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Golrokh Askarieh

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Iranian-made MS drug to hit the market soon

An Iranian academician says the country is currently mass-producing a drug for the multiple sclerosis (MS) disease.

Iran unveils ambitious 5-Year plan to revolutionize cloud fertilization

Iran's Vice President for Science, Technology, and Knowledge-Based Economy, Ruhollah Dehghani Firouzabadi, revealed a groundbreaking initiative involving the acquisition of Iranian knowledge-based companies specializing in cloud fertilization technology. This endeavor, set to unfold over a 5-year program, boasts entirely indigenous technology and a budget of less than 3 thousand billion tomans.

Iran makes multi-phase pumps for oil sector with 40 times more profitability

Knowledge-based companies in Iran have made a multi-phase pump for the oil sector which is 40 times more profitable than the older versions, the Iranian vice president says.

Cutting-edge glass greenhouse, pioneering agricultural innovation opened in Iran’s Zanjan

In a momentous ceremony graced by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, the unveiling of Zanjan's latest marvel took place on this Saturday evening.

Iran-Manufactured exhibition transitions focus to industry, offers tax credit incentive

The 11th edition of the renowned Iran-Manufactured Exhibition took a pivotal turn this year, aligning its focus towards the industrial landscape.

Treatment of cancer patients using novel nuclear techniques 

For the first time in Iran, patients with advanced cancer resistant to treatment have been treated in Bushehr Nuclear Medicine Center using AlphaZa radiopharmaceutical, which is a new targeted radionuclide treatment technique.

Iran has solar panel production plant in Yazd

Iran has its first and largest factory for the production of photovoltaic panels in the central province of Yazd.

Iranian VP for science and technology: Iran and Russia to sign partnership document soon

Iranian Vice President for Science, Technology and Knowledge-based Economy Rouhollah Dehghani Firouzabadi says Iran and Russia will sign a scientific and technological partnership agreement in the next two weeks.

Production line of acute ischemic stroke medicine becomes operational in Iran

After launching the production line for the medicine used for acute ischemic stroke, Iran is now the second country in the world that can produce the only medicine for treatment of the disease.

Iranian VP urges G77+China members to join hands, tackle challenges through technology

Iranian Vice President for Science, Technology and Knowledge-based Economy Rouhollah Dehghani, who is in the Cuban capital Havana to take part in the G77+China Summit, called on the nations of the global south for further cooperation to move beyond selling raw materials and resources by shifting towards digital economy.

8 ways to determine temperaments in Iranian traditional medicine

Iranian traditional medicine tells us that it is necessary to study the physical characteristics of people if we are supposed to determine their temperaments.

Tips of traditional Iranian medicine and healthy lifestyles for people with different temperaments

Temperament in traditional Iranian medicine is a key concept for the purpose of defining human health and disease, and in simple terms, according to this philosophy, every being, whether animate or inanimate, is composed of elements that count as raw materials with different qualities and in different proportions.

Iranian MP warns of danger from YV radiation in Tehran

An Iranian menber of parlianent warns that the situation of ultraviolet (UV) radiation in Tehran has become critical and has hit the grave milestone of 12.

Temperament in traditional Iranian medicine

Temperament (Humorism) is a method in traditional Iranian medicine to correct an individual’s lifestyle and prevent diseases. There are different ways to identify a person’s humor. Once they have identified a patient’s humor, traditional medicine experts can offer ways to prevent or treat diseases in that patient that are compatible with that individual’s humor and bodily condition.

Situation in most Iranian cities return to normal as coronavirus subsides

The Iranian Health Ministry says the situation in most Iranian cities have returned to normal or ‘blue’ on the country’s coronavirus tracking map, as the number of Covid-19 sharply decreases.

Lightning sets fire to parts of Meighan desert wetland in central Iran

Parts of Meighan Wetland in Iran’s central deserts have been hit by fire following a crash of thunder in the area.

Lake Urmia’s water level increases, more tourists attracted

The water level of Lake Urmia in Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province has increased 17 centimeters.

Iran’s Raisi opens advanced cancer treatment center

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi inaugurates a high-tech medical center specializing in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Omid, single surviving West Siberian crane, no longer alone

Omid (Hope), the only remaining Siberian crane that keeps returning to Iran every winter, will no be longer alone, as officials transfer a mate from Belgium to the Fereydounkenar wetlands, Omid’s favorite residence for the cold season in northern Iran.

Watch popular cheetah cub Pirouz preparing to sleep in good health

A new video emerges of highly popular Iranian cheetah cub Pirouz preparing to sleep at night, soothing fresh concerns over the eight-month-old’s health conditions.

Iranian scientists develop radiopharmaceutical for cancer treatment

Iranian scientists have developed a radiopharmaceutical for targeted treatment of neuroendocrine tumors, in another great step in the country’s efforts to use nuclear technology to promote medical science.

Shahriari becomes 1st female Iranian football manager to join FIFA

Paria Shahriari, who headed the Beach Soccer Committee at the Iran Football Federation, becomes the first Iranian woman to join the International Federation of Association Football, FIFA.

Canada refuses to issue visa to renowned Iranian singer Homayoun Shajarian

Canada has refused to issue visas to some members of the renowned Iranian singer Homayoun Shajarian’s ensemble, Siavash, for upcoming concerts in several Canadian cities.

Interior minister assures foreigners Iran safe for tourism

The Iranian interior minister swept aside the smear campaign launched against the Islamic Republic’s security, saying the country is safe for foreign tourists.

Education minister: Iran scrambling to meet immigrants’ needs

Iran has earmarked more funds to fit the immigrant students, whose number is getting close to the one million mark, into the country’s education system, the Iranian education minister says.

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