Sunday, February 5, 2023


Iranian universities ready to admit Afghan students after Taliban ban

Three gender-specific universities in Iran have expressed readiness to enroll hundreds of Afghan women after the Taliban barred female students from attending private and public universities in Afghanistan.

Iranian Foreign Ministry says Afghan girls allowed to study in Iran 

An aide to Iran’s foreign minister says Afghan girls can study at Iranian universities through distant learning system and using the existing infrastructure in Iran.

Academic Year for universities officially begins in Iran 

The Academic New Year for universities in Iran has officially kicked off nationwide. 

Ukraine ‘expels Iranian students over Tehran’s drone sales to Russia’

Ukraine has reportedly expelled Iranian students who had enrolled in the country’s universities prior to the outbreak of the Russian war, citing Tehran’s sales of drones to Moscow during the latter’s military campaign against its western neighbor.

Iranian students start new school year

The new school year in Iran started earlier on Saturday after two years of coronavirus pandemic that closed educational centers.

Official says number of Afghan students in Iran schools rises by 40%

The number of Afghan pupils at Iranian schools has increased by 40 percent to 800k from about 500k in previous years, an Iranian official says.

New chapter in Iran’s brain drain: ‘migrating university professors’

An Iranian academic official says during the past several years Iran has witnessed one of the fastest human capital flights in the world, losing its highly educated and skilled manpower mainly to sanctions-hit frail economy.

China to resume issuing visas for Iranian students

China has agreed to resume issuing visas to Iranian students intending to pursue education in Chinese universities after almost two years, the Consular Affairs Department of the Iranian Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday.

Education minister: Iran scrambling to meet immigrants’ needs

Iran has earmarked more funds to fit the immigrant students, whose number is getting close to the one million mark, into the country’s education system, the Iranian education minister says.

Data show sharp rise in tendency among Iranian students for migration

New data show the age of migration in Iran has witnessed a sharp decline over the past decade, with a growing tendency among school students for leaving the homeland.

Official: 60,000 Iraqi students studying in Iranian universities

The Iraqi cultural attaché in Iran has announced that thanks to reinforcing bilateral relations between Iran and Iraq, 60,000 Iraqi students are studying in Iranian universities.

Iranians, mostly youths, sitting national university admission exam

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians, mostly youngsters, have been taking part in the national university entrance exam, a highly-competitive test that applicants need to pass to gain admission to higher education institutions in Iran.

Iranian schools abroad seeing significant drop in number of students

A senior Iranian education official says the number of Iranian schools in other countries has plunged from 40,000 eleven years ago to around 8,600 now.

Report: Brain Drain from Iran has expanded to include school-aged students

Reports say the rate of migration of the elite in Iran has expanded to cover even talents in their school years. That’s what a report by Resalat Daily, affiliated with Iran’s ruling principalists, says about the problem of brain drain in Iran.

Official report: large portion of ‘elite’ youth left Iran for good

Analytical statistics from Iran’s Immigration and Passport Police show one in four people eligible to join the National Elites Foundation have left their home country for good since 2001.

Iran celebrates Teachers’ Day

Iran is celebrating its national Teachers’ Day on Monday with special ceremonies held at schools and educational institutions across the country to pay tribute to teachers.

Iranian teacher goes to school every day on boat

An elementary school teacher every day goes to school on a boat to teach children of an underprivileged village in iran’s Khuzestan province.

Video goes viral of Iranian teacher cutting students’ hair, causes outcry

Video footage has appeared of an Iranian teacher cutting tufts of hair on the heads of several students with a pair of scissors, causing an outpouring of anger and criticism.

Schools reopen in Iran following 2 years of closure

All schools and educational centers across Iran have officially reopened after two years of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In-person education to resume in ìran following Covid retreat

Iran's Ministry of Education has said the presence of students in classrooms is not optional and all schools are obliged to resume in-person teaching on Farvardin 14th (April 3rd).

Iran’s Guardian Council approves Teacher Rating Bill

Iran’s Guardian Council has approved the Teacher Rating Bill putting an end to months of disputes with the parliament.

University professors, students urge return of Reza Omidi

870 university professors, students and other staff of the University of Tehran have written to the university’s chancellor to demand the return of Reza Omidi, the recently-sacked assistant professor, to the university’s Faculty of Social Sciences.

Iranian interior minister: Classes must be held on in-person basis

Iran’s Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi has said the presence of students in schools is not optional and all of them are required to attend classes.

Iran marks national university student’s day in ceremony in Tehran

Iran is marking the National University Student’s Day in a ceremony with the presence of President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi.

Iranian teacher travelling 80km daily to teach nomad students

An Iranian teacher, in western Iran, treks a long way across rough terrain every day to get to his students living in nomad-populated areas.

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