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Kachi: An Old but Delicious Iranian Dessert

Kachi is an old pudding which was first cooked in the southeastern Iranian city of Kerman before becoming popular nationwide.

Dried Lime: A Popular Spice in Iranian Cuisine

Dried lime is used as spice in making different types of Iranian foods and even tea.

Isfahani Whey Meatball: A Yummy Iranian Food

The Iranian cuisine accommodates different types of meatballs, including the Qelqeli meatball and the Tabrizi meatball. One of the other most popular types of meatball is the one made with rice and whey in Isfahan.

Luqaimat; Sweet Dumpling Made in Southern Iran

Luqaimat is a type of Arabic pastry that is cooked in Iran’s southern province of Bushehr.

Special Ramadan Traditions Practiced in Iran’s Hamadan Province

The holy month of Ramadan is coupled with special customs and traditions in towns and villages in the central Iranian province of Hamadan.

Baking Bread at Home All the Rage in Iran amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The custom of baking traditional home-made breads, which had long been forgotten in many Iranian cities, has revived amidst the outbreak of coronavirus.

Tarkhineh Soup; A Nutrient Iranian Dish with Yogurt

Tarkhineh (also known as Kashkineh) is a nutritious local dish cooked in many western cities of Iran.

Sholeh-Qalamkar Broth: A Hard to Make, but Mouth-Watering Iranian Food

Sholeh-Qalamkar broth is a popular, traditional Iranian meal with a rather long list of ingredients and a lengthy recipe.

Lahijan Cookies; Centuries-Old Souvenir of Northern Iran

Lahijan cookies are among the most delicious cookies of the world that cannot be easily overlooked.

What to Eat in Iran: 10 Essential Persian Dishes

The well-known food website Food Republic has introduced 10 Iranian dishes and invited its users to try them during their visits to the country.

A Look at 10 Delicious Iranian Desserts

In a different look at the Persian cuisine, an Iranian-American woman named Pontia Fallahi has introduced ten Iranian desserts that could be a different experience for those who travel to the country.

Iranians Latch onto Homemade Bread under Self-Quarantine

As the Iranian people have self-isolated amid the outbreak of coronavirus and have become obsessed by the health tips in the purchase of groceries, many families have decided to bake homemade bread to avoid getting out and buying from the bakeries.

Tomato Jam: An Exotic, Tasty Dessert for Days of Quarantine

Tomatoes might seem incongruous ingredients for making a jam, but the final result will be undoubtedly one of the best desserts you have ever tasted.

Walnut Cookie; A Tehrani Sweet for Nowruz

Walnut cookie is one of the sweets usually served during Nowruz. It has been made at home since old times, especially by the residents of Tehran.

Dishes Served in Iran during Nowruz: Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi

As a common practice among the people of different cultures or the first days of New Year, Iranians serve their traditional dishes, such as Sabzi Polo, on the initial days of Nowruz.

Kulaneh Ash; Nutritious Broth from Iran’s Kermanshah

Kulaneh Ash is one of the traditional dishes of Kermanshah province in western Iran that is cooked on the occasion of the first tooth growth in children or in the cold season of the year to strengthen the body and prevent the cold.

2 Herbal Teas to Protect Yourself against Coronavirus

While a novel coronavirus originating from China has infected thousands of people around the world, an Iranian Health Ministry official has introduced two herbal teas as a natural way to strengthen the body's immune system.

Cauliflower Stew; A Nutrient Dish Indigenous to Iran

Cauliflower stew is an original Iranian stew cooked with a variety of red and white meats. This stew is one of the most nutrient Iranian dietary dishes that can be beneficial for many families.

Iranian Pumpkin Tahchin; A Must-Try Dish for All

Iranian Tahchin is a rice cake primarily consisting of rice, yogurt, saffron, and eggs. Some versions of the dish are more elaborate, folding in chicken fillets, vegetables, fish, or red meat.

Sangak: Traditional, Nutritious Bread of Iran

Sangak is a traditional type of bread which seems to be common only in Iran, hence can be called the country’ national bread.

Shirazi Yoghurt Broth A Traditional Food of Southern Iran

The Shirazi yoghurt broth is a tasty, traditional Iranian food which originates from the city of Shiraz in southern Fars province, and can be served as the main meal or as a snack.

Kermanshahi Shreds Stew: A Luxury Iranian Food

The Kermanshahi shreds stew is a local luxury food originally cooked in the western Iranian city of Kermanshah.

Quince Stew; An Iranian Tasty Dish for Cold Season

Quince is a fruit of the cold season; a fruit that has many benefits and with which various and delectable foods are prepared in Iran. Quince stew is one of these dishes.

Popular, Iconic Dishes of Yalda Night in Iran

Yalda dinner, a meal traditionally eaten at the winter solstice each December, forms a significant part of gatherings held to celebrate “Shab-e Yalda” (the longest night of the year) in Iran. Let’s find more about various Yalda dishes in different parts of the country.

Canadian Influencer Fascinated by Delicious Iranian Foods

The famous Canadian food blogger and influencer, Trevor James, says Iran means the smell of colourful and delicious food whose videos can be shared with people around the world. “I think the taste of Iran is like sweet saffron.”

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