Severe smog levels in Iranian capital claim nearly 6,400 lives in one year

Around 6,400 people have died due to extremely high levels of air pollution in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

“Over 27,000 people across the country, 6,398 of them in the capital alone, have lost their lives over the past year due to air pollution,” announced Mahdi Pirhadi, the head of the Health Committee of the Tehran City Council.

He touched upon plans to standardize the quality of fuel distributed nationwide, adding, “Given the recent letter by the Oil Ministry, the implementation of a plan to standardize fuel has been postponed until 2028, which can have numerous consequences.”

The metropolis, one of the most polluted in the world, suffers from the scourge of air pollution.

Pollution levels exceed the safe threshold on most days in Tehran, with high-risk groups such as children, the elderly and the sick advised to stay indoors.

Air pollution also forces the closure of schools frequently in Tehran and other large cities.

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