30-Year temperature record broken in Iran

The National Crisis Management Center of Iran's Meteorological Organization has reported a significant increase in temperatures this July, with the average temperature being 1.3 degrees Celsius higher than the 30-year average.

Efforts underway to extinguish huge fire on Iran-Iraq border

A huge fire which started in southern Iraq near Iran's border on Sunday has now spread to the Iranian side of the border.

Massive fire in Iran’s southwestern protected area contained

A raging and widespread fire in the southwestern Iranian protected area of Khaeez in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province was put out on Friday morning after several days of hard work.

Temperature crosses 54° Celsius in Shabankareh, southern Iran  

The town of Shabankareh in Bushehr Province, southern Iran, was the hottest city in the country on Wednesday, with the temperature there hitting 54.2° Celsius over the past 24 hours, officials said Wednesday.

Fire in Karkheh National Park in southern Iran put out

Firefighters have managed to contain the raging flames in the Karkheh National Park in the southern Iranian province of Khuzestan.

Smog haunts major Iranian cities as temperatures go up

As the weather becomes hotter in summer, Iranians in metropolises have to deal with the old story of air pollution again.

Iran launches project to save Lake Urmia

Iran has inaugurated a water storage and transfer project to revive Lake Urmia in the northwest of the country which has been receding in recent years.

“Bride of Iran’s lakes” in Khorasan Razavi province refills after year of drought

The Director General of Environmental Protection in Iran’s Khorasan Razavi province announced that the largest natural lake there, namely Bazangan Lake, has refilled after being completely dry last year due to minimal rainfall.

Iran’s receding Lake Urmia out of woods following downpours

The level of water in Late Urmia in northwestern Iran has significantly come up following the recent rainfalls, reaching the highest point in six months.

Iran’s Ahvaz, Omidiyeh, Abadan among hottest cities in world amid global heatwave

In the past 24 hours, the cities of Ahvaz, Omidiyeh, and Abadan in southern Iran have been listed among the hottest cities globally, according to a report from the Placerville weather station in California, USA.

Brown bear, roe deer caught on camera in northern Iran

Environmental activists have captured the images of a brown bear and roe deer in the hyrcanian forests in the northern province of Gilan.

Iran tourism: Chamim wildlife, Khuzestan Province

“Chamim" is a village in Hamidiyeh, in the southwestern Iranian Khuzestan Province, where visitors find desert sands, river water and forest trees together.

Fire in Karkheh National Park in southern Iran raging again 

A large part of the forests in the Karkheh National Park in Iran’s southern province of Khuzestan are burning in fire. 

Raging fire in Karkheh National Park in southern Iran contained

Firefighters and park rangers managed to put out the flames in Karkheh National Park in Iran’s southern province of Khuzestan after an hours-long struggle on Thursday.

Steam rising from Taftan volcano sparks concern among locals in Iran’s southeast

The release of gas and steam from the crater of the semi-active Taftan volcano has been causing concern among residents in the Sistan and Baluchistan region since the last days of May.

Shirin Su lagoon in western Iran filled with water after recent downpours

The recent rainfalls in Iran have increased the level of water in the drying Shirin Su lagoon, in the western province of Hamedan, the head of the Environmental Protection Department of Hamedan's Kaboudar Ahang city said on Wednesday.

Iran warns flood-affected regions to beware crocodiles

People in the southeastern Iran have been warned to be careful of mugger crocodiles following the massive floods that engulfed the region.

Iranian MP: Turkey’s dam construction will have huge impact on Iran’s northwest

An Iranian lawmaker says Iran’s reaction to Turkey's dam construction effort should be within the framework of bilateral relations, that is, Iran needs to have the means to influence the behavior of the other side.

Brown bear spotted in Iran’s Arasbaran protected area

A brown bear has been caught on camera in the Arasbaran protected area, also known as Ghareh Dagh, in northwestern Iran bordering the Azerbaijan Republic.

Water level in Lake Urmia has improved after recent rainfalls

With a 50 percent increase in rainfalls in the catchment area of the receding Lake Urmia in Iran’s northwest compared to last year and the release of the water rights from upstream dams, the lake is in better condition now.

4 brown bears spotted in Iran’s Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province

The director general of the Environmental Protection Department of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, in southern Iran, says environmentalists have spotted 4 brown bears around the Dana protected area in Dana city.

Rescue teams deployed to snow-hit areas in Iran

Rescue and medical teams have assisted over 1600 people affected by a heavy snowfall and blizzard across Iran in the past two days after an alarmingly dry spell, the head of the country’s Relief and Rescue Organization says.

Winter’s divine touch: Religious site in northern Tehran transformed by snowfall

Imamzadeh Saleh, nestled in Tehran's northern district of Shemiran, has transformed into a picturesque winter wonderland as snow blankets its surroundings.

Snowfall blankets Iranian cities, including Tehran in winter splendor, sparking joy amidst challenges

In the wake of a prolonged dry spell and a concerning drop in water reservoir levels nationwide, Tehran experienced a transformative event as thick layers of snow draped the city on Sunday.

Lake Urmia witnesses significant water surge, but challenges persist

In a positive turn of events, the water input to Lake Urmia, in northwestern Iran, has tripled, with the lake's level reaching 1270.2 meters and its volume surpassing 1.4 billion cubic meters.

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