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Iran Says Social Distancing Plan Enforced in Iran with No Delay

An Iranian official says the social distancing plan was enforced in the Islamic Republic right at the time when the coronavirus was first detected in the country.
Milad Tower Turns Green in Praise of Medical Staff

Milad Tower Turns Green in Praise of Medical Staff

Tehran's iconic Milad Tower turned green on Sunday night to praise efforts of healthcare staff, and to urge people to Stay Home

98-Year-Old Iranian Woman Recovers from Coronavirus

A 98-year-old Iranian woman has made a miraculous recovery from the coronavirus after a 27-day hospital stint in the holy city of Mashhad, northeast of the country.

Iran Confirms 3,111 New Cases of Coronavirus Infection

Iran's Health Ministry has confirmed 3,111 new cases of Coronavirus infection, including 141 new deaths, during the past 24 hours.

Iran’s IRGC Strongly Warns Enemies against Making Any Mistake

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) has issued a statement on Tuesday to voice its readiness to foil all plots and threats of the enemies.
Iran Dismisses Hackneyed Statement of Arab Quartet Committee

US Remarks on Iran’s Fight against COVID-19 ‘Demagoguery’

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman has dismissed the meddlesome and hateful statements of the US Secretary of State and the State Department spokesperson on Iran’s fight against coronavirus, saying such demagoguery remarks show the hatemongering nature of the US regime.

Iran in Better Condition than Other Countries in Dealing with Corona: Rouhani

Iran’s president says according to the WHO figures the Islamic Republic is in a better condition than the other countries which are grappling with the deadly coronavirus.

Sistan & Baluchestan; A Dream Land for Nature-Lovers

Sistan and Baluchestan Province, located in southeastern Iran, is the second largest province of the country.

Ecbatana; First Persian Capital with 3,000 Years of History

Hegmataneh, also known as Ecbatana, is a vast historical area in the centre of the modern Iranian city of Hamadan. The site is a historical hill covering a vast area in the modern city.

US ‘Medical Terrorism’ Leading to Humanitarian Catastrophe: Iran

Iran's foreign minister says US "medical terrorism" against Iranians through imposing toughest ever sanctions on the country is leading to a "humanitarian catastrophe" as it makes it “impossible” for ordinary people to have access to essential drugs amid the Covid-19 pandemic.