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How to Celebrate Special Days during Quarantine

Forced lockdown continues, just like our life continues. Quarantine is not a reason to ignore important dates for us and be sad. You still have the right to celebrate your birthday, wedding anniversary, and any other significant date for you, as well as congratulate a loved one. We cannot go to our favorite restaurant, visit a friend or go out into the countryside with a company, but there are other ways to have fun.

Do what you love the most.

If you love Keira Knightley or Timothy Chalamet, organize a movie marathon of the best films with your friends or family – turn on the videoconference and exchange your impressions and comments with them. Create a playlist of your greatest hits in advance to cheer you up and enjoy it throughout the day.

Order delivery from your favorite restaurant for a festive dinner, or prepare delicious meals yourself with our online tutorials. Set the table, light the candles, pour the wine, and call your friends at Zoom.

Throw a house party.

Plan a gala evening: send your friends Zoom invitations, create a dress code, and have an online party with congratulations and toasts. Stay tuned for updates from your favorite DJs and bars – many of them, in self-isolation, conduct DJ sets on live broadcasts not only on weekends but also on weekdays.

What about a wedding anniversary?

Quarantine also made traditional ways of celebrating a wedding anniversary impossible. But he cannot cancel the main family date. Check out the list of wedding anniversaries, perhaps the upcoming date symbolizes something.

What can you do to make this day memorable? Let’s start with memories – don’t neglect preserving them. Digitize and describe the birth and development of your relationship – for yourself, for children, for loved ones. This is an important chapter in family history. A fixed artistic answer to the frequent question “How did you meet?”, “How did you get married?”, “What happened next?” Relatives and friends got to know our love story better, were surprised at the bizarre threads of fate, and the children only have to read it on their own.

Plan a romantic dinner.

Perhaps the most commonplace of all, but also the most familiar way to celebrate an important event. By the way, you can cook food together, sometimes it brings people closer and strengthens relationships. Browse the internet for recipes for affordable and simple meals, or cook something that both of you like.

Play sports together.

To do this, you do not have to go outside and run around the perimeter of the fenced playground. You can also do pair yoga – the web is full of materials, pictures and different poses that even not very plastic people can perform. And in principle, what could be more pleasant than playing sports together? Try speed push-ups, abs, squats. At the same time, it will help to stretch the muscles, bring them into tone, which they probably lost during the quarantine.

Arrange a general cleaning.

So what? Combine business with pleasure (or not). Sometimes this way of spending time helps to relax, and for some people, cleaning generally calms down. It will also help to rally as a shared activity fosters team spirit. And the family is a small team.

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