Iran Says US Can’t Veto Its IMF Loan Request
Iran says neither the United States, nor any other country in the world, has the power to veto the loan requests of International Monetary Fund (IMF) member states.

Iran Says World Misled by China’s Inaccurate Coronavirus Reports

In controversial remarks, Iran’s health ministry spokesman has criticized China for its inaccurate reports regarding the coronavirus, saying the initial reports made other countries underestimate the severity of the disease.

Iran Urges Women Leaders to Act against US Bans amid COVID-19

Iranian Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs Masoumeh Ebtekar has written a letter to the women political leaders of the world, highlighting the impact of the US sanctions on Iran’s ability to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

US Sanctions Devastating Iran’s Health Sector: Report

A manager of an Iranian pharmaceutical company describes how the United States’ sanctions against the Islamic Republic have devastated the country’s health sector, especially now that Iran is gripped by the novel coronavirus.