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Iranian specialist: JN.1 COVID-19 variant not lethal

After the first case of JN.1 variant of COVID-19 was detected in Iran, an Iranian infectious disease specialist has sought to sooth concerns among the public, saying the substrain, although highly transmissible, is not fatal.

Psychiatrist Association: Suicide rates among medical graduates in Iran alarming

The Iranian Psychiatric Association has written a letter to President Ebrahim Raisi, raising a red flag over the surging suicide rates among the resident physicians in the country.

Official: Up to 10k best nurses of Iran have migrated

The head of the nursing council organization of Iran says "wrong policies" toward the profession has disillusioned nurses in Iran and called for those responsible for those policies to be held accountable.

Iranin knowledge-based company indigenizes production of cancer treatment medicine 

Iran has started production of a drug internationally used for treatment of cancer at home which will save the country five million dollars annually. 

Iranian mom gives birth to huge 6.9 kg baby, the heaviest ever recorded in Iran

A mother gave birth to her 6.9-kilogram (15.2-pound) baby in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad, the heaviest ever recorded in Iran.

Official says patients die in Iran due to mass migration of nurses, 3k nurses migrate

The migration of medical staff from Iran is reaching a critical point, leading to the death of patients in hospitals that are short of nurses, an Iranian official has warned.

Minister: Iran self-sufficient in producing 97 percent of domestic needs for medicine

Iran’s health minister says the country can provide up to 97 percent of the needs for medicines and 40 percent of the medical equipment at home.

Official: Iran exports pharmaceuticals to 40 states

Heidar Mohammadi, the head of Iran's Food and Drug Administration, has praised the country’s progress in the fields of medical science and pharmaceutical industry, pointing to the export of Iranian-developed medicines to 40 countries across the world.

Specialist warns of growing number of Covid cases in Iran

A contagious diseases specialist has warned of a rising number of coronavirus cases in Iran.

About the nature and benefits of yoghurt in the Iranian traditional medicine

All recommendations in Iranian traditional medicine are based on modifying one’s nutritional pattern. Many medications in Iranian medicine are made according to the properties of foods and natural substances. Meanwhile, many precautions devised by traditional medicine practitioners have been formed by knowing the medical rules of the properties, advantages and disadvantages of each food.

Iran: 60 contracted Crimean-Congo fever, 3 killed

The State Veterinary Organization has reported that 60 individuals in Iran have contracted Crimean-Congo fever, with three fatalities among those who tested positive.

8 ways to determine temperaments in Iranian traditional medicine

Iranian traditional medicine tells us that it is necessary to study the physical characteristics of people if we are supposed to determine their temperaments.

Iran to keep manufacturing radiopharmaceuticals to meet health needs: Nuclear chief

Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Mohammad Eslami has stated that Tehran will continue to produce radiopharmaceuticals in order to meet the domestic demands of the health sector.

Iranian newspaper warns of “medical poverty” in Iran 

An Iranian newspaper has run an editorial in which it warned about the consequences of the migration of Iranian doctors to foreign countries in large numbers.

Official: 1mn foreign patients treated in Iran every year

Hospitals and healthcare centers in Iran provide treatment to at least one million medical tourists every year, according to the director general of International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Health.

Official raises red flag on mass exodus of physicians from Iran

The head of Iran’s Medical Council has warned the country’s healthcare system will suffer a huge blow as the doctors are migrating to foreign countries in droves.

Tips of traditional Iranian medicine and healthy lifestyles for people with different temperaments

Temperament in traditional Iranian medicine is a key concept for the purpose of defining human health and disease, and in simple terms, according to this philosophy, every being, whether animate or inanimate, is composed of elements that count as raw materials with different qualities and in different proportions.

Temperament in traditional Iranian medicine

Temperament (Humorism) is a method in traditional Iranian medicine to correct an individual’s lifestyle and prevent diseases. There are different ways to identify a person’s humor. Once they have identified a patient’s humor, traditional medicine experts can offer ways to prevent or treat diseases in that patient that are compatible with that individual’s humor and bodily condition.

Iran ends COVID-19 national emergency

Iran’s Health Ministry on Tuesday declared an end to the national emergency with respect to the spread of the coronavirus.

Traditional Iranian medicine: A solution for a healthy lifestyle

Traditional Iranian medicine is a world class medical school that dates back thousands of years. Despite the adjective “traditional” with which its name is associated, Iranian medicine, like other sciences, is completely consistent with scientific and experimental foundations.

Iran reports 19 cases of Crimean-Congo fever ahead of Eid al-Adha

An Iranian health official says 19 cases of the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) have been detected in the country since the start of the current Persian calendar year on March 20.

Official: US sanctions putting lives of 10k thalassemia patients at risk in Iran

The head of the Iranian Thalassemia Society says the lives of some 10,000 patients suffering from the blood disorder are in danger due to the shortages of medicine caused by the US sanctions.

Situation in most Iranian cities return to normal as coronavirus subsides

The Iranian Health Ministry says the situation in most Iranian cities have returned to normal or ‘blue’ on the country’s coronavirus tracking map, as the number of Covid-19 sharply decreases.

Iran reports 40 new Covid cases, 1 death

The Iranian Health Ministry announced on Tuesday that 40 new cases of coronavirus infection have been identified across the country during the past 24 hours, adding that one patient has died in the same period of time.

Health minister: 1.2 million foreign patients received treatment in Iran last year

Iranian Health Minister Dr. Bahram Einollahi says 1.2 million foreign patients received treatment at the country’s health facilities in the past Iranian calendar year (ended 20 March).

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