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Bomb blast in Kabul wounds five people, including Taliban

A bomb blast on a main road in Police District six of the Afghan capital Kabul wounded five people including the Taliban fighters but the Taliban have not commented on the casualties.

Vienna talks: Expert meeting starts; Removal of anti-Iran bans topping agenda

The working group tasked with the removal of the oppressive and illegal US sanctions against Iran has started meeting in Vienna with the participation of experts from the Islamic Republic and remaining signatories to the nuclear deal, JCPOA.

Kamran Ghasempour ranked top 92kg freestyle wrestler of 2021

Iran's Kamran Ghasempour has been ranked by United World Wrestling as the top athlete of 2021 in the 92kg category.

Iran nuclear chief: U.S. must remove all sanctions

Iran's nuclear chief says the United States must remove all its sanctions against Tehran if it wants to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

China says negotiations only way to solve Iran nuclear issue

China says dialogue and negotiations are the only right way to solve the Iran nuclear issue, and that the United States should lift all related illegal sanctions against Iran and third parties, including China.

Pentagon to review deadly 2019 US bombings in Syria

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has ordered a review into US military bombings in Syria in March 2019 that reportedly killed dozens of civilians during the ‘battle for the final stronghold of ISIL (ISIS).’

Russian envoy: Mediators on Iran deal to use existing progress

Russia says the countries attending the new round of talks in Vienna, decided to continue the work on the basis of the progress achieved during the previous rounds. Iran says those achievements are draft and subject to negotiations.

Iranian woman oldest person on earth

A woman from Iran’s Razavi Khorasan Province is the oldest person on earth. Fatemeh Norouzi from the northeastern City of Torbate Jaam is 122 years old.

Terminally ill teen granted last wish in Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran Army Aviation, commonly known as Havānīrūz, has granted an Iranian kid suffering from cancer his last wish: Flying on a helicopter.

Iran carpet business no longer a main export earner, annual sales drop to $72mn

Iran has lost hundreds of millions in annual revenues from exports of hand-woven carpets as a major businessman blame the huge loss on current exchange regulations and US sanctions.