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“War Criminal” trends after death of Colin Powell

The death of former US Secretary of State Colin Powell has drawn outrage from social media users who call the late general a “war criminal”. The former Top diplomat had pushed faulty intelligence before the United Nations (UN) to advocate for the Washington-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.
COVID-19 Vaccine in Iran

More than 75mn Iranians vaccinated against Covid-19

Iran’s Health Ministry says over 75 million doses of Covid vaccine has so far been administered to people in the country since the nationwide vaccination drive started several months ago.

Iran, Russia stress need to bolster defense ties

The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation have stressed the need to bolster bilateral military and defense cooperation.

Myanmar to free thousands of political prisoners

Myanmar's military government is to release thousands of political prisoners jailed for protesting against a February coup that removed the civilian government. It has announced plans to free over 5,600 prisoners.

Iran at Forefront of War on Drugs: Minister

Iran’s interior minister says the country ranks first in the fight against illicit drugs and attaches great importance to the campaign against narcotics.

Iran Resumes Issuing Visas for Foreigners from October 23

Iran will in a few days resume issuance of tourist visas for foreigners after a 19-month halt, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

US says Brussel meeting ‘not necessary’ for Iran nuclear talks

Washington does not think negotiations in Belgium are necessary before the resumption of indirect talks with Iran over reviving the nuclear deal in Austria, US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said on Monday. Iran has said it will hold discussions with the European Union (UN) in the coming days on the issues raised in Tehran.

Ex-Envoy: Iran Will Expand Beneficial Cooperation with Venezuela

Iran’s former ambassador to Venezuela says Tehran will continue and will expand its legitimate cooperation with the South American country as the exchanges are beneficial to both sides.

Majority of Americans see US in “wrong direction” under Biden

Fewer than 4 in 10 Americans say the U.S is on right track, a new poll found. The recent surveys show US President Joe Biden’s approval rating is sinking amid several national crises.

US’ Lebanon Plot Failing: Top Iran Cmdr.

A senior Iranian military commander says the United States has incurred defeat in its recent conspiracy for Lebanon.