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6 popular traditional breads of Iran’s Kerman Province listed as a heritage

The diversity of traditional breads in Iran’s Kerman Province is very high. These breads are so attractive and pleasant and they include Tiri, Zarandi Kopoo, Kermani Taftan, Sirjan fatty and sweet bread, Kornoon bread of Shahrbabak and Anar, Kerman boiled oil and Baft cookie bread. All these have been listed as intangible heritage of the region.

In recent years, local and traditional breads have gained many fans. Here, we are going to introduce some popular breads in Kerman Province:

1-Kornoon Bread

Kornoon is the most famous traditional bread of Kerman Province. This bread is one of the most high-quality and delicious traditional breads of the province. It is popular in the cities of Shahrbabak, Anar, Rafsanjan and other northern regions of the province.

To bake this bread, 2 types of ovens are used on the ground or 70 to 80cm above the ground. After the oven is heated enough, the prepared dough is spread on the stones at the bottom of the oven in trays weighing approximately 700-800 grams and the oven door is closed. After some 20 minutes or half an hour, the bread is going to be of a high quality.

Kornoon is often consumed alongside traditional dishes such as Bozqormeh, various dishes made with curd, Eshkeneh, etc.

Kornoon Bread

2-Tiri Bread

Tiri bread is very popular among nomads, especially shepherds, because it can be baked quickly and with ease. Tiri is one of the traditional breads that can be easily made at home.

To bake it, trays of the dough are spread on flat stone slabs or metal containers that are previously spread by a hot fire oven in a short time.

Tiri bread is easy to digest due to its thinness and small size. It also has a long shelf life  if it dries.

Tiri Bread 

3-Kopoo Bread

Kopoo is the other Kermani bread, which often has dates or potatoes in the middle of the dough, and is known as Kopoo with dates or potatoes.
This bread is very delicious and popular with people because of its taste. Kopoo is mostly baked in Zarand and Kerman cities.

Kopoo bread can be prepared at home using a gas oven or in nature, and it has a high nutritional value.

Kopoo Bread

4-Kermani Taftoon Bread

The recipe for baking Kermani Taftoon bread is similar to that of Taftoon breads in other parts of the country. However, in Kerman, some spices and vegetables are used to make it and Kermani Taftoon is baked in clay ovens with wood fire.

This bread is consumed with nutritious foods such as broth, curd, and Bozqormeh. The consumption of this bread is so high that some bakeries also make it alongside other breads.

5-Roqan Joushi Bread

Roqan Joushi (boiled oil) is a type of bread that is native to Kerman. The bread is mostly baked for charity for the dead.

To prepare Roqan Joushi, dough, water and milk are mixed with instant dough powder and placed in a warm environment to create bubbles, and then flour is added to it. The next stage is to add eggs, baking powder and special spices such as black seeds, coriander seeds, cumin, salt and turmeric to this dough and to place it in a warm environment.

After the dough is ready, it is cut into small circles, which are put in boiled oil until they are completely done. Roqan Joushi bread is also decorated with pistachio nut powder or sugar.

6-Sweet and fatty Bread of Sirjan

Sirjan’s sweet and fatty bread is made from local wheat and has a special recipe. Oil, sugar, in some cases, milk are used to prepare the dough of this type of bread, which makes it very scrumptious and popular.

Fatty and sweet bread is mostly consumed during Nowruz and on such occasions as religious holidays and during the holy month of Ramadan, when people bake it to entertain guests.

Other breads are also baked in different parts of the vast province of Kerman.

Introduction to Kerman Province

Kerman is the largest province of Iran with its provincial capital being the city of Kerman. Kerman province is located in Iran’s southeast and it’s capital is one of the historical and cultural cities of Iran. Kerman province has 7 monuments listed as UNESCO world
heritage sites, including Prince Mahan’s garden, Meymand (Shahrbabak) Rocky Village, Bam Citadel, Lut Desert, two caravanserais and three aqueducts.

The province ranks first in Iran in this respect. Stone Garden, Ganj Ali Khan Bath and traditional bazaars are other tourist attractions of the city.

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