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Iranian news outlet reveals part of Iran-P4+1 deal

Eslaahaat News, an Iranian media outlet claims it has gained access to some details of the EU's proposed draft meant to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Covid kills 66 more people in Iran in 24 hours

The number of Covid cases has decreased sharply in Iran. Health Ministry figures on Friday showed that 3,690 people had tested positive for Covid in the past 24 hours.

Iran’s Interior Ministry drafting ‘comprehensive’ bill for amending election law

Iran’s interior minister says the department under his watch is working to draw up a “comprehensive” bill for amending the country’s election law, which will be submitted to the Parliament (Majlis).

Report: EU still awaiting US response on Iran nuclear deal

European Union officials in Brussels are still waiting for the US reaction on Iran’s response to proposals drafted the by the EU to salvage a 2015 nuclear deal with the world powers, Diplomatic news website quoted officials as saying.

Analyst: Iran-Saudi talk may continue in Egypt, Europe amid chaos in Iraq

An Iranian Middle East expert says Iraq risks losing the opportunity of hosting future rounds of Iran-Saudi talks due to a “worrying” political crisis unfolding in the country, and that the diplomatic process may continue in Egypt or European states if the turmoil continues.

Iran car industry eyes bigger share from Russian market

The Western sanctions on Russia over the conflict in Ukraine has provided a new opportunity for Iran’s automobile and auto parts industry to gain a firm foothold in its northern neighbor’s markets, an Iranian official says.

Iranian actor named on list of 25 best movie performances of ’90s

A prominent international film industry and review website lists Iranian actor Homayoun Ershadi as one of the 25 best in the 1990s for his brilliant performance in award-winning Iranian movie ‘Taste of Cherry.’

President Raisi pays tribute to ex-Iranian captives of Iraq’s 1980s war

President Ebrahim Raisi pays tribute to ex-Iranian prisoners of war, who had been taken hostage by the army of the ex-Iraqi regime during the 1980s military campaign against the Islamic Republic, praising them as symbols of all the values and lofty ideals of the Islamic Revolution.

Iran’s Mapna Company constructs power plant under harsh sanctions

The head of a leading industrial enterprise in Iran says it has constructed a power plant in Iran’s central city of Semnan which will add 10 thousand megawatts of electricity to the country’s power grid under unrelenting US-led embargos.

Iran in third place of medals in Konya Islamic games

On the 8th day of the Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya, Turkey, Iran ranked third among competing countries in terms of medals won so far.

Iran FM: New stage to start in Vienna if Tehran red lines met

The Iranian foreign minister says talks over the revival of the Iran nuclear deal will enter a new stage if Tehran's red lines are met.

Figures show 48% growth in foreign trade during 1st year of Raisi’s administration

During the first year of the 13th Iranian administration under President Raisi, the Islamic Republic’s foreign trade grew by an unprecedented 48%.

Advisor to Iranian negotiating team: Iran and other party made ‘great progress’ during months of nuclear talks

An adviser to the Iranian negotiating team in the Vienna talks says there are some issues that must be resolved before Tehran and the other parties to the negotiations can reach a deal, adding however they have made great progress in talks..

Iran’s rights chief urges US to free all innocent Iranians in its jails

Iran’s top human rights official slams the United States for keeping tens of Iranian citizens in jail and renewed the call for Washington to immediately release all the innocent nations of the Islamic Republic.

Journalist: Iran’s NPT withdrawal only guarantee for nuclear deal

Hossein Shariatmadari, a veteran Iranian journalist and Kayhan newspaper’s editor in chief, has termed Iran’s proposal to receive compensation from the US in case of a pullout from a restored nuclear agreement as ‘worthless’, saying the only valid guarantee is Iran’s withdrawal from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Russia: Final outcome of Vienna talks depends on US reaction to Iran proposals

Russia’s lead negotiator praises Iran’s “constructive” proposals submitted to the European Union aimed at paving the way for the conclusion of the Vienna talks on a potential revival of the 2015 nuclear deal, saying the final outcome of the negotiations depends on how the US will react to them.

Analyst: There are more signs to be optimistic than pessimistic about Vienna talks

A political commentator says there are more signs to be optimistic rather pessimistic about the future of the ongoing diplomatic process in Vienna aimed at securing a revival of the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers.

Official: 1,800 Covid patients in Tehran hospitals

The head of Iran’s Coronavirus Taskforce Committee says some 1,800 coronavirus patients are currently being hospitalized in Tehran province hospitals, 562 of whom are receiving special care treatment.

IRGC Navy combination of military might, strong faith: Chief cmdr.

The chief commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) praises the bravery of the elite military force’s Navy in the face of threats, saying it is unwavering faith that makes the country’s Armed Forces unbreakable against the enemies besides military might.

Morocco volleyball coach advises tourists to test Iranian cuisines

Morocco’s national volleyball team’s head coach, fresh from a trip to Iran, says Iranian hospitality and cuisines are exemplary among countries across the world.

Iran wins U20 World Championships in Bulgaria

Iran’s national youth freestyle wrestling team have won the U20 World Championships in Bulgaria.

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announces capture of terrorist who fought in Syria 

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry says its agents have captured one of the most dangerous terrorists who committed acts of terror outside of the country.

Iranian FM: Tehran must make sure its red lines are respected under any nuclear deal

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian says the Islamic Republic is looking forward to receiving a response from the United States to Tehran’s demands regarding the European Union's proposed draft in the Iran nuclear deal.

IRGC bans cooperation with Israeli group called “Close Up”

The Intelligence Agency of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps has banned Iranian filmmakers and cinematic institutes any cooperation with Close Up Foundation, which it said is an organization affiliated to the Zionist regime.

Official: Iran exported shipments of diesel to Afghanistan last week

The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Refinery and Distribution Company says the country exported shipment after shipment of diesel to Afghanistan at a price of 1,100 dollars per ton last week.

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