Friday, December 1, 2023


Autumn in Hyrkanian Forests, northern Iran

The forests of northern Iran are among the most beautiful ones in the world, where there are more than 80 species of trees and shrubs.

Taliban say living up to watershare treaty with Iran if there is rain

A spokesman for the Taliban has claimed Afghanistan is grappling with a drought and that all Afghans are facing water shortages, making Iran’s right to the Hirmand River water conditional on the existence of water.

Tehran air quality ‘unhealthy, dangerous for sensitive groups’

The air quality index in the Iranian capital, Tehran, stood at 134 on Sunday, like in previous days, falling into the Orange Category, that is dangerous for sensitive groups, on the national color-coded classification system.

Air pollution sequel back in Tehran, schools shuttered

Once again it’s winter time and once again the Iranian capital Tehran, and several other cities, are hit with high levels of air pollution, described as unhealthy for sensitive groups, which has led to the closure of schools.

Five cheetahs spotted in protected park in central Iran 

Five Asiatic cheetahs have been spotted in a protected area in the Iranian central province of Semnan, an official said. 

Iran says receiving no water supply from Afghan side of Hirmand River

The supply of water from the Hirmand River in Afghanistan to Iran has been completely cut off for a month, Iran’s Water Sector spokesman says.

Iranian experts contain oil pollution off Ganaveh Port along Persian Gulf

The CEO of Iran Oil Terminals Company says thanks to efforts by domestic experts, the repairing of the oil pipeline from Ganaveh coast, along the Persian Gulf, that faced some problems due to an oil leak has been successfully completed.

Wars imposed by extraregional powers source of dust storms in West Asia: Iran

Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian has stated one of the main reasons behind sand and dust storms in West Asia is the wars imposed on the region by extraregional powers.

Iran president urges forming joint fund to finance environmental measures, tackle dust storms

The Iranian president has called for the establishment of a joint international fund to tackle dust particulates.

Iran seeking joint action with Saudi Arabia on sand storms

Iran mulls a joint action with Saudi Arabia to contain the sand and dust storms that emanate from the Arab country’s Empty Quarter desert, according to head of the Iranian Department of Environment.

Premature fall in summer in Isfahan

Climatic changes, drought, temperature stress and lack of water flow in the landmark Zayandehroud River have led to chlorosis, or yellowing of normally green leaves, and premature fall of plantain trees in recent years in Isfahan.

Iran cleaning up oil spill in Genaveh, Persian Gulf

Work is under way to clean up two large stretches of oil patches off the southern Iranian port city of Genaveh in  the Persuan Gulf, head of Iran’s Environment Protection Organization said.

Iranian environmental chief denies claim Lake Urmia on cusp of death

Head of Iranian Environment Protection Organization says Lake Urmia in Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province, is not on the verge of dying.

Oil stains spotted in Iran’s Grenaveh port city, Persian Gulf

The head of the environmental protection department in the Iranian port city of Genaveh has reported the presence of oil stains in the sea and on the coast along the Persian Gulf.

Strange, but real, haze in Iran’s Mazandaran Province

Horizontal visibility in parts of Mazandaran Province, northern Iran, has decreased to only 500 meters.

Tehran Wildlife Clinic treating stray animals

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic at Pardisan Park located in the northwest of the Iranian capital, Tehran, admits lost animals which have been strayed from their natural habitats due to unfavorable geographical conditions or smuggling.

Hoor-al-Azim’s gradual death dashes hopes of revival

Hoor al-Azim, Iran’s largest border wetland on the border with Iraq, is dying a gradual death, latest images by Iran’s Students News Agency (ISNA) show.

Special Envoy for Afghanistan urges fair delivery of Iran’s water rights from Hirmand

The Iranian President’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Affairs, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, has called for the fair delivery of Iran’s water rights from the Hirmand River, also known as Helmand.

Russia announces readiness to cooperate with Iran on Caspian Sea water level

Head of Russia’s Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Igor Shumakov has stated that Moscow is ready to work with Tehran to monitor the decreasing water levels of the Caspian Sea.

Environmentalist: Anzali Wetland in northern Iran likely to dry up soon

An Iranian environment activist has warned the Anzali Wetland in the north of the country will reduce to isolated, shallow ponds in five years’ time.

Iran’s mission to UN warns of shrinking coastline of Caspian Sea

Iran’s mission to the UN office in Geneva has cautioned that the Caspian Sea’s water level has been dropping according to satellite images provided by the Iranian Space Agency.

Adult brown bear spotted in Iran’s Gilvandroud forest heights

In a recent development, footage capturing the majestic presence of an adult brown bear has been released, shedding light on the remarkable wildlife thriving in the forest heights of Gilvandroud in Guilan Province, northern Iran.

Unprecedented drought in Mazandaran Province, as revealed by pictures

Drought in Mazandaran is spreading along with the threat to food security. Mazandaran Province in northern Iran is experiencing its driest days in the last 10 years.

Iranian MP warns of crisis if Lake Urmia dies

An Iranian MP has warned that Lake Urmia in northwestern Iran is at its most critical point in 50 years.

Researcher: Water levels at Caspian Sea predicted to drop by 2100

Water levels at the Caspian Sea are projected to drop and its surface area to dwindle by the year 2100, surveys indicate.

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