Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Science and Technology

Official: Iran to help Venezuela with defective hospital accelerators

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran says accelerators in Venezuela’s hospitals have stopped due to the sanctions by Western countries including the United States and Iranian experts are going to help the Venezuelan side resolve this problem.

Minister: Iranian knowledge-based companies’ exports surpassed $2.5bn dollars last year

Iran’s minister of finance and economy says the exports by the country’s knowledge-based firms hit the $2.5bn mark last year on the Iranian calendar that ended on March 20, 2024.

Iran conducts first non-invasive treatment of skin cancer with radioactive Rhenium particles

A research team in the southern Iranian city of Bushehr has carried out non-invasive treatment of skin cancer with radioactive Rhenium particles for the first time in the country.

Iran’s Knowledge-Based Push in Petroleum Production

Amidst a provincial visit by Roohollah Dehqani, the Iranian Vice President for Science, Technology and Knowledge-based Economy to the city of Qazvin in western Tehran, a significant stride in technological advancement was unveiled as the production line for petroleum hydrocarbons was inaugurated and set into motion.

Innotex 2024 hosts innovations and technologies 

An exhibition is being held in Iran’s Pardis Science and Technology Park with the presence of 450 innovative and technological companies and 150 investors. 

Mazandaran regional water co. completes largest solar power plant in northern Iran

The Mazandaran Regional Water Company has completed the installation of a solar power plant on the roofs of its office complex buildings in northern Iran, providing a sustainable energy source for the company.

Iranian engineer makes oil, gas pipeline leak detector, shatters US, British monopoly

An Iranian engineer has managed to manufacture a device that can detect and seal leakages in oil and gas pipelines in a new move to puncture the US-led sanctions imposed on Iran.

Iranian inventor awarded in Geneva inventions exhibition

An Iranian inventor has won a bronze medal in the 2024 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions.

The Leader: Iran’s defense sector example of turning sanctions into opportunity

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has stressed the Islamic republic of Iran’s remarkable achievements in military equipment production attest to the fact that a “lively nation can turn sanctions into opportunities."

President Raisi: Iran to implement major electricity, water projects in 20 countries

President Ebrahim Raisi, who is on a trip to Sri Lanka to launch a hydropower complex, says Iran has plants to implement major electricity and water projects in 20 countries.

Rare surgery in Shiraz: Operation on fetus with heart disease in mother’s womb

Iranian surgeons have carried out a rare surgical operation on a fetus with a heart condition in the mother’s womb.

Iran produces unique pollinating module for drones

A group of researchers from the Tehran-based Sharif University of Technology have designed pollinating module that can be installed on all types of Iranian and foreign drones for use in gardens in a completely smart manner.

Iran’s atomic chief highlights strides on Nuclear Day

The director of Iran’s atomic energy organization, while praising the country’s nuclear achievements for peaceful purposes, says the country is adamant in taking bolder steps to facilitate the use of advancements in various spheres of daily life.

Official: Iran among few countries with isotope separation technology

Iran is on the list of the few countries that have acquired the indigenous knowledge and technology of separating isotopes at home by its scientists, the deputy head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) said.

Vice-president: Iran’s knowledge-based exports increase by 200%

Iranian Vice-President for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy says the country’s exports of knowledge-based products have increased by 200% over the past year.

Homecoming in style: NASA’s “Cro-7” mission astronauts, including Jasmin Moghbeli, return to Earth

The astronauts of NASA's "Cro-7" mission, led by the  Iranian-American astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli, touched down after spending approximately 200 days away from the planet's surface.

Iranian scientist wins American Physical Society’s award

An Iranian graduate of Tehran's Sharif University of Technology has won the annual award of the America Physical Society (APS) for the year 2024.

Iran scorns US stance on Tehran-Moscow space interaction

Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani brushed aside the US’ objection to aerospace cooperation between Tehran and Moscow following the recent Iran satellite launching into space, using a Russian Syouz missile.

Iranian research institute wins GECF award in Algiers

Iran’s Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) has been granted the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF)’s Award for Long-Term Commitment to Natural Gas in recognition of its contribution to the natural gas sector.

Iran successfully receives signal from groundbreaking Pars 1 satellite

In a remarkable achievement, Iran has received signals from its recently launched Pars 1 satellite, which was successfully placed into a 500 km orbit from Russia's Vostochny launch base using a Soyuz launcher.

Iran successfully launches Pars 1 satellite

Iran successfully launched a new domestically-built imaging and research satellite into space on Thursday and put it into orbit 500 kilometers above the earth.

Zero-gravity style: Iranian NASA astronaut’s hairdressing debut

In an unprecedented cosmic rendezvous, Iranian-born NASA astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli showcased her hairdressing skills aboard the International Space Station.

VP announces 200-fold increase in number of Iranian knowledge-based companies

Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology Rouhollah Dehghani Firouzabadi says the number of knowledge-based companies in the country has increased 200-fold since 2008.

Iranian VP says Iran manufactured world’s largest ozone reactor used in drinking water treatment

Iran has manufactured the world's largest ozone reactor that would generates ozone nanobubbles for drinking water treatment, Vice-President for Science and Technology Ruhollah Dehqani Firouzabadi has stated.

Iranian-made MS drug to hit the market soon

An Iranian academician says the country is currently mass-producing a drug for the multiple sclerosis (MS) disease.

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