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Iranian Inventors Develop Solar-Powered Loaders

Iranian Inventors Develop Solar-Powered Loaders

A group of Iranian inventors have, for the first time in the world, developed solar-powered hydraulic loaders.

Iranian Woman Turns into Entrepreneur after Retirement

A retired Iranian lady has created jobs for more than 1,000 people by launching her own business, and is running a campaign against the US sanctions.

How Used Tesla’s Could Skyrocket in Value to over $250,000

One of the biggest thrills of buying a new car is to know no one else has ever driven it and of course that new car smell. On the flip side, one of the biggest drawbacks is watching your vehicle's value plummet 5% to 10% each year.

World’s Largest Copper Tray Built in Iran’s Zanjan

A senior Iranian official says the world's largest copper tray has been built in Iran’s Zanjan province upon the order of the Emir of one of the Persian Gulf states.

Iran Condemns US Ban on Its Metal Industry

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has strongly condemned the US regime's decision to impose sanctions on Iran's metal industry.

LG, Samsung Deny Leaving Iran over US Sanctions: Report

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics has denied reports that it was withdrawing from the Iranian market in the face of US sanctions, London-based bne IntelliNews says.

Iran Develops Drill to Clean Up Mud after Recent Floods

A group of Iranian researchers managed to develop a horizontal drill used to suck up mud, after they realized flood-hit provinces need the drill but the country cannot import it due to the US sanctions.

‘Some Korean SMEs Go Bankrupt after US Sanctions against Iran’

The Chairman of Iran-South Korea Joint Chamber of Commerce says following the cutback in economic relations between Tehran and Seoul due to US sanctions, many small or medium-sized companies (SMEs) that had ties with Iran have gone almost bankrupt.

Iran Leader Names 1398 ‘Year of Boosting Production’

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says “boosting domestic production” is the pivotal issue of the Persian New Year.

Tehran Hosting Exhibition of Contemporary Art Jewelry

The third edition of Contemporary Art Jewelry Exhibition is underway in Arya Gallery north of the Iranian capital of Tehran.

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