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Tourist Attractions in Iran

Iran tourism: Iran’s Kish Island enjoying clean air 

With many cities in the industrial world choking in suffocating air pollution, living in clean air is a luxury many people cannot afford. 

Iran tourism: Taq-e Bostan in autumn                                                   

Taq-e Bostan or Bostan Arch is one of the most valuable historical monuments of in the western Iranian city of Kermanshah, bordering Iraq.

Autumn in Hyrkanian Forests, northern Iran

The forests of northern Iran are among the most beautiful ones in the world, where there are more than 80 species of trees and shrubs.

Iran tourism: Mohtasham Garden’s statues in Rasht, northern Iran

City Park or Mohtasham Garden is the oldest park of the northern Iranian city of Rasht, the capital of Guilan Province. Statues made out of trees and reshaped by artists have been put in the park.

Tehran’s Valiasr Street: A verdant chronicle of transformation

Valiasr Street, hailed as the Middle East's longest and a historic testament in Tehran, traces its origins from an uninhabited expanse to its current bustling grandeur.

Gazou Waterfall, a hard-to-access yet worthy tourist spot in northern Iran 

In the heart of the millennia-old Hyrcanian forests in Iran’s northern Mazandaran Province, a rocky waterfall surrounded by trees has turned the area into a pristine tourist attraction for those who can endure the arduous trek.

Iran tourism: Bisheh waterfall lures tourists from across world

The Bisheh waterfall is one of the natural attractions in the province of Lorestan in western Iran.

Iran’s Kandovan registered in list of best world tourism village

Kandovan, a picturesque village nestled in East Azarbaijan Province, northwestern Iran, has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing its place on the prestigious list of the world's best tourism villages recognized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Iran tourism: Chalus Road, along the top pass to the Caspian Sea

The road connecting the Iranian capital Tehran to the northern city of Chalus, along the Caspian Sea, is one of the world’s top four beautiful roads.

Iran tourism: Goujebel Caravanserai, one of Iran’s major ancient monuments

The Goujebel Caravanserai is one of the major historical monuments of the southwestern Iranian town of Ahar registered on the list of heritage sites.

Iran’s Bushehr holds third tourism festival 

Iran’s southern province of Bushehr, with a long coastline along the Persian Gulf, is holding the third tourism festival in the tourist village and Shoghab Beach Park in the provincial capital. 

Iran tourism: Al-Khalaj dam in East Azerbaijan impresses tourists

An embankment dam near the northwestern Iranian city of Bostanabad in East Azarbaijan Province, has been a splendid tourist spot.

Iran tourism: Haft Ghar in Iran’s Neyshabur, a beauty on earth

Haft Ghar valley is located in the Ghar village, on the outskirts of Neyshabur city in Iran’s Khorassan Razavi Province and has seven valleys or seven gorges. Haft Ghar (Seven Caves) is one of the tourist attractions of Neyshabur city and is located north of the city.

Kariz in Iran’s Kish Island, underground city with natural beauty and Iranian art

Kariz on Kish Island is a famous underground city that is world famous today and boasts a combination of Iranian art and the beautiful nature of the island. These features have become the reason for many domestic and foreign tourists to travel to the island in the south of Iran along the Persian Gulf. It is a city with a depth of 16 meters that dates back to 2500 years ago. The aqueduct is built with the marl mud layer at a height of 45 meters, which makes it unique on Kish Island.

Iran tourism: Conquering the Babak Castle

The Babak Castle located in the town of Kaliber in the northwestern Iranian province of East Azerbaijan is one of the country's most well-known historical castles and among the province's visitor sites, being an ideal place for history enthusiasts.

Iran tourism: Beautiful beach of Pozm Bay in Sistan and Baluchestan

One of the beautiful beaches in the south of Iran is Pozm Bay. This is located on the shores of the Sea of Oman and the city Konarak, in southeastern Iran.

Ali Qapu; Unique Historical Palace in Heart of Iran

The historical palace of Ali Qapu in Iran’s Isfahan province dates back to the beginning of the eleventh century AH and is unique in its architectural and decorative arts.

Iran Tourism: Colored mountains of Aladaghdar

Watch the spectacular Aladaghdar mountains in Iran! The hued mountains are located along the Zanjan-Tabriz road, in Iran’s north and northwest.

Iran tourism: Sahoolan water cave, West Azerbaijan Province

Sahoolan is a cave in a village with the same name located 42 kilometers southeast of the city of Mahabad, in Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province.

Iran tourism: Lake turning pink

A “red tide” is overtaking the Maharlou Lake, in Iran’s southwest, rendering the scenery even more beautiful.

Iran tourism: Visit Margoon Waterfall in Fars Province

Margoon Waterfall is located in the Fars Province of Iran near the city of Sepidan.

Mohitban, Iran’s first-ever natural park near capital Tehran

The Iranian city of Karaj in Alborz Province, near Tehran, is home to Mohitban Park, the country’s first-ever natural park where animals live freely.

Iran tourism: Cold in summer

Boz-e-Sina (Boz-e-Sineh) Mountain is in the southwest of West Azerbaijan Province, 60 km from the provincial capital, Urmia.

Iran tourism: Gorgeous natural scenery of Asalem-Khalkhal Road

The Asalem-Khalkhal road is one of the most beautiful mountainous routes of Iran that links Gilan and Ardabil Provinces in northern Iran to each other.

World’s largest water cave in Hamedan Province, western Iran

Iran’s Hamedan Province is home to the world’s largest water cave called Ali-Sadr, which features many water halls and wide variety of beautiful features such as stalactites, stalagmites and karst deposits.

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