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Healthcare in Iran

Iran’s Raisi opens advanced cancer treatment center

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi inaugurates a high-tech medical center specializing in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Iranian official: Substances used for poisoning students not military chemical agents  

Iran’s deputy health minister implicitly admits that the poisoning of female students in several schools in the city of Qom was deliberate.

Nurses’ representative body: 200 staff emigrating from Iran every month

Director General of Iran’s Khaneh Parastar – Nurses’ House – a private representative body for nurses, says the number of goodstanding certificates that confirm a staff member had no misconduct show at least 2,500 to 3,000 nurses are leaving Iran every year.

Hundreds contract cholera in Iran; no deaths reported 

The director of the Iranian Ministry of Health’s Center for Controlling Communicable Diseases has said 360 people in the country have contracted cholera.

Nuclear chief: Iran ranks world’s 5th in production of radiopharmaceuticals

The Iranian atomic chief praises the country’s progress in the development of radiopharmaceuticals, especially those fighting cancer, rejecting “lies” spread by the Israeli regime about diversion in the country’s nuclear activities.

Iran says one million patients treated using domestically-made radiopharmaceuticals

The director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran says the country has reached international standards in the production of radiopharmaceuticals, adding around one million patients are being treated annually using these drugs.

“600k people die of exposure to tobacco smoke in Iran each year”

The head of the Secretariat of Iran’s National Tobacco Control Headquarters says 600 thousand people die each year because of exposure to tobacco smoke also known as environmental tobacco smoke (ETS).

Iranian scientists develop radiopharmaceutical for cancer treatment

Iranian scientists have developed a radiopharmaceutical for targeted treatment of neuroendocrine tumors, in another great step in the country’s efforts to use nuclear technology to promote medical science.

Head of Iranian Medical Council: Iran will have no heart surgeons in 5 years

The head of Iran’s Medical Council has warned about the decrease in the number of doctors and surgeons in the country, adding there will be no heart surgeon in the country in five years.

Iran health experts urge preparations against 2nd wave of influenza in Feb.

Iranian health experts are calling for preparations to face a second of annual wave of infections with influenza in the country, while the first wave, which began earlier than usual this year, is on the decline.

Health official: Influenza cases on downward trend in Iran

An Iranian health official says the rate of infections with influenza is now on a downward trend, less than two months after the annual wave of the respiratory disease started in the country.

Some foreign firms refusing to sell Iran drugs due to US sanctions: Official

The head of Iran’s Food and Drug Administration says some foreign companies refuse to sell Tehran the required medicines under the pretext of the sanctions imposed on the country by the US.

‘US bans on Iran don’t target medicines, but financial mechanisms to buy them’

The deputy head of the Iranian union of pharmaceutical importers says the United States’ sanctions on Iran do not target imports of medicines but the financial mechanisms to buy them.

Official: An estimated 2,000 nurses emigrate from Iran every year

An Iranian official says an estimated 2,000 nurses leave Iran for other countries every year ——— which makes 200 per month — mainly due to dissatisfaction with a lack of harmony between their income and the health services they offer.

Raisi administration official speaks of ‘golden opportunities’ in medicinal herb industry

The caretaker director of the Iranian Vice Presidency for Science and Technology says there are “golden opportunities” for Iran in the medicinal herb industry.

Flu now an epidemic in Iran: Health official

An Iranian health official says cases of infection with seasonal influenza have increased significantly in Iran, and the disease is now considered an epidemic.

Head of Iran’s Food and Drug Administration resigns after Raisi rebuke

Head of the Food and Drug Administration of Iran (FDAI)Dr. Bahram Darayi has resigned, following criticism by the country’s President Ebrahim Raisi of recent shortages of medicine.

Iran Health official: Some 30k visiting hospitals daily for respiratory complications

An Iranian health official says around 30,000 patients are currently visiting hospitals countrywide on a daily basis to seek medical care for respiratory complications, more than half of whom are diagnosed with influenza.

Iranian Health official sounds alarm at rising influenza cases ahead of cold season

An Iranian health official sounds the alarm at a rising trend in infections with respiratory diseases ahead of the cold season, saying 334 cases of influenza have been recorded over the past week alone, including fatalities.

Iranian experts warn flu posing greater risk this year amid lax Covid measures

Iranian healthcare experts have raised the alarm over a widespread breakout of influenza this year in Iran as the cold season is about to set in, Hamshahri newspaper wrote on Monday.

Sanctions hampering treatment of MS patients in Iran: Official

Sanctions against Iran have affected the treatment of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS).

Official: 5-6 nurses migrate from Iran every day

The head of Iran’s Nursing Organization says 5 to 6 Iranian nurses are migrating every day.

People of short stature rally in Tehran, demand medicine

Scores of Iranians with dwarfism and their families gathered outside the Food and Drug Administration in the capital Tehran on Saturday to express their disapproval with the stringent US-sponsored Western sanctions.

Iranian tour leaders making good money from health tourism

Middlemen in Iran are making a fortune as they arrange trips to the country by foreign tourists coming here to both have fun and undergo medical treatment, especially beauty operations.

Cholera cases in Iran rise to 68

The number of people diagnosed with cholera in Iran during the past five months has risen to 68, the majority of them in Western provinces and two-thirds of them male, an official with the Iranian health ministry reported.

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