Over half a million students compete to enter universities in Iran

Over 500,000 students took tests on the first day of the university admission exam on Thursday to enter universities across the country, with some fields like medicine in high demand.

Iranian universities rise up to support expelled pro-Palestinian students in US, Europe

Dozens of universities in Iran have offered free scholarships to the students who have been expelled from US and European universities for taking part in pro-Palestinian protest rallies in recent weeks.

Iranian minister rebuked for claims of massive reshuffle at schools

Iran’s education minister has announced 20,000 school principals have been replaced for the new academic year, which started Saturday, “to make changes” at schools.

Students start new school year in Iran

Millions of students across Iran officially started school and academic year on Saturday with challenges and promises ahead.

Ex-Iranian VP criticizes dismissal of university professors

Iran’s former atomic chief Ali Akbar Salehi has criticized the sacking of a number of professors and lecturers from universities in the country and their replacement with new ones.

Morad-Sahraei becomes Iran’s education minister after winning confidence vote at Parliament

Reza Morad-Sahraei becomes Iran’s new education minister after securing a vote of confidence from the country’s Parliament.

Ceremony held to honor teachers

A ceremony has been held in Tehran to honor the job of teachers in the presence of Iranian President Ebrahin Raisi in Tehran.

The Leader praises Iranian teachers’ efforts, urges govt. to address their issues

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei praises Iranian teachers for their non-stop hard work to educate the country’s young generation despite all the problems facing them, urging the government to address their hardships.

Official: Iran universities hosting 40k Afghan students, ready to admit female ones

The Iranian deputy minister of science, research and technology says the country is hosting around 40,000 university students, and that three Iranian universities are ready to give admissions to female Afghans, who are denied of the right to higher education at home.

National Teacher’s Day marked in Iran

Iranian students, teachers, and officials marked Teacher’s Day in Iran on Tuesday.

Iran education minister resigns over teachers’ salaries crisis

Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi has accepted the resignation of Minister of Education Yousef Nouri following the delay in the payment of the teachers’ salaries, and appointed Reza Moradsahraei as the caretaker minister.

3 arrested in connection with poisoning of students in Iran

An informed source has told Iran’s Fars News Agency that three people have been arrested in connection with the poisoning of school girls in several Iranian cities. Unconfirmed reports say the poisoning could be a false flag operation by a counterrevolutionary group.

Iranian universities ready to admit Afghan students after Taliban ban

Three gender-specific universities in Iran have expressed readiness to enroll hundreds of Afghan women after the Taliban barred female students from attending private and public universities in Afghanistan.

Iranian Foreign Ministry says Afghan girls allowed to study in Iran 

An aide to Iran’s foreign minister says Afghan girls can study at Iranian universities through distant learning system and using the existing infrastructure in Iran.

Academic Year for universities officially begins in Iran 

The Academic New Year for universities in Iran has officially kicked off nationwide. 

Ukraine ‘expels Iranian students over Tehran’s drone sales to Russia’

Ukraine has reportedly expelled Iranian students who had enrolled in the country’s universities prior to the outbreak of the Russian war, citing Tehran’s sales of drones to Moscow during the latter’s military campaign against its western neighbor.

Iranian students start new school year

The new school year in Iran started earlier on Saturday after two years of coronavirus pandemic that closed educational centers.

Official says number of Afghan students in Iran schools rises by 40%

The number of Afghan pupils at Iranian schools has increased by 40 percent to 800k from about 500k in previous years, an Iranian official says.

New chapter in Iran’s brain drain: ‘migrating university professors’

An Iranian academic official says during the past several years Iran has witnessed one of the fastest human capital flights in the world, losing its highly educated and skilled manpower mainly to sanctions-hit frail economy.

China to resume issuing visas for Iranian students

China has agreed to resume issuing visas to Iranian students intending to pursue education in Chinese universities after almost two years, the Consular Affairs Department of the Iranian Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday.

Education minister: Iran scrambling to meet immigrants’ needs

Iran has earmarked more funds to fit the immigrant students, whose number is getting close to the one million mark, into the country’s education system, the Iranian education minister says.

Data show sharp rise in tendency among Iranian students for migration

New data show the age of migration in Iran has witnessed a sharp decline over the past decade, with a growing tendency among school students for leaving the homeland.

Official: 60,000 Iraqi students studying in Iranian universities

The Iraqi cultural attaché in Iran has announced that thanks to reinforcing bilateral relations between Iran and Iraq, 60,000 Iraqi students are studying in Iranian universities.

Iranians, mostly youths, sitting national university admission exam

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians, mostly youngsters, have been taking part in the national university entrance exam, a highly-competitive test that applicants need to pass to gain admission to higher education institutions in Iran.

Iranian schools abroad seeing significant drop in number of students

A senior Iranian education official says the number of Iranian schools in other countries has plunged from 40,000 eleven years ago to around 8,600 now.

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