Iran’s trademark cuisine Ghormeh Sabzi first food in space

Iran’s internationally famous herb stew with rice, or in Persian Ghormeh Sabzi, is the first food that has found its way to space.

Iranian-American astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli, who has been in space for a while, in her recent photo, has posed with Ghormeh Sabzi while aboard the International Space Station.

She wrote in her latest post, “Noosh-e jan! In Farsi, this phrase is used similarly to “bon appétit”.

“This weekend, I shared one of my favorite Persian dishes with my #Exp70 crewmates – Ghormeh Sabzi! Of course, we ate it in the traditional way with rice. However, unfortunately, there was no tadigh,” she added, referring to the crispy rice formed at the bottom of the pot, a favorite among Iranians.

“I really enjoyed sharing a bit of my culture and cuisine with my crewmates, and it seemed they really enjoyed it, too. The aroma and flavor were amazing and brought me right back home. I believe this was the first time Ghormeh Sabzi was eaten in space!” Moghbeli said.

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