Saturday, January 28, 2023

Air Pollution

Heavy smug blankets Tehran’s Milad Tower

A clip captured by Iran’s ISNA News Agency shows that a thick smug blanketing landmark Milad Tower in the Iranian capital Tehran.

Official: ‘Iran burning mazut in 14 power plants’ as major cities suffer from air pollution

A Health Ministry officials says 14 Iranian power plans currently burn mazut, a low-quality fuel oil that negatively affects the quality of air.

Iran records nearly 21k deaths caused by air pollution annually: Official

An Iranian health official says the country registers 20,800 fatalities caused by air pollution in 27 cities every year, a figure that accounts for 12.6 percent of the total death toll.

Official: Iran burns mazut as alternative fuel in 14 thermal power stations

A senior environmental official says Iran burns highly-polluting mazut as alternative fuel in 14 out of 16 thermal power stations across the country, but that is not the root cause of severe air pollution in metropolis like Tehran.

Iran’s capital gets fresh snowfall amid air pollution

Residents of Tehran woke up to fresh snowfall on Thursday as the Iranian capital continues to grapple with unhealthy levels of air pollution.

Ahvaz in fog amid air pollution in Iranian megacities

Thick fog has significantly reduced visibility in the cities of the southern Iranian province of Khouzestan, especially the capital Ahvaz.

Tehran air pollution: Health ministry calls for remote working shifts, reduced hours

Iran’s health ministry is calling for remote working shifts for government employees and reduced working hours amid dangerously high pollution in the capital Tehran and other major cities.

Tehran City Council urges govt. branches to take action against air pollution, offer apology to citizens

Members of the Tehran City Council have written to the heads of the Iranian government’s three branches over a worsening air pollution crisis in the capital, urging them to take action toward improving the situation.

Air quality in Tehran back to healthy level thanks to downpours

After days of severe pollution, the air quality in the Iranian capital of Tehran returns to a healthy level thanks to a windy weather and downpours of rain and snow.

Air pollution enters ‘orange’ zone in Tehran, citizens urged to reduce time outdoors

Iranian capital remains engulfed by hazardous airborne pollutants as the Air Quality Index reaches the “orange” zone, with officials advising the residents of Tehran to skip unnecessary travels across the city.

Iran’s capital remains in grip of unhealthy air quality

Air pollution has remained at an unhealthy level in the Iranian capital, Tehran, for several days, with officials urging sensitive groups of people to reduce spending time outdoors.

Air pollution reaches alarming level in Tehran

Officials say Tehran has had only two clean days over the past nine months

Air pollution inflicting losses worth up to $11bn in Iran: MP

The head of the Iranian Parliament’s Environment Faction says air pollution inflicts damages worth between 7 to 11 billion dollars on the country each year.

Official: Tehran ranked world’s 21st polluted capital city

An Iranian official says Tehran has been ranked as the 21st polluted capital city in the world, as air pollution in the Iranian capital reaches an unhealthy level once again.

Heavy dust storm, winds turn the sky gray in Iran’s Ahvaz

Heavy dust storms and abrupt winds have hit the southern Iranian city of Ahvaz, causing difficulties for the general public.

Official: Air pollution killed 21,000 Iranians last year

Some 21,000 people in 27 cities across Iran lost their lives due to air pollution, with 6,000 of the deaths in the capital Tehran, according to Iran’s National Air and Climate Change Center.

Tehran air quality at critical levels again

Hospitals and emergency centers have been put on standby as the air quality index in the Iranian capital Tehran reached 327, meaning it is dangerous for everyone and may prompt emergency condition alerts.

Regional environment ministers meeting kicks off in Tehran

Environment ministers of regional countries are in the Iranian capital Tehran for a meeting to tackle environmental issues that have been plaguing the region.

Iran hosts regional environment ministers meeting

Environment ministers of regional states are scheduled to gather in the Iranian capital Tehran on Tuesday with Iranian President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi in attendance.

Air pollution shuts schools, offices in Tehran

Education centers and offices in the Iranian capital Tehran and the surrounding cities closed on Monday after air pollution caused by sandstorms reached alarming levels.

Iran to discuss sandstorms with regional countries

Iran says it will hold talks with its neighboring countries to find a solution for the dust storms that have been plaguing the region.

Iran urges regional countries to heed responsibilities on dust storms

Referring to dust storms in Iranian and Iraqi cities, President Ebrahim Raisi said on Sunday that the campaign against dust pollution is a public demand today and the entire regional countries are expected to heed their responsibilities in this regard.

‘Besides Turkey, other countries involved in dust storms, making regional fund a must ‘

An Iranian geopolitical analyst has called on the government to avoid singling out Turkey as the sole cause of the current dust storm problem in Iran and the wider region, stressing that the phenomenon is also rooted in other countries such as Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.

Iranian urges UN involvement, regional fund to tackle dust storms,

Iran has called for the formation of a regional fund to counter dust storms that have affected several countries in the region.

Iran foreign ministry, environment department tasked with tackling pollution

The Iranian president says immediate measures are needed to come up with a solution to the deteriorating air pollution caused by the recent wave of sandstorm that has swept across almost the entire country.

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