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Up-to-date coverage of developments in the fields of technology, computing, research and production in Iran, as it continues to progress in scientific endeavours.

Iran Ranks First in Nanotechnology in Western Asia

An international science ranking website in its newest ranking, based on scientific articles published in 2017, has announced that Iran is the first country in the field of nanotechnology in the region.

Iran Exports Nano-Antibacterial Towel to Iraq, Canada

Two Iranian knowledge-based firms have managed to produce and export Nano-Antibacterial towels to Iraq and Canada.

Iranian University to Launch its Own Satellite

Iran’s Amirkabir University of Technology is going to launch its satellite to the orbit as soon as possible.

Iran Produces Nano Gold Bars for Medical Use

Iranian scientists have managed to produce the first nano gold bars with medical use in the Middle East.

Communication Balloons to be Launched Across Iran

Emergency communication balloons will be launched in various Iranian provinces within the next year, said the director of Space Transportation Research Institute.

FIFA Surprised By Iranian Inventor’s VAR

An Iranian inventor has successfully tested a home-grown Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system, creating hope that endless quarrels over human errors in refereeing Iranian football could be ended.

Iran Acquires Knowledge of Sending Space Cargo to Orbit

President of Iran's Space Research Centre Hossein Samimi says the Islamic Republic has established a new system to send space cargos to the orbit.

Knowledge-Based Activities Make Iran Resistant to Sanctions: VP

Iran’s vice president says knowledge-based economy makes the country resistant to sanctions.

Why Is It So Crucial to Protect Our Tendons?

A tendon or sinew is a tough and dense band at the end of muscle tissue, made of fibrous connective tissues that connect muscles to a bone and is capable of withstanding tension. So, we owe our body’s movement to the tendons.

Blood Donation Cuts Odds of Contracting Diseases

Donating blood is not only beneficial for the receiver, but can contribute to the donor’s health, too, as studies show a regular blood donor is less prone to contracting lung, colon, stomach, liver and larynx cancers.

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