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Iran Develops 4 Essential Cancer, Diabetes Drugs

Iran has unveiled four medicines for diabetes and cancer developed by Iranian researchers at knowledge-based companies.

Selfless Woman Wins Iran’s Top Midwife Award

Golnar Lorestani Rad, an Iranian midwife who offered medical services to pregnant women in flood-hit areas, has been chosen as the top midwife of Iran.

US Sanctions on Iran Harming Region’s Health Sector: VP

Iran’s First Vice-President Es’haq Jahangiri says international associations must not keep silent over the US unilateral and unlawful policies, including the sanctions that are causing extensive damages, especially in the health sector.

New Wearable Robot Can Help Disabled People Walk

A group of Iranian researchers have developed a home-grown robot that can be worn by the disabled people to help them move and walk.

Iranian Firm Produces 3 High-Risk Drugs to Meet Domestic, Regional Needs

An Iranian knowledge-based company has managed to launch an industrial production line for three high-risk pharmaceutical products that would have a great impact on drug prices.

Delaram; A Village with One Doctor in Every Family

Delaram, a village near the city of Tafresh in Markazi province in central Iran, is known as the village of doctors due to the huge number of physicians it has raised.

Iranian Scientists Discover Same Origin of Bipolar Disorder, Alzheimer’s Disease

Iranian scientists have, through extensive studies, managed to prove that the cells developing the Alzheimer’s disease are the same as those contributing to bipolar disorder in human beings.

Researchers Use Silkworm Cocoon to Store Blood at High Temperatures

Storing blood samples is usually carried out with cutting-edge cooling technologies at very low temperatures. But a group of researchers have found a new way to store them for a longer time at higher temperatures by using silkworm cocoon.

Barberry; A Healing Plant Since 2,500 Years Ago

Barberry, also known as berberis, is a plant with lots of medical features used in many Iranian dishes, desserts and drinks. Medicines made of barberry have been used for 2,500 years for treating various diseases.

Iran Produces Eye Drops to Repair Corneal Lesions

Iranian researchers at Royan Institute have conducted an investigation to determine the proper and non-toxic density of eye drops made from amniotic membrane to repair corneal lesions.

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