Official says patients die in Iran due to mass migration of nurses, 3k nurses migrate

The migration of medical staff from Iran is reaching a critical point, leading to the death of patients in hospitals that are short of nurses, an Iranian official has warned.

Mohammad Sharifi, the Secretary General of the Nursing House, wrote on X social media platform on Sunday, “The shortage of nurses is so serious that patients are dying because of the shortage.”

“If you don’t hear such things from patients or clients, it’s because they are either not aware or have come to terms with the shortages. I am confident that patients are dying due to lack of nurses,” he added.

He said Iranian nurses, dissatisfied with their low salaries and tough working conditions, mostly choose Germany, the United States, Australia, and Canada as the new destinations to pursue their career and dreams.

He put the number of annual migrant nurses at more than 3,000.

Iranian officials have warned the country’s healthcare system will suffer a huge blow as the medical staff is migrating to foreign countries in droves.

Although no official figures have been released on the migration of medical staff in Iran, World Health Organization reports on the employment of physicians have indicated that Iran ranks high in terms of the number of migrant nurses and doctors.

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