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6 popular traditional breads of Iran’s Kerman Province listed as a heritage

The diversity of traditional breads in Iran’s Kerman Province is very high. These breads are so attractive and pleasant and they include Tiri, Zarandi Kopoo, Kermani Taftan, Sirjan fatty and sweet bread, Kornoon bread of Shahrbabak and Anar, Kerman boiled oil and Baft cookie bread. All these have been listed as intangible heritage of the region.

Iran’s Gheymeh Nesar, Baghlava win gold medals in world culinary competition

Iran’s representative in the international cooking completion held in Pakistan has bagged the top awards for 2024.

Iran’s trademark cuisine Ghormeh Sabzi first food in space

Iran’s internationally famous herb stew with rice, or in Persian Ghormeh Sabzi, is the first food that has found its way to space.

Iran’s Sholeh Zard ranked best pudding in world

Iranian traditional saffron rice dessert Sholeh Zard has been voted by online guide for traditional food, TasteAtlas, as the best pudding in the world, outranking world-famous puddings like Turkey’s Sutlac.

Iran’s Nan-e Barbari gets 3rd spot on Taste Atlas list of world’s best flatbreads

Iran’s traditional Nan-e Barbari secures the third spot on the list of the world’s 50 best flatbreads released by Taste Atlas, a popular encyclopedia of local food, traditional restaurants, and authentic recipes worldwide.

Dizi Recipe (Famous Iranian food)

In traditional Iranian restaurants, Dizi is still served in small clay pots with a number of truly delicious side dishes.

Iran’s traditional ice cream tops Taste Atlas list of world’s best frozen desserts

Iran’s traditional ice cream, known as Bastani Sonnati, has topped the list of the world’s 50 best frozen desserts released by Taste Atlas, a popular encyclopedia of local food, traditional restaurants, and authentic recipes across the world.

Two Iranian dips classified among world’s 50 best: Taste Atlas

Taste Atlas, a well-known encyclopedia of local food, traditional restaurants, and authentic recipes across the world has named Iranian ‘Kashke Bademjan’ and ‘Mast-o-Khiar’ on its list of the world’s 50 best dips.

Iranian herbal dish Zeytoon Parvardeh goes global  

A world food atlas has released a list of 100 herbal dishes, and has selected Zeytoon Parvardeh (marinated olive) of Iran’s Gilan Province as the best item on this list.

Samanu; A Traditional Dish Served in Iran during Nowruz

Iranian people serve traditional dishes such as Samanu on the initial days of Nowruz, the Persian New Year.

Baghali Polo Recipe

Baghali Polo Recipe (a delicious Persian dish). Baghali Polo, rice mixed with fava beans and dill, can be either served with chicken or meat.

Morocco volleyball coach advises tourists to test Iranian cuisines

Morocco’s national volleyball team’s head coach, fresh from a trip to Iran, says Iranian hospitality and cuisines are exemplary among countries across the world.

Dolma pepper; A Delicious Iranian Food

Dolma Pepper of different colors coupled with a variety of ingredients make dolmas not only colorful but also extremely tasty and nutritious.

Anar Bij; A Tasty Dish of Northern Iran

Anar bij or Anar Avij is a stew from northern Iran, particularly the Gilan province. The dish is made up of a delicious combination of fragrant herbs, meat, walnuts and pomegranate.

Yazdi Komaj; Tasty traditional cake from Iran’s deserts

Komaj is a traditional type of bread that is baked in almost all regions of Yazd Province, but there is an outstanding difference in the ingredients, in a way that the Komaj baked in Bafgh could be presented as a type of “traditional cake.” The art of cooking Komaj in Bafgh has been registered on the list of Iran’s intangible cultural heritage.

Fatir; A Sweet Iranian Bread for Breakfast

Fatir is a traditional type of sweet bread that has long been baked in Iran, either for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

Tar Halva: Persian Dessert Perfectly Suitable for Ramadan

Tar Halva is a traditional dessert from Iran’s southern city of Shiraz, cooked mainly in the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

Loobia Polo Recipe

The recipe for Loobia Polo, which is an extremely delicious Iranian dish, has been prepared for you in this article from the IFP News site.

Homemade Pickles Recipe

Homemade pickles recipe is explained to you step by step and easily (how to make a delicious Iranian homemade pickle)

Albaloo Polo: Delicious Persian Dish with Sour Cherries

Albaloo Polo (pilau with sour cherries) is not only one of the most famous foods in Shiraz in southern Iran, but is also a popular dish commonly served in formal parties.

Koofteh Berenji Recipe

At first glance, the yummy stuffed meatballs whose filling can undergo changes to fit different tastes might seem difficult to cook, but once you get the hang of the dish, you cannot let go of it.

“Gaz” Candy, Traditional Souvenir of Iran’s Isfahan

Gaz (Candy) is the name of a type of Persian nougat which originated from Isfahan in central Iran. The sticky white substance is formed of honeydew combined with other ingredients including pistachio or almond kernels, rosewater and egg white.

Reshteh Khoshkar: A Yummy Cookie for Ramadan

Reshteh Khoshkar is a tasty Iranian cookie favourite with fasting Muslims as well as other people in the holy month of Ramadan.

Persian Haleem: A Yummy, Nutritious Meal for Fast-Breaking

Haleem, a stew-like Middle Eastern dish, is a traditional and very nutritious meal.

Tomshi Bread; A Tasty Bread Made of Soil!

Hormuz, an Iranian island in the Persian Gulf, is home to the only mountain in the world whose soil is edible and is used in making a delicious type of bread, The most important of which is Tomshi bread.

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