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5 Signs She Is Cheating on Me

Relationships are full of emotion. This should be a warm feeling that fills you with joy. 

When you spend so much time with an individual, you start to learn a lot about one another, but eventually, you will be able to tell if your partner is acting differently towards you, or cheating on you.

these actions are cruel and become consistent, then you may start to wonder if your girlfriend is spending her time with another man. The thought of someone we love cheating on us is something that many people are afraid of when they get in a relationship, and the image of someone you love giving their attention to another man is humiliating and hurtful. If you’re worried about your relationship and think your girlfriend is being unfaithful, here are 5 signs that she is cheating on you. 

She is Acting Secretive 

When people cheat on their partner, they will start to act withdrawn and secretive. If your girlfriend has found another man, she may start going out more and hanging out with people you have never heard of. She will lie or refuse to tell you where she is going, or she will disappear for long periods of time without letting you know where or who she is with. Your girlfriend may use excuses, like she had to work late or she had to be somewhere to support a friend. If you are unsure about the answers or responses that she is giving you, then it is your right to try and find evidence to back up what she told you. If she starts to act funny about you seeing her phone, then this should raise many red flags. 

She Pays Less Attention to You

If your girlfriend has another love interest, then there is a high chance that she will stop paying as much attention to you. This could be in the form of spending less quality time with you, being late for or forgetting date nights, and/or she stops listening to you as much. She may neglect the home you share, your needs, and could even forget very important events, such as dinners with your family or your anniversary. When you do spend time together, she may pay more attention to her phone than you. If she has another man to care and worry about, then she could be more insensitive towards your problems, or she will not address them or acknowledge them at all. 

She Starts Unnecessary Arguments

Another sign that your girlfriend is cheating on you is that she keeps looking for reasons to complain or fight and starts unnecessary arguments. If she isn’t acting jealous, then she may be nagging you constantly. The criticisms that she makes can come in a number of different forms and the reason she is doing this is because she isn’t happy with you. The relationship is no longer fulfilling her the way that it used to, so now she has no patience towards your faults. When someone isn’t happy in the relationship, then they will start to look elsewhere. Many people who are cheating on their partner will become more controlling and insecure, which will cause tension in your relationship. 

She Won’t Get Serious 

This point will require you to look back to the past. Some women will want to take a relationship slowly and are not interested in buying a house with their partner, getting married, having kids, etc. However, if you have talked about this in a serious way in the past and now, she is acting differently towards both of your goals or doesn’t want to talk about it at all, then this means that she has lost interest in your relationship and may be planning a life with someone else. The lack of commitment and change in her intentions will be seen in more than just a conversation, especially if she is trying to de-escalate the relationship by distancing herself from any commitments you have made as a couple. 

Stops Showing Affection

One of the biggest signs that your girlfriend is no longer interested in you is the lack of affection. If your girlfriend doesn’t want to get close or intimate with you, or she gets uncomfortable when you do get close to each other, then this is a sign that she has lost enthusiasm and is no longer interested in being close to you. If you are deep enough into the relationship to say ‘I love you,’ the way that your partner responds or acts towards those words can show a lot. For example, she may avoid saying the words completely by ignoring your effort or changing the subject. If she says it quietly and doesn’t make any effort, whether she is cheating or not, there is a problem in your relationship

You should never jump to conclusions or accuse your partner without solid evidence. This will only cause arguments and make your relationship harder. If you don’t know if your girlfriend is cheating, then you should confront her in a calm manner, be completely honest with her, and get some answers. 

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