Sunday, August 7, 2022


Photo of the Day


Photo of the Day: Joker in Tehran

Mohammad, an Iranian street theatre artist, making himself look like the Joker

Autumn Snow in Iran’s Hamadan

Photo by Iman Hamikhah, Mehr News Agency

Gorgeous Tamaddon Alley in Downtown Tehran

Tamaddon alley, with its beautiful decorations, lies near Tehran's Ferdowsi Square, where all the fascinating cafes are located.

Medical Workers Say Goodbye to Colleague Killed by COVID-19

Medical workers bid farewell to their colleague who has lost her life in the battle against the novel coronavirus in Hakim Hospital of Shiraz.

Fakhrizadeh Received Order of Service for Role in 2015 Deal

IRNA has published, for the first time, photos of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani giving a second-class Order of Service to nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh on Feb 8, 2016, the day when members of Iran's nuclear negotiating team were awarded similar medals and orders

‘We’ll Defeat Medical Workers Fighting against COVID-19’

While medical workers have been fighting the coronavirus outbreak for months and get more exhausted every day, some people still take group photos while doing their luxury hobbies in northern Tehran regardless of the COVID-19 restrictions.

New Cycle Lanes in Central Tehran

The municipality of Tehran has rolled out new cycle lanes along Karim Khan and Keshavarz boulevards.

City of Hamadan Covered by Mist

Photo by Mohammad-Amin Najafi, YJC

Zagros Oak Forests in Western Iran

Photo by Maryam Almomen, IRNA

Iran’s Partial Lockdown Shuts Down Major Bazaars

The partial lockdown imposed by the Iranian government to contain the spread of Coronavirus has shut down major bazaars like that of Shiraz, Tehran and Isfahan.

Cotton Harvest in Iran’s North Khorasan

Photo by Peyman Hamidipour, Mizan News Agency

A Bird’s Eye View of Isfahan’s Khajoo Bridge

Photo by Majid Hojjati

Tehran after Autumn Rain

Photo of the Day retrieved from Twitter account Boiereihan

Saffron Harvest in Khorasan, Eastern Iran

Photo by Hadis Faghiri, Fars News Agency

Autumn Best Season for Air Sports in Iran’s Yazd

Those interested in air sports annually visit the central Iranian city of Yazd in autumn, which is the best season for such recreational activities.

Migratory Birds Arrive in Iran’s Western Wetlands

As the cold season begins, migratory birds start their migration from Siberia and Central Asia to Turkey and northern Iran, finally arriving in the wetlands of Chahahmahal and Bakhtiari province in western Iran.

Autumn Rain in Iran’s Rasht

Photo by Seyyed Javad Mirhosseini, Mehr News Agency

Vintage Car Exhibition Held in Iran’s Yazd

Photo by Fatemeh Rahbar, ISNA

Last Efforts to Catch Fish from Dying Hamun Lake

Photo by Hamed Gholami, IRNA

Chain-Making; An Almost-Obsolete Iranian Occupation

Photo by Reza Zangeneh, Mizan News Agency

Iranian Village Names Alleys after Grandmas Residing There

The Iranian village of Dinekooh, located in Eastern Alamut region of Qazvin province, has named its alleys after the names of grandmothers who once lived there and are not around today.

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