Thursday, June 13, 2024

Lightning sets fire to parts of Meighan desert wetland in central Iran

Parts of Meighan Wetland in Iran’s central deserts have been hit by fire following a crash of thunder in the area.

Yousef Yousefi, a senior environmental official in Arak Province, told IRNA that lightning set ablaze the dry reeds in the region on Saturday evening, and that the flames were increasing.

He said fire fighters, law enforcement forces and environmentalists were present in the wetland shortly after the fire broke out, but it was not possible to put out the flames due to the swampy path.

The region is the habitat of 140 species of birds. Some 53 species of migratory birds, including rare ones, arrive in the region every year.

Many tourists, especially those who love birdwatching, visit the region in spring and winter, when migratory birds arrive there.

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