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Unvaccinated Iranians to be fined: Official

Iranians not vaccinated against the coronavirus will be fined, and citizens infected with the virus will not be allowed to travel even within their towns and cities.

Iran Covid: Number of daily deaths decreases to 58

Iran has seen a big decrease in the number of Covid deaths and infections in the past 24 hours.

UN: Millions of Afghans starving as winter approaches

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says that war and insecurity in Afghanistan have displaced 3.5 million people in the country who are on the brink of poverty as the winter season is approaching.  

Bakhtiari kebab: Mouth-watering Persian dish favorite with tourists

Tourists traveling to the Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari Province in southwestern Iran do not hesitate to order “Bakhtiari kebab” when they go to a restaurant.

Saudi bombing of Yemen leaves 16 civilians dead

At least 16 people, including children, were killed in Saudi-led air raids in Yemen’s southwestern province of Ta'iz. Saudi Arabia keeps bombing the southern impoverished neighbor in defiance of international calls to end its bloody war.

Putin, Biden to discuss Middle East, Iran

Presidents of Russia and the Unites States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, will discuss issues of mutual interest including Iran and Afghanistan, according to a Kremlin aide.
Harsher Revenge Awaiting US for Gen. Soleimani Assassination: Iran

IRGC: 50 persons accused of involvement in general Soleimani assassination

The deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps for legal affairs says fifty persons are accused of involvement in the 2020 assassination of Iranian anti-terrorism icon general Qasem Soleimani.

Report: US officials’ phones hacked with Israeli spyware

The iPhones of at least nine US state department officials were recently hacked by a government using NSO Group spyware, according to a new report that raised serious questions about the use of Israeli surveillance tools against US government officials around the world.

Russia: Iran offered radical revision of draft document on nuclear program

Russia’s Permanent Envoy to International Organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov told reporters on Friday, Iran’s delegation at the Vienna talks offered a radical revision of the draft document on the nuclear program, which caused a pained reaction of western states.

Chinese envoy calls for expanding consensus in Iran nuclear talks

Progress made in the negotiations of Iran nuclear talks this week should not be underestimated although "a breakthrough is far from being achieved", a senior Chinese envoy said on Friday.