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Iran in Pictures

Iran’s Karaj hosts tulip festival

A tulip festival is underway in the Iranian city of Karaj, near the capital Tehran, which showcases the largest carpet flower in West Asia.

Spring blossoms in orchards of Golestan province, northern Iran

With the beginning of spring, fruit trees have blossomed and created unique landscapes in the gardens and fields of Iran's Golestan province.

Iran tourism: Salasel castle and Darion creek, hidden gems in Khuzestan

In the heart of Khuzestan province in southern Iran, lie two captivating treasures waiting to be explored: Salasel Castle and Darion Creek.

Zanjan Archeology Museum in northwest Iran boasting priceless collection of ‘Salt Men’

The archeology museum in the northwestern Iranian city of Zanjan is hosting vacationers during Persian New Year holidays this year.

Photo report: Discovering scenic beauty of Zaras village, southern Iran 

Nestled in Khuzestan province, Zaras tourist village emerges as a captivating gem, enchanting visitors with its picturesque landscapes during the blossoming spring season.

Tehran’s Milad tower hosts Nowruz holidaymakers

The Iranian capital Tehran’s landmark Milad Tower, or arguably the second landmark after the Azadi tower, welcomes visitors from the capital and other parts of the country during Nowruz holidays.

Iran’s natural wonder: Mud volcano in north

Naftalijeh mud volcano is one of the natural places of Golestan province, which is located in Gomishan city in the east of the Caspian.

Bandar-e Torkman, Nowruz holidays destination in Iran’s north

The Iranian port city of Bandar-e Torkman, which is known as one of the most important ports in the country’s north, hosts tourists during the Nowruz holidays.

Naqsh-e Jahan in Iran’s Isfahan charms Nowruz tourists

Isfahan is one of the most visited and frequently cited historical cities in central Iran that captives tourists throughout the year, especially during the 13-day holidays of the Persian New Year, Nowruz.

Iranians celebrate New Year in Hafezieh in Shiraz

Iranians gathered on Wednesday in the tomb of the 14th century poet Hafez, better known as Hafezieh, in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz to celebrate the advent of Nowruz, or the Persian New Year.

Tehran residents gear up for New Year, shopping spree at Tajrish market

As the countdown to the New Year inches closer, the bustling streets of Tehran witness a flurry of activity as residents flock to the Tajrish market in north of the capital. With just a few hours left, citizens are fervently engaged in purchasing essential items and textiles to ring in the new year.

Villagers in northeast Iran hand out animal feed to local wildlife

The historical Kalidar village lies 90 kilometers northwest of the town of Neyshabur in the northeastern Iranian province of Razavi Khorasan province, and 20 kilometers east of the town of Chekneh on the slopes of Mount Binalud.

People in Iran’s north welcoming Nowruz 

People in Kelachay, in the northern Iranian province of Gilan, greet Nowruz with “Jubilation March Carnival”.

Grand bazaar bustle: Tehran’s residents flock for new year, Ramadan preparations

In a vibrant display of tradition and community spirit, tens of thousands of Iranian residents flooded Tehran's Grand Bazaar ahead of the new year and during the holy month of Ramadan.

Revival of lake Urmia welcomes tourists as water levels reach new highs

In a significant turn of events, Lake Urmia, a once-depleted natural wonder in Iran, is making a remarkable comeback, attracting tourists with its improved conditions. Recent measures implemented in the catchment area and satellite wetlands, coupled with favorable rainfall, have led to a substantial rise in the lake's water levels.

Iran tourism: Tarikdareh, smallest but spectacular ski slope

The Tarikdareh ski slope is the closest piste to the center of the city of Hamedan in western Iran.

Mazandaran’s red river turns into haven with migratory swans

The enchanting "Red River" in Mazandaran province in northern Iran becomes a haven for migratory swans each year during the cold seasons.

Iran tourism: Chalus Mountains covered in snow

Heavy snow blankets the mountains of Chalus, in  Mazandaran Province, after temperatures fell below zero in the northern Iranian province.

Iran tourism: Khomam Saturday Bazaar shining in Gilan province

In the heart of Gilan province in northern Iran, the Khomam Saturday Bazaar has emerged as a vibrant economic hub, captivating locals and visitors alike.

Iran’s historic cars center unveils automotive marvels

Opened in May 2003, Iran's Historic Cars Center stands as a testament to automotive excellence, housing a captivating collection that spans the evolution of automobiles in the nation.

Iran tourism: Miqan among 10 major wetlands in the country

The Miqan Wetland, located 16 kilometers northeast of Arak in central Iran, has special ecological features, including its hosting a large number of migratory birds each year, among which some rare and protected species can be seen. 

Iranians filled with joy after much-coveted snow plasters cities

Iranians mainly in western and northern cities of the country are cheerful after seeing snow in a dry winter which is characterized by very low rates of precipitations.

Siberian seagulls, cherished guests of Iran’s Shiraz

Every year in the winter, Iran’s southern city of Shiraz, welcomes black-headed gulls from Siberia.

Saint Mesrop Church, a less known monument in Iran’s Mashhad

The northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad is globally known for hosting the mausoleum of Imam Reza, the eighth Shia imam. But even the locals might not be aware that the city is home to a church with historical and architectural values.

Christians in Iran gearing up for New Year

As the year transitions from the birth of Christ to the advent of 2024, Armenian communities across Iran embrace the New Year's arrival with fervor.

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