Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Iranian Firm Exports Antibacterial Carpets to European, Asian Countries

Technologists at one of the leading Iranian companies in the field of machine-made carpets are exporting antibacterial carpets to Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as a number of African and Asian countries.

The company is one of the largest Iranian units producing filament polyester threads.
After several years of research, it has managed to produce various types of antibacterial polyester threads to be used in the textile industry.

The carpets produced with these filaments have antibacterial properties and thanks to the use of nanomaterials, the growth of bacteria and mold is greatly reduced. Therefore, they are suitable for children and the elderly who are more sensitive to environmental pollution, ISNA reports.

Nano specialists say microbes, bacteria and microorganisms such as bacterium gonorrhea are the main causes of diseases, infections and bad smell. Therefore, the use of disinfectants that reduce the activity of these organisms can be important.

In this regard, the antimicrobial activity of silver particles has been proven and been used in various applications. Based on this, the company aims to prevent the carpet from getting wet due to the contact of body sweat with its surface in busy places.

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