Iran says to launch two satellites next month

Iranian Space Agency (ISA) chief has announced that the country will carry out two significant satellite launches in the coming weeks.

Hassan Salariyeh told the official IRNA news agency on Saturday that the launches are scheduled to take place in the calendar month to July 21.

Salariyeh said the ISA is carrying out compatibility tests between the satellites and launch rockets.

“The compatibility and joint tests between launches and carrying rockets are among important and sensitive issues which sometimes can face delays because of certain technical problems,” he added.

The official stated, however, that Iran will carry out the satellite launches after it is ensured of 100% success in the compatibility tests.

Iran has carried out successful satellite launches in recent years despite West’s pressure and sanctions on the country’s space sector.

Tehran has rejected accusations its satellite launches are a cover for its missile program with authorities stating that the satellites are used for various scientific and development purposes in the country.

Iran has also stated repeatedly that peaceful technological advancement in the aerospace field is the country’s legitimate right.

In January, Iran simultaneously launched three satellites for the first time using a modern satellite carrier developed by the Iranian Defense Ministry.

The ISA-built Mahda satellite was unveiled during the launches.

It came more than a week after Iran launched its Sorayya satellite into orbit with a rocket designed and developed by the country’s elite military force the IRGC.

Also in late February, an Iranian satellite was placed for a first time into an orbit of 500 kilometers. The Pars 1 research-sensing satellite was launched from Russia’s Vostochny spaceport using the Soyuz rocket.

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