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Iran tourism: Tarom, a piece of paradise in spring in Zanjan

The Iranian city of Tarom in Zanjan province in western Tehran, perched on top of the country, is and a complete package of a natural attractions for tourists.

The scenic city has been boasting its agriculture, greenery, flowing rivers, and even ancient artifacts that become even more enthralling in the spring.

The city is known as “India of Iran” due to its agricultural and animal husbandry, the fertility of its land and favorable climatic conditions.

Qezel Ozan, the longest river in Iran, snakes through the valleys of the 2800-meter mountains in the region, which has created a pristine and spectacular nature.

The relative humidity of the air has made the ground fertile for emergence of scattered wild forests, which is the habitat of many wild animals, including leopards and bears.

Tarom hosts many nature-loving tourists from all over Iran and abroad who flock to the area, especially during the spring and summer, to enjoy its indescribable natural beauties.

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