Online Slots: How Do They Really Work?

Casinos have virtually moved to a completely online environment, there are still a few bricks and mortar shops in bigger towns and cities, and of course, we can't forget Vegas. But for most people playing online is a lot easier than having to go out and find a casino.

Online you will find every game imaginable, and you can play hundreds of different games, including games of chance, games of skill, those that require risks and those that are instant win.

Online slots are immensely popular, they are a game of luck, and there is no skill involved, but you can still win substantial amounts of cash. Luring new customers in casinos will often give away free spins, and of course, the idea being that you will be hooked and then want to pay to play, but have you ever wondered how do they really work?


Online Slots: How Do They Really Work?



Random Number Generators

The technology behind an online slot game is called a random number generator, and this is capable of creating infinite amounts of random sequences in an incredibly short amount of time a millisecond. So, if you’re playing an online slot and click the spin button the random number generator will immediately grab a new series of random numbers. Individual games are not tracked, so there is no record of the numbers that have gone before or any information about the winning and losing spins from each customer. Every spin of an online slot machine is based solely on chance and calculated in that specific moment using the mathematical algorithm pre-programmed into the random number generator.


At every online casino, you will find a version or in some cases more than one version of every game available in a traditional casino. There will be free games and offers to encourage people to sign up and spend money with that casino. Slots are always popular so are often included in offers where players get free spins. The hope is that you will win a small amount and continue to pay to play and once signed up with the site you can also have member access only offers.


Online Slots: How Do They Really Work?



How to Play

So, we now understand random number generators the other component of all online slot games is the return to player rate. This percentage rate which you will find displayed on each game using the initials RTP gives you the percentage of return that is available on the game. For example, if a game has a 90% RTP that means the player can win back 90p in every £1 stake. But that does not mean you are guaranteed to win it is all down to the random number generator and chance. So, before you choose which game to play, have a look at the RTP rate and then also look at what the game offers other bonus features. Some slot games have wild, scatter, multiplier or bonus symbols. Bonus symbols will launch the player into a minisub game which often has free spins as a reward.

It is always advisable to set yourself a budget before you start spinning, and once you run out of cash stop. You will need to decide how much you’re going to bet on each spin and how many pay lines to play. You will find that online slot machines that have smaller jackpots will pay out more often, but obviously, the amount you win is less. The larger jackpot machines pay out a lot less, so if you just want to see money coming in and out, you should aim for the smaller ones.




Online Slots: How Do They Really Work?


Bag the Bonuses


Casinos use bonuses for many different reasons. They are great for tempting new players to come and look at their site and they also give existing players free spins or free credit. If you win free spins, you can use them during your regular play. Sometimes you will see cash back bonuses, and this means you are able to reclaim a portion of what you have lost. So, if you’re trying to decide which online casino to play with you are looking for generous signup bonuses and low wager amounts. You can get slot machines that you can get sort machines online that enable you to play for as little as one penny so it’s up to you to have a look and see the best deals you can get. It is always worth reading the terms and conditions of any online website where you intend to give them your money so that you understand fully what you are signing up for. It is always customary to find that depositing cash into your account to play is instant whereas withdrawing it can take many days up to a week in some cases. Overall, online slot games are a great fun way to spend your time.

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