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SMA: A Progressive Genetic-Muscular Disease

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a kind of genetic-nervous-muscular disease in which the patient comes down with movement disorders. The disease is very hard to treat, but it is now possible in Iran to diagnose and prevent it through DNA extraction and genetic tests.

How Much Calories Should We Eat to Remain Healthy?

Any type of food, except water, contains calories that produce energy in our body. The amount of calories one needs per day varies from person to person; our daily calorie intake depends on a variety of factors including weight, height, gender, age, and daily activity.
Probiotic Foods

Probiotic Foods: A Must in Daily Diets of All

Probiotic foods are very beneficial to health if added to our daily diet as they boost the performance of the digestive system.

Modern Methods Make It Easier to Treat Infertility in Men

Modern methods are used nowadays to treat sterility in men, which is easier to treat than infertility in women.
Effective DNA Extraction Method Helps Minimize Lab Costs

Effective DNA Extraction Method Helps Minimize Lab Costs

Iranian scientists have in recent years made great progress in molecular genetics, especially in extraction of DNA, minimizing the time of costly laboratory tests and paving the way for further diagnoses.

Iran’s Innovative Nano Products Waiting for Foreign Investment

A main booth at the ongoing Nanotechnology Exhibition in Tehran has been allocated to emerging products that need financial support from investors for commercialisation.

Appearance of Hands May Give Clues about Diseases

Symptoms for certain diseases and conditions may appear on your hands, which could be very helpful for prompt diagnosis or treatment.
Researchers Use Marine Animals’ Waste for Wound Treatment

Researchers Use Marine Animals’ Waste for Wound Treatment

An Iranian knowledge-based company has used marine animals’ waste to develop powerful healing agents for the treatment of various types of wound.

Nano Pharmaceutical Developed to Target Cancer Cells

An Iranian knowledge-based company has managed to develop a nano-pharmaceutical that targets cancerous cells and helps treat recurrent cancers.

Life Expectancy among Iran’s Elderly Population Growing

Doing exercises by elderly men and women not only is useful for their health, but also can increase life expectancy in a society, as it has had its impact during the past few years.

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