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Iranian footballer Taremi 2021 best legionnaire in Asia

Iranian soccer player Mehdi Taremi became the best legionnaire of Asia in 2021, according to Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

Develop Skills Playing Online Games

Online games are growing considerably in popularity. More people are on the internet, which makes the games very accessible.

How Virtual Reality Is Set to Change Our Lives

When new technology comes along, there is always hype around how it can have a positive impact on people's lives.

Different Types of Seeds You Can Find Online

Cannabis growers know how to find the best seeds for their personal needs. However, for someone who is just starting out, it is vital for them to learn about the different types of cannabis seeds and how they are used. 

Different Types of Seeds You Can Find Online

Cannabis growers know how to find the best seeds for their personal needs. However, for someone who is just starting out, it is vital for them to learn about the different types of cannabis seeds and how they are used.

Online Slots: How Do They Really Work?

Casinos have virtually moved to a completely online environment, there are still a few bricks and mortar shops in bigger towns and cities, and of course, we can't forget Vegas. But for most people playing online is a lot easier than having to go out and find a casino.

5 Signs She Is Cheating on Me

Relationships are full of emotion. This should be a warm feeling that fills you with joy. 

Let’s Know Football’s Biggest Earners

In this article we will look at football's biggest earners and find out what has led them to be so financially successful.

Why Do Arabs Support US Measures against Iran

The beginning of 2020 was very tough. The assassination of Iran’s top general Qassem Soleimani by the US forces only deteriorated relations between these two countries and made them even worse. 

How Prince of Persia Inspired Two of Most Popular Action-Adventure Franchises

The mysteries of Ancient Persia have long fascinated people from all over the world. This led to the hugely popular Prince of Persia game, which told the story of an un-named Prince attempting to escape from the palace's dungeons to rescue the Sultan's daughter. 

Top 5 Gambling Tech Startups in the World

Online gambling is popular around the world, so there are many exciting startups to learn about. In this post we list the top 5, from sports betting to rummy.

Is Lottoland A Scam? How Does Lottoland Work?

Ever since Lottoland was established back in 2013 by David Rosen, it has redefined the way people enjoy playing lotteries.

How Much Money Should You Risk on Sports Bet

How much should you risk on sports bet? The answer to that question will always vary from bettor to bettor.

All India Sports Prediction on Website of a Reliable Company

The new season of the championship of England is about to start, and one of its main mysteries is the performance of Crystal Palace.

10 Reasons Why Math is Important in Life

Math drives the world around us. You might not know it but you use it everyday. We will tell you 10 reasons why you should take Math seriously and why it is going to get even more essentially in future!

Could Iran Become Known as a Major Games Developer?

Iran’s game industry has reported a phase of increased productivity since the start of 2020. When people think of the country’s flourishing industries, they might think of the thriving technology industry, but few outside the nation realize how prolific the gaming industry is.

US Not Going to Lift Anti-Iran Sanctions

The United States’ sanctions against Iran is one of the most popular topics of today’s international relationships, as it has considerably impacted the Iranian economy and the livelihood of people who are already suffering from the coronavirus pandemic.

How Medical Marijuana Is Useful For Treating Appetite Loss

On the other hand, the loss of appetite is something that makes a person weak, and he or she starts having various types of...

How to Choose an Android App to Find Friend with Benefits

Technology has changed how people interact, which includes how they date. From dating websites that have been popular for some decades, we now have dating apps for smartphones.

Sports Fans Carefully Analyze Matches to Make More Money

The opportunity to make money and have some quality time with friends is rare. That’s why football fans, along with that of other sports, try to analyze matches and bet on outcomes of interesting events.

Music Festivals in Iran

All over the world music festivals are a regular fixture of most cultures. The accord between the two dates back to ancient times into the modern world as music has gradually risen to become a universal language uniting people of all races, gender, and creed.

Top Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

The animal kingdom has occupied our household since the creation of the world. From dogs to cats, down to exotic animals, people have been fascinated to take care of animals in their homes. Pets like dogs have won our hearts and even became health aids, service dogs, etc. They gained roles in our government and even assisted police on several occasions.

Iranians Professional Footballers in Europe

Football, as it is, has been regarded as one of the best sports of all time thanks to its large fan base. Before football got to where it is currently, we've experienced one of the greatest football players in history made their mark in the football world, we've also witnessed the rise and transformation of an average team become a top tier club.

Young Iranian Prodigies Getting Noticed in Esports Industry

As the fastest growing sporting market in the world, esports is certainly starting to capture players from regions of the world, where they may not typically be found.

How to Mentally Cope with Isolation

Much like countless other nations around the world, Iran is facing an unprecedented health crisis thanks to the current global pandemic. While infection rates and deaths are much lower when compared to some other western regions, it is impossible to deny that this situation is having a very real impact upon the daily lifestyles of countless citizens.

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