Sunday, May 26, 2024

Officials say Iran ranks first in production of computer game science in West Asia

Mohammad-Amin Haji-Hashemi, the managing director of Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation, has said that Iran enjoys the first place among the regional countries and the Muslim world in the production of computer games scientific output.

Haji-Hashemi made the remarks during a press conference on Saturday, citing a joint research conducted by the foundation and Tabriz Islamic Art University.

“By the end of the [Iranian calendar] year of 1401 (which ended on March 20, 2023), in terms of producing scientific output for computer games … the Islamic Republic of Iran ranked first among the regional countries and the Muslim world, while ranking 18th on a global scale,” he stated.

The official added that the study has covered all areas related to computer games, including the application of artificial intelligence in computer games as well as serious games, mobile games, and console games.

“In addition to scientific areas, we have also made good progress with regard to developing games in the country over the past years,” he continued.

“At present, there are numerous knowledge-based companies in the country that are actively producing mobile and computer games. Their products have been installed 20 million times in the domestic market and five million times in foreign markets,” he stated.

This important development, the official said, has taken place through the efforts of Iranian knowledge-based companies.

“This has been achieved while the country is under sanctions that hamper access to tools needed for game development engines, as well as game design and production tools, game distribution tools, and market analysis tools,” Haji-Hashemi noted.

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