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Autumn rain in Tehran

A picture of a rainy day in the Iranian capital, Tehran. In autumn and winter, Tehran faces the problem of severe air pollution. Rain and snow, in addition to removing air pollution, grant the residents of Tehran a great sense of softness and beauty.

Harvesting world-famous Iranian dates starts in Abadan

As the sizzling hot days of the summer in Iran are drawing to a close, farmers in the southern city of Abadan are preparing to harvest dates in tree farms. Below you can find some of the pictures of the harvesting which starts every year around mid-September.

Iranian Pilgrims on Arbaeen march in Iraq

Pilgrims taking part in the Arbaeen march are now in Iraq heading toward holy shrines in the cities of Najaf, Kadhimiya and Karbala. Arbaeen marks 40 days after the martyrdom of Imam Hossein, the third Shia Imam, and his companions.

Arbaeen pilgrims get rest at Iran-Iraq border

Pilgrims of Arbaeen, the 40th day after the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, the third Shia Imam, get rest for a few hours on their way at Shalamcheh terminal, on Iran-Iraq border, before continuing with their journey towards the holy shrine city of Karbala.

Arbaeen pilgrims cross Iran-Iraq border at night to dodge scorching heat

As the Arbaeen, the 40th day after the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, the third Shia Imam, is approaching, a massive number of pilgrims from Iran brave the sizzling hot weather to cross the Shalamcheh border to Iraq every day.

Iran women’s U-21 national snooker competitions

Women’s U-21 national snooker ranking tournament kicked off at the Shahid Heydarnia Sports Complex in Iranian capital Tehran, on Sunday, August 20.

Iran’s national drag race held in Tabriz city

Iran’s national 200-meter and 400-meter drag race has been held in the northwestern city of Tabriz. The competitions were held at a racetrack on Friday, August 18, 2023.

Spring vibes in Rasht’s market

Pleasant spring weather makes Rasht’s market a tourist spot in the northern Iranian province of Gilan. While some may think twice before visiting the place, given the rain, many other visitors venture into the site, which has colorful umbrellas to protect from the downpours.

Calm Waters Rowing League

The second stage of the Premier League of Calm Waters rowing was held in 2 divisions of women and men in the lake of Tehran’s Azadi Sports Complex.

Vurf Chaal ritual, in Iran’s Mazandaran

The people of Ab Ask Village on the outskirts of the city of Amol, northern Iran, have an ancient tradition named Vurf Chaal. As per the tradition, they separate pieces of snow in the "Ask Vash" area and carry them about a kilometer and dump them in a pit which is nearly 10 meters deep, thus filling the pit.

National endurance horseback riding races held in Iran’s Khorramabad

National endurance horseback riding races with lengths of 80 and 100 kilometers were held in Khorramabad the provincial capital of Lorestan, western Iran. Over 30 horseback riders from five different provinces and in the two categories of men and women participated in the races.

Below-12 West-Asia tennis matches 

Below-12 West-Asia tennis matches were held in the boys section in the Esteghlal Club tennis courts on Thursday (May 4, 2023), in Tehran.

Spring migration of Fars Province nomadic clans

The spring migration of the nomadic tribes of Iran’s Fars Province has started. The tribes are moving from Kishlak (rural settlements) to Yaylak (summer highland pasture). Fars Province in southern Iran has more than 27,000 mobile nomadic families. There are also eight independent clans that migrate in spring.

Army Day Parade in Tehran

The Army Day Parade was held in Tehran on Tuesday, April 18, in the presence of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and commanders of the armed forces. While the parade of the Army infantry was ongoing, airborne paratroopers passed over the area where the event happened.

Ahvaz in fog amid air pollution in Iranian megacities

Thick fog has significantly reduced visibility in the cities of the southern Iranian province of Khouzestan, especially the capital Ahvaz.

Iranians voicing support for National soccer team

Fans of Iran’s Team Melli cheer and support the country’s soccer squad on the streets of Doha, Qatar, which is hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Rice harvest in Iran’s Lorestan Province despite drop in rainfall

The rice harvest season has started in the western Iranian province of Lorestan despite a drop in precipitation this year.

Sunflowers shining in daylight across Golestan Province farms

Sunflower farms create spectacular scenes across Iran’s northern province of Golestan.

Bolivia independence marked in Tehran

A ceremony marking the 197th anniversary of Bolivia’s independence was held on Wednesday, August 17, 2022 in Tehran with Bolivian Ambassador to the Islamic republic Romina Guadalupe and some other foreign envoys and diplomats in attendance.

Feast of the Assumption of Mary held in Tehran

The feast of the Assumption of Mary and the Blessing of Grapes was held on Sunday noon at Holy Mary Church of Tehran in the presence of Archbishop Sebo Sarkisian and a group of Armenian citizens.

Iran Professional League kick starts

Sepahan football team defeats titleholder Esteghlal, putting an end to the invincibility of the blues from the capital.

Iranians mourning 3rd Shia Imam’s martyrdom

Najafi residents of Iran hold a torch light vigil to mark the martyrdom anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson Imam Hussein (PBUH) on the 8th, 7th and 10th day of the month of Muharram. The picture shows the Najafis، people originally from Najaf, Iraq but living in the Iranian city of Qom، in southern Tehran , holding the ceremony.

Alarm sounded over looming water crisis in Iranian capital

Iranian officials have raised the alarm over extravagant use of water by households in the populous capital city of Tehran, calling on the public to join efforts to protect the country’s water resources through adherence to conservation methods.

Partial collapse of 11-story building in Abadan, Iran

Parts of Metropol Building on Abadan’s Amiri Street tumbled down on Monday.

Karkheh Dam: Drier than ever

The level of water in Iran’s Karkheh Dam is nearly 179 meters and the volume of its reservoir is 1 billion and 41 million cubic meters.

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