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Iran Starts Mass Producing Gate Valves in Defiance of Sanctions

Iran has put into service the production line for gate valves used in crude oil transfer pipelines despite the sanctions imposed on the country.

Iran Ready to Export Surplus of Its Homegrown Ventilators: Official

All beds used on the intensive care units (ICUs) of hospitals across Iran have been equipped with medical ventilators, an official has announced, expressing readiness to export the excess devices at the discretion of the Health Ministry.

Iran to Unveil Locally-Produced Destroyer Soon

Iran’s defence minister says domestically developed destroyer Dena will be unveiled and handed over to the Army’s Naval Force in the near future.

Iran to Commercialize Top Inventions in Water Sector

Iran is to hold the National Hydraulics and Water Inventions Festival with the aim of commercializing a whole range of products in the domain of water and hydraulics.

Iranian Company Develops Know-How to Produce Car Engines

A group of Iranian researchers have developed the technology to produce engines for vehicles.

Iran Opens New Mask Producing Facility

Iran has opened a mask producing facility with a capacity of turning out 500,000 three-layer face masks daily.

Iran Can Meet 90% of Defence Needs Domestically: DM

Iran’s defence minister says the country is capable of producing 90 percent of its defence needs domestically, and that is a bitter pill to swallow for Washington.

Rouhani’s Pick for Trade Ministry Wins Iran Parliament’s Confidence Vote

Iranian lawmakers have given their vote of confidence to President Hassan Rouhani’s nominee for the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, Alireza Razm-Hosseini.

Steel as One of the Most Economically Efficient and Ecological Materials

Any enterprise is an independent economic entity with legal rights created by the current legislation for the production of products, the performance of work, provision of services to meet social needs, and profit.

Iran to Boost Range of Homegrown Missiles: Defence Minister

The Iranian defence minister says the country seeks to increase its missile capability.

Iran Devises Machine to Produce Microfibres Used in Medical Dressings

An Iranian knowledge-based company has manufactured a polymer microfibre spinning machine that can produce advanced medical dressings.

Iran Produces High-Tech 3D Printing Machine

An Iranian knowledge-based company has developed a 3D printing machine which obviates the need for building moulds to produce three-dimensional parts.

Iran Says Ready to Export Aviation Systems to Other Countries

An Iranian Defence Ministry official says the domestic aviation industries have made such great progress in recent years that Iran is now able to fulfill the demands of other countries for various systems.

‘Iran Self-Sufficient in Producing Masks, Equipment for COVID-19 Treatment’

A senior Iranian official says the country has reached self-sufficiency in producing equipment needed for controlling coronavirus and treating patients suffering from the disease.

Iran Unveils 3D Phased Array Radar System

Iran has unveiled a new domestically developed radar system used to detect small aircraft.

Iran Unveils ‘Soleimani’ Ballistic Missile with Range of 1,400km

Iran’s Defence Ministry has unveiled a surface-to-surface ballistic missile, named after the late IRGC commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, with a range of 1,400 kilometres.

Iran’s Exports to Eurasia Rise by 63%

Iran’s exports to Eurasia have registered a considerable growth despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Iran’s Steel Output Up 10% in 1st Half of 2020

Iran’s steel production has registered a growth despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Silkworm Breeding; A 600-Year-Old Career in NW Iran

Breading silkworm in order to produce silk, which is called Noqan-dari in Iran, has a long history in the country's north-western region.

150 Iranian Companies Exporting Medicinal Herbs

Iranian companies producing medicinal herbs are exporting their products as they tap into the existing potential to further expand the industry.

Iran Bans Export of Masks amid Surge in COVID-19 Infections

Iran has banned the export of face masks for now given a surge in coronavirus cases and the high demand for masks nationwide.

Iran Develops 3D Printer to Produce Fibre-Reinforced Composites

Researchers at an Iranian university have designed and built the largest 3D printer to produce fibre-reinforced composites in various industries.

70% of Aircraft Parts Produced Inside Iran: Minister

Iran’s defence minister says more than 70% of helicopter and airplane parts are currently produced inside the country even though Iran is not among the countries that manufacture aircraft.

Iran Sole Producer of Closed-Cell Aluminum Foam in Region: Report

The Iranian government says local industralists have made the country self-sufficient in production of closed-cell aluminum foam following the US sanctions.

Iranian Firm Exports Antibacterial Carpets to European, Asian Countries

Technologists at one of the leading Iranian companies in the field of machine-made carpets are exporting antibacterial carpets to Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as a number of African and Asian countries.

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