Friday, June 21, 2024

Iran’s Sahar 1 drilling rig undergoes major overhaul after 13 years

The Sahar 1 drilling rig, after 13 years of continuous operation in the oil sector, has entered the ISOICO dry dock for major repairs to be carried out by skilled Iranian specialists.

Salman Zarbi, CEO of ISOICO, stated during the ceremony: “The major repairs on this rig, which commenced Tuesday, mark ISOICO’s second collaboration with North Drilling Company.”

He further mentioned that the estimated cost for the major repairs of offshore drilling rigs is $10 million. Utilizing domestic expertise, this amount can be allocated to more critical areas under current conditions.

Zarbi praised Iran’s North Drilling Company board members for their confidence in local capabilities, asserting that relying on local expertise will yield the best results.

The ISOICO CEO highlighted that the major repairs on Sahar 1 will significantly enhance drilling capacity. Additionally, conducting these repairs domestically will prevent currency outflow and boost local employment and technological advancement.

Alireza Salmanzadeh, CEO of North Drilling Company, emphasized their decision to entrust ISOICO with the major repairs of the Sahar 1 rig, acknowledging the high competency of local capabilities compared to foreign companies.

He noted that the company operates nine onshore rigs and three offshore rigs, undertaking diverse projects in the oil industry and thriving completion.

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