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Train Like Iran’s Award-Winning Amputee Bodybuilder Mehran Beirami

This article talks about how to build your body like award-winning Iranian amputee bodybuilder Mehran Beirami.

You often have a truckload of excuses on why you cannot start on a job immediately, especially when it comes to working out.

You can start neglecting the importance of good health and a fit body. This was not so for Mehran Beirami, an Iranian bodybuilder. As a teenager, he went through a terrible motorbike accident due to which he lost his entire right arm.

However, it was not the end for him. His journey in fitness had just begun and the rest is history. Here is how you can build your body and get fit like Beirami.

Decide to start

According to Beirami, it all starts with the decision to start. After having lost his arm, he went through a very tough time. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, Beirami hit the gym. He started working out to get into good shape. This was not at all an easy task considering he had lost an entire arm. But that didn’t stop him. He did not do this to change the perspective of the people, rather to show that his disability would not stop him from achieving his dreams. As time passed, he grew stronger and fitter, till people started looking at him as a fierce strong competitor. This further motivated him to work harder. He competed and even won in many body building competitions getting a standing ovation towards the end. Among other inspirational body-building stories is one of Sergio Oliva, and in the full article about him, you can check out his workout routine.

A fit mind

Another very important factor is a fit mind. Most fitness experts stress on this point. If your mind is kept motivated and healthy, your body in turn will be able to do the same. This is why it is absolutely essential to have a mental image of where you want to be in the future. Draw goals and try to understand how you can utilize the resources that you have to accomplish your body building dream. Keep in mind that a strong soul can motivate a tired body but the opposite cannot happen.

Train Like Iran's Award-Winning Amputee Bodybuilder Mehran BeiramiDiet and exercise

After a healthy mind comes a healthy body. A balanced diet and plenty of exercise is vital in the journey of body building. Include in your diet proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and all other essential nutrients that would be necessary to transform your body. Remember that exercising burns a lot of calories, so team it up by drinking energy boosters. Additionally, once you achieve the level of fitness that you wanted, do not sit back and let it all go to waste. Preserve and maintain your body, keep exercising whenever and wherever you can, go for a swim or ride your bike on the ‘no gym’ days so as to keep your body fit always.

Be determined

Very importantly, do all what it takes to get fit. Decide to meet your goals with complete certainty and conviction. When faced by challenges, look at it as obstacles that will test how eager you are to make your dreams come true. Commitment and determination is what it takes to reach success. Beirami did not focus on good luck or having less setbacks rather his focus was on the end line, and on how he had visualized himself at the finish. He was willing to learn and develop for it. Once you live like that, you become unstoppable. In order to help you reach your physical fitness goals, you can take help of online portals like Total Shape that provide you with the right exercise routines and dietary supplement details that should work for you.

No more excuses

One point that Beirami emphasizes over and over again is that if you want to achieve fitness, you can give absolutely no room for excuses. Even when the going gets tough, and those muscles ache and you feel you should give up, never quit. As a bodybuilder, complaining isn’t going to take you anywhere. So put the “I’ll work out tomorrow” habit aside and hit the gym. And who knows you might be the next person to make history!


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