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How to Mentally Cope with Isolation

Much like countless other nations around the world, Iran is facing an unprecedented health crisis thanks to the current global pandemic. While infection rates and deaths are much lower when compared to some other western regions, it is impossible to deny that this situation is having a very real impact upon the daily lifestyles of countless citizens.

Although many articles tend to focus upon the associated economic fallout, we need to keep in mind that its mental toll is also very real. This is why it is good idea to take a look at some useful ways in which you can remain emotionally healthy until things eventually return to normal. Let’s also mention that all of the suggestions mentioned below can be used within countless other scenarios when you might require a bit of a more relaxed perspective.

Physical Health Equates to Mental Health

One of the best ways to stave off the emotional blues is to regularly exercise. Now, we are not necessarily referring to the gym in this sense. It is just as easy to devote a certain portion of your home or flat towards physical activities such as practising yoga or stretching. Even if these activities are performed for only 15 or 30 minutes each day, the effects are quite impressive.

Physical activity causes your body to release feel-good chemicals which are then circulated throughout the bloodstream. Examples include serotinin, epinephrine and adrenaline. These hormones will cause you to feel more relaxed and at rest; similar to a runner’s high after completing a jog. Such substances are also known to trigger a more positive mental outlet, so be sure to incorporate some form of at-home exercise into your daily routine.

Novel Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained

Obsessing over a situation that cannot be changed is a sure-fire way to develop feelings of stress and anxiety. If your mind begins to function in “overdrive”, negative thoughts are bound to manifest themselves. So, consider novel ways to remain entertained. Some may choose to read a book or to pursue a hobby such as building models. Others might instead turn to websites such as in order to play their favourite games.

It could also be wise to pursue a new interest that you did not have time for in the past. This will provide your mind with a decidedly creative outlet while allowing it to focus upon a specific task (as opposed to remaining trapped within negative thoughts). Take a look online to further research your interests. Not only will you inevitably find what you have been looking for, but joining chat forums that cater to such interests is a great way to make a few friends along the way.

We all need to take the concept of mental health very seriously. This is why the tips and tricks mentioned above should be carefully considered. If you are able to maintain a positive outlook, the world will become a much brighter and welcoming place.


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