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Science and Technology

Iran unveils first smart electric vehicle

An Iranian company has unveiled the country’s first smart electric vehicle.

IRGC: Nour 2 satellite in good shape; going into space must for going global

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps says the newly-launched Nour 2 satellite was orbited without suffering any damage and is now orbiting the earth at an altitude of 500 kilometers.

IRGC Commander: New Iran satellite domestically manufactured

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps says the reconnaissance satellite it put into orbit on Tuesday was manufactured domestically.

IRGC chief says Iran first Muslim state putting satellite in orbit

Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major General Hossein Slamai says the Islamic Republic of Iran is the first Muslim country to launch a satellite into space.

IRGC places new reconnaissance satellite into orbit

The aerospace force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps has successfully placed Iran’s second military satellite into orbit.

Nora ready for use in vaccination of Iranians against Covid

The recombinant Nora vaccine, produced by Iran’s Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, has received permission to be used for vaccination of people against Covid-19 after clinical trials.

Iran Intl. scientific festival awards top participants

The 35th Khwarizmi International Festival has commended 9 top participants from Iran and 3 participants from Italy, France and China in a ceremony at the presence of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in Tehran.

Iran opens House of Innovation and Technology in Istanbul

The Iran House of Innovation and Technology in Istanbul, Istanbul IHIT has been inaugurated at the same time as the dispatch of the Iranian Technology Trade Board consisting of 50 knowledge-based companies to develop technology trade between Iran and Turkey.

Iran to open 5th (IHIT) House of Innovation & Technology in Turkey

Iran is set to open a new House of Innovation and Technology (IHIT) in the Turkish economic hub, Istanbul, in line with the agenda to promote exports of creative and knowledge-based products made in Iran.

Uzbek officials visit Iranian technology exhibition in Tehran

Sardar Omar Zaghev, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Investment and Foreign Trade of Uzbekistan, along with several other Uzbek ministers and deputy ministers, have visited the exhibition of Iranian export-and knowledge-based products, known as the i-Hit in Tehran.

Raisi: Iran ready to share technical knowledge with Africa

President Ebrahim Raisi says Iran is ready to transfer technical knowledge to African countries and boost cooperation with them.

Foreign investors seeking cooperation with Iran’s knowledge-based firms

Scores of investors from over a dozen countries negotiated with Iranian knowledge-based companies during the 4th Technology Investment Meeting of the D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation on Tuesday to develop technological relations.

Iranian firm produces, exports advanced wound dressings

An Iranian knowledge-based company has produced advanced wound dressing products, with structures similar to human skins.

Iran develops new vaccine against Omicron variant of coronavirus

Iranian scientists have successfully developed a new vaccine customized to target the Omicron variant of coronavirus, with preliminary studies showing 100 percent effectiveness against the strain.

Iranian firms unlock exclusive German software to raise natural gas production

Iranian knowledge-based companies have managed to unlock the software managing pressure of natural gas at Nar and Kangan gas field in the south of the country, raising the production level.

Iranian company produces fire-delayer coating for buildings

It’s now possible to protect buildings with steel structures from fire with Iranian-made products. A knowledge-based company has succeeded in producing a coating for metal buildings that delays reaching a critical temperature. Mohammad Amir Karimi, CEO of Abtik Pooshesh Aria Knowledge-based Company, said the fire-resistant coating of this company has very good physical, mechanical and chemical properties.

New Iran-made test kit can detect COVID-19 in 20 seconds

Iranian experts have designed and developed a test kit capable of detecting infection with the coronavirus within only 20 seconds and with high accuracy.

Iran produces saffron-based medicine against Alzheimer’s disease

Iran produces saffron-based medicine against Alzheimer’s disease

Iran’s VP: Knowledge-based momentum law to cause ecosystem of innovation to boom

During a visit by Iran’s vice president for science and technology to the exhibition of Iranian-made technologies, knowledge-based and creative companies have presented their achievements.

Tehran exhibition showcases products of knowledge-based firms

A two-day exhibition showcasing the latest achievements and products of knowledge-based and creative companies has opened in the Iranian capital Tehran.

Iran knowledge-based firm builds first insulin injector pen

An Iranian knowledge-based firm has developed the first indigenously-built insulin injector pen for public use.

COMSTECH awards two Iranian scholars

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation Standing Committee on Scientific and Cooperation (COMSTECH) of the OIC has awarded two Iranian scholars as the winners of COMSTECH Lifetime Achievement Award in Chemistry 2021 and COMSTECH Award for Best Scientific Book.

Sattari: Space technology huge market for knowledge-based firms

Iran's Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari says the field of space technology has provided a huge market for knowledge-based companies.

Iran marks Natl. Space Technology Day

February 3 is celebrated as National Space Technology Day in Iran.

Iran stands 23rd in 2021 world nano patent registration rankings

Iran took the 23rd place of the rankings of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in 2021 with the registration of totally 55 patents and applications for inventions in the nanotechnology.

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