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Iran’s Only Woman Magician Shining among 2,000 Male Conjurers

Iran’s Only Woman Magician Shining among 2,000 Male Conjurers

The 32-year-old Sayeh Rahmati is the only woman conjurer in Iran at the moment. What has made her even more special is that she deliberately reveals her tricks in order to counter superstition.

How Do Experts Evaluate Iran’s Nuclear Deal Announcement?

The Iran Front Page (IFP) has reached out to senior Iranian and American experts or former officials to ask for their quick thoughts on Iran’s Wednesday decision to “reduce” its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal.

‘US Ban on Purchase of Enriched Uranium Not Iran’s Problem’

A former official at the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran believes that the Islamic Republic must keep enriching its uranium whether the other parties to the JCPOA buy it or not.

Selfless Woman Wins Iran’s Top Midwife Award

Golnar Lorestani Rad, an Iranian midwife who offered medical services to pregnant women in flood-hit areas, has been chosen as the top midwife of Iran.

Iran’s First Female Weightlifter Talks of Breaking Taboos

Although weightlifting has always been one of Iran's medal-winning fields in the Olympic Games and Asian Games, almost all Iranians consider this as a male-dominated sport. But now the taboo is being broken.

World’s View of Iran Is Wrong: Croat Football Player

Mario Budimir, a Croatian football player who plays for Iran’s Persepolis Football Club, says the world has a wrong view of Iran but Tehran can surprise any visitor.

Window of Diplomacy Not Closed Yet: Iran’s New UN Envoy

Iran’s new ambassador to the United Nations says it’s too early to say the window of diplomacy has closed, and that of war has opened in Iran’s ties with the US.

‘US Officials Admit Gen. Soleimani Saved Baghdad’

Italy’s former ambassador to Iraq says American officials are fully aware of the role played by Iran’s senior military commander Major General Qassem Soleimani in preventing Baghdad from falling into ISIS terrorists.

Why Iran Floods Inflicted Such Heavy Casualties, Damages

Flash floods remain the key challenge for Iran in the Persian New Year. But why did the recent floods leave so many casualties and so much damage? A top academic explains.

Adventure without Wheelchair in Rig-e Jenn Desert

A special and adventurous desert tour was recently organized for the disabled in central Iran, where they went on an off-road tour of Rig-e Jenn desert.

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