly Kerman terrorist blast

Reza Nasri, a senior expert in international affairs, offered insight into the recent terrorist explosion in Kerman, suggesting a potential Israeli involvement.

Ex-diplomat: Israel seeking to drag Iran into confrontation with US

A former Iranian diplomat has blamed Israel for a bloody terrorist attack in southeastern Iran on Wednesday, saying the Israeli regime is seeking to put Tehran and Washington on a confrontational path.

Iran’s ex-FM urges Tehran not to get too close to U.S., China or Russia

Iran’s former foreign minister has urged Tehan to go for a middle ground between China, Russia and the United States and avoid getting too close to any of them.

Expert: Zionist regime’s assassination of IRGC cmdr. to poke Iran

An Iranian expert has warned of Israel's efforts to drag Iran into a direct confrontation with the US in the wake of the Gaza war.

Former Iranian diplomat laments Tehran’s ‘confused’ policy on Moscow

A former Iranian diplomat has undermined the effectiveness of Iran’s diplomatic approach towards Russia, noting that Moscow has questioned Iran’s territorial integrity twice within a span of a few months.

Iranian MP: Iran failed to properly identify national interests in relations with Russia

An Iranian parliamentarian says the Tehran government has failed to properly identify national interests in its relations with Russia.

Iranian MP reacts strongly to Russia’s support for Arab states’ stance on three Iranian islands

An Iranian lawmaker has shown a strong reaction to Russia’s alignment with Arab countries regarding the three Iranian islands of the Lesser Tunb, the Greater Tunb and Abu Musa in the Persian Gulf.

Ex-MP says Iran’s foreign policy on Russia ‘naïve’ 

Ex-MP says Iran’s foreign policy on Russia ‘naïve’ 

Former Iran FM Zarif: Israel’s own-made image of invincibility shattered after Hamas attack

Iran’s former foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Israeli’s foreign policy builds on two components, namely being oppressed and invincibility.

“Israel’s efforts to extend conflict to Iran must fail to bear fruit”

Mohsen Hashemi, the son of former Iranian president, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, has warned against Israeli extremists trying to extend the conflict beyond occupied territories and into Iran.

Ex-Iran FM: Israel facing desperation, confusion

A former Iranian foreign minister says the Israeli regime is suffering from desperation and confusion in the face of the resistance front’s strategic victory.

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