Ex-Iranian VP criticizes dismissal of university professors

Iran’s former atomic chief Ali Akbar Salehi has criticized the sacking of a number of professors and lecturers from universities in the country and their replacement with new ones.

Salehi, a professor at the Tehran-based Sharif University of Technology, said one just can’t employ members of academic board in large numbers.

He noted that when universities send people without a good scientific quality to classes, they no longer can be called universities.

Accordion to Salehi, university managements must act prudently and with deliberation and patience.

He further warned that the economic situation is tough in Iran and “we should avoid letting small pretexts turn into big ones”.

The university professors have been apparently dismissed for their support for last year’s protests that erupted in the wake of the death of a 22-year old woman in police custody.

The professors include some prominent ones teaching at prestigious universities like Sharif University and the University of Tehran.

Critics of their dismissal say the decision will decrease the quality of higher education in Iran and will also damage the country’s academic reputation in the international arena.

Meanwhile the Iranian Interior Ministry has defended the dismissals, describing it as a revolutionary measure carried out within law.

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