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Industrial Equipment Modifications Due to Modern Needs

In the modern world, any industry field needs to be efficient, cheap, and provide top-quality production. Thus, new advancements are implemented constantly to comply with all the market demands.

What industrial equipment modifications are at the top nowadays? Let us have a look.

Automation Makes the Production More Competitive

Automation is not a new trend, but nowadays, it is very important. Automated solutions allow even small companies to be competitive. To automate your premises, you need equipment from a reliable supplier and proper RPA software. Linear actuators will move robotic arms to perform plenty of operations:

  • Picking objects;
  • Lifting details;
  • Pushing things;
  • Loading and unloading goods, etc.

They all are controlled by special software. If you need to implement any changes to any processes, you just change the code or the data, and the robots will adapt to the new requirements immediately.

Automated solutions allow you to replace human work with robotic labour in many fields. For example, robots can perform repetitive actions without getting bored and losing concentration. Machines work in hazardous environments. Equipment can be used to lift and move weights, and similar.

Machine Integration with Human Workers

Until now, in the majority of factories, robots work in an isolated environment. However, there is a new trend to make machines work along with people. it would reduce the costs of automation solutions implementations immensely. If robots could work along with people, you would not need to create a special infrastructure for them. You would be able to get a robot, program it to perform the needed tasks, and it would complement the work of people in the same space.

AI and Machine Learning

Right now, we are already dealing with AI applications in the industry. This might become one of the main development trends. AI is widely used for QA processes. A robot can compare the final product against plenty of standards. If any modifications are implemented, a robot can be adjusted to follow them.

Now, machines can perform operations based on data that you provide. And again, to implement any changes, you need to change the code, and the machine will follow a new way to work. No training is needed.

However, for now, machines are useless in non-standard situations. As soon as they learn to react adequately in non-standard situations, they will be able to replace people completely. For now, though, it is too early to speak about it.

VR and AR

Virtual and Augmented Reality are still not widely implemented. But their potential is immense. With VR and AR, training sessions will be performed without inviting specialists or sending workers to a different location. The same can be told about maintenance. There will be no need to transport equipment or to invite specialists.

With AR, the safety level in the premises can be much higher. This technology is already used in more demanding industries, such as the construction industry. It is expected that in the future, the benefits of AR will be used everywhere.

About the author: Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.

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