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Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Stone Garden of Kerman

The stone garden of Kerman in southern Iran is an irregular rectangular area containing trees with fruits made of stone.

The stone garden is located in Miandoab village, Balvard district, 40 km to the southeast of Sirjan. Darvish Khan Esfandiarpoor, the owner of garden, was a deaf man who earned his family living through farming and animal husbandry.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Stone Garden of Kerman
Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Garden of Stones in Sirjan

In protest at the loss of his properties due to the Iranian land reform in 1961, he stopped gardening. As a result, all the trees in his remaining land dried up.

He then hung stones on all the branches of garden’s dried fruit trees, and started to take care of them like real fruits.

Darvish Khan died at the age of 83 in April 2007, and his body was buried in his garden.

What follows are IRNA’s photos of this tourist attraction of Kerman:

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