Iran’s president says according to the WHO figures the Islamic Republic is in a better condition than the other countries which are grappling with the deadly coronavirus.

Iran Producing Homegrown Ventilators amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As the medical ventilator has become a key device in saving coronavirus patients while COVID-19 pandemic moves around the globe, an Iranian knowledge-based company has begun to produce the homegrown version of such mechanical breathing devices.

Will US Remove Iran Sanctions amid Coronavirus Outbreak?

A political analyst says the US, like other countries, pursues political objectives by offering to help Iran tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

US Remarks on Iran’s Fight against COVID-19 ‘Demagoguery’

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman has dismissed the meddlesome and hateful statements of the US Secretary of State and the State Department spokesperson on Iran’s fight against coronavirus, saying such demagoguery remarks show the hatemongering nature of the US regime.