Thursday, December 8, 2022


FM: Iran won’t give up even a drop of water rights

The Iranian foreign minister says Iran will not forgo even a drop of its water rights amid a dispute with neighboring Turkey and the Taliban rulers in Afghanistan.

Taliban say Iran will receive water right from Helmand River

A Taliban official who serves as the Afghanistan's energy and water ministry’s spokesman has said Iran will receive its water right from Helmand River under the 1972 agreement between the two countries.

Iran will not forgo rights to water from Helmand River: Raisi

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi says the Islamic Republic will forcefully pursue its right to water shares from the Helmand River in Afghanistan.

15 tons of garbage dumped into Iran’s Anzali Lagoon daily: Environment official

An Iranian environment official says 15 tons of refuse is dumped into Anzali Lagoon in Iran’s northern Gilan Province every day.

Official: Taliban withhold Iran’s water share

Iran and representatives of the Taliban administration in Afghanistan have failed to reach an agreement on the two countries’ share of water from the Hirmand River, an Iranian official says.

Tehran air quality at critical levels again

Hospitals and emergency centers have been put on standby as the air quality index in the Iranian capital Tehran reached 327, meaning it is dangerous for everyone and may prompt emergency condition alerts.

Fish die in northern Iranian lagoon due to hot weather

A heat wave in the northern Iranian Anzali lagoon, Guilan Province, has led to the growth of a highly aggressive species of fern known as Azolla as well as common water hyacinth across the wide swathe of the wetland, reducing oxygen concentration in the water.

Surviving Persian cheetah cub turns 77 days old

After the death of two of the three Asiatic cheetah cubs born in captivity in Iran, the third sibling is almost out of the woods and is 77 days old now.

Regional environment ministers issue declaration, calling for tackling sandstorms

The environment ministers of regional countries have signed a declaration after a recent meeting in Tehran, calling fot countering environmental challenges including sandstorms.

Regional environment ministers meeting kicks off in Tehran

Environment ministers of regional countries are in the Iranian capital Tehran for a meeting to tackle environmental issues that have been plaguing the region.

Iran hosts regional environment ministers meeting

Environment ministers of regional states are scheduled to gather in the Iranian capital Tehran on Tuesday with Iranian President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi in attendance.

Heated debate erupts in Iran on how to address increasing street dogs

The recent tragic deaths of two children in separate attacks by stray dogs in the Iranian city of Qom has triggered calls among the public as well as in the Iranian Parliament and City Councils for legislation on tackling the dangers of free-ranging urban dogs.

Iran, Azerbaijan to expedite construction of dams, power plant

Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan have struck a deal to accelerate construction of a dam and a joint power plant on the Aras River that runs through both countries, the Iranian government spokesperson says.

Air pollution shuts schools, offices in Tehran

Education centers and offices in the Iranian capital Tehran and the surrounding cities closed on Monday after air pollution caused by sandstorms reached alarming levels.

Official: Kabul must prove respect for Iran’s Helmand water share in action

Iran renews protest against the Kabul government’s failure to respect the country’s share of the Helmand River at the joint border, saying mere words are not enough for Afghanistan to prove its commitment to Tehran’s water rights.

Dez River in Iran’s Khuzestan Province dries

Dez River in Iran’s southwestern Khuzestan Province has dried. This is the second river in Khuzestan to be hit by the current drought after Karkheh River.

Hottest spot on world: Electricity meters melted in western in Iran

Extremely hot weather on Sunday sent 50 people to hospital in the city of Dehloran in Iran's western province of Ilam, while another provincial city was registered as the hottest spot on the world.

Telecommunications tower project in Iran shelved to save birds’ nest

In an inspirational move, technical experts at a telecommunications company in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad who were about to launch a project, decided to call it off after they realized that a bird and four of its hatchlings were living atop the radio mast that was part of the project.

Iranian public urged to save water amid acute scarcity

Iranian officials have been raising awareness among the public over acute water shortages gripping the capital, Tehran, and the broader country, urging people to adopt conservation methods to protect the country’s scarce water resources.

Iran to discuss sandstorms with regional countries

Iran says it will hold talks with its neighboring countries to find a solution for the dust storms that have been plaguing the region.

Iran says consulting with Saudi Arabia over air pollution

Saudi Arabia is the main origin of dust particles, the head of the Iranian Department of Environment said. The official added that Tehran is consulting with Saudis to jointly tackle the air pollution from dust particles.

Iran urges regional countries to heed responsibilities on dust storms

Referring to dust storms in Iranian and Iraqi cities, President Ebrahim Raisi said on Sunday that the campaign against dust pollution is a public demand today and the entire regional countries are expected to heed their responsibilities in this regard.

Two Iranian forest rangers killed in clash with poachers

Two wildlife rangers lost their lives and another was wounded after they got into a conflict to ward off illegal hunters in southwestern Iranian Fars Province, an official said on Saturday.

Iranian urges UN involvement, regional fund to tackle dust storms,

Iran has called for the formation of a regional fund to counter dust storms that have affected several countries in the region.

Iran foreign ministry, environment department tasked with tackling pollution

The Iranian president says immediate measures are needed to come up with a solution to the deteriorating air pollution caused by the recent wave of sandstorm that has swept across almost the entire country.

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