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Four Decades of Islamic Republic: Achievements and Successes

On the eve of the fortieth anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the outcome of Iran’s uprising against the US-backed rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi is a hot topic of discussions among Iranians.

Team Melli Defeat Dashes Hopes of Wining AFC Asian Cup After 43 Years

Title-contender Japan national football team defeated Iran 3-0 to reach the 2019 AFC Asian Cup on Monday, destroying hopes among Iranians of winning the cup after a 43-year break.

Japanese Firms Continue Purchasing Iranian Oil as Tokyo Says Crude Imports Untouched

The Japanese firm Cosmo Oil has become the latest Japanese refiner to start loading crude oil cargo from Iran, as Japanese Officials vow crude imports from Iran will be untouched despite US sanctions.

Can Iran Survive US Sanctions on Trade?

As Iran appears to have a difficult year ahead with the “harshest-ever” sanctions imposed by the Trump administration, the question that everyone is asking is can Tehran survive the US bans?

Why People Want to Educate in Western Countries

Recently, there was a thread posted on Twitter regarding the number of children seeking asylum in Europe and unaccompanied by any adult. Most people blame it on real desperation of parents to give a better life to their children. Every parent in every country wants their children to have the best education and great opportunities in life, making any and every effort to make it a reality.

Middle East and Mobility of Students

In recent years, we have seen a greater number of outward going citizens of middle eastern countries. There is not only an outflow of students but also skilled workers that go on to settle in foreign countries depriving the country of much-needed talent.

Productivity Boosting Technologies for SMBs

Due to the latest progressions in technology like cloud computing, business data management and process automation, there are loads of ways a business setting or company can upsurge its productivity by investing in the right technology at the right time.

16 Must-Have Medicines for Your Medicine Cabinet

Illnesses usually catch even a healthy person unaware-, especially during the cold season. It is vital to check one’s medicine cabinet once every six months to ensure that the essentials are in place. What one must have in their medicine cabinet depends on their needs. 16 of the essentials for one’s medicine cabinet are listed below:

Iran Says No Ban on Mahan Air’s Flights to/from Germany

Iran has dismissed media reports that its Mahan Air's flights to and from Germany will be halted over the US sanctions.

Yemeni Sides Reach Truce Deal, Exchange Historic Handshake

Yemen's warring sides finally achieved a major breakthrough on the final day of peace talks in Sweden on Thursday, agreeing terms on a ceasefire for the strategic port city of Hudaydah which serves as a major lifeline for 18 million Yemenis living in disputed areas.

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