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Mild weather lures more tourists to northern, northwestern Iran

As the weather gets milder in the final days of the spring, more tourists flock to the beautiful nature of Gilan and Ardabil, two adjacent provinces in northern and northwestern Iran.

Iran Environmental protection officers rescue trapped bear

The environmental protection officers of the central Iranian province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari rescued a bear whose hand was stuck under a rock in the river.

First black jaguar born in Iran

The only black jaguar couple kept in a zoo in Iran have given birth to a cub.

Data: 1.4 million foreign tourists visited Iran in past 3 months

The number of foreign tourists visiting Iran in the first three months of this year on the Iranian calendar, starting on March 21, surpassed 1.4 million, according to the international tourism organization, UN Tourism.

Iran tourism: Chamim wildlife, Khuzestan Province

“Chamim" is a village in Hamidiyeh, in the southwestern Iranian Khuzestan Province, where visitors find desert sands, river water and forest trees together.

Anzali wetland, a must-go tourist spot in Iran’s Gilan

The Anzali wetland is one of the most astonishing and ecologically important natural freshwater wetlands in the northern Iranian province of Gilan.

Nasir al-Molk Mosque in Shiraz, a dream of tourists

The Nasir al-Molk Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz and arguably the most exquisite mosque in terms of architecture.

Spring nature of Churat Lake in Sari, Iran’s Mazandaran Province

Churat Lake is located 10 kilometers from Churat Village in the Chahardange district of Sari, in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran.

Achaemenid tablets unveiled in Iran

3506 Achaemenid inscriptions were delivered to Iran in late September during the Iranian president's visit to the US.

Iran’s Hidden Gem: Bisheh, a Paradise Nestled in the Heart of Zagros, western Iran

Nestled amidst the majestic landscapes of Zagros lies the enchanting village of Bisheh, a true haven boasting an array of natural, cultural, historical, social, and economic treasures in the western Iranian province of Lorestan.

Achaemenid artifacts returned to Iran to be unveiled during cultural heritage week

In a momentous occasion celebrating Iran's rich cultural heritage, the unveiling of Achaemenid tablets returned from the United States will take center stage during Cultural Heritage Week in Iran.

Australian couple driving through Bean car from Europe to Australia

An Australian tourist couple, who travel from England to Australia with a Bean vintage car, entered Iran on their way.

Two bears wrestling in northern Iran                                                                               

A wildlife enthusiast has captured images of the playfulness and wrestling of two brown bears in the mountains of Savdkouh, Mazandaran province, in northern Iran.

Miracle in the making: Lake Urmia reborn after years of drought

In a remarkable turn of events, Lake Urmia, once a symbol of environmental devastation, is now experiencing a miraculous revival. After years of suffering from crippling drought, the lake is bursting with newfound vitality, thanks to the abundant rains of last winter and this spring.

Ancient artifacts unearthed during construction in Iran’s Hamedan

During the construction of a sidewalk in the western Iranian city of Hamedan, a significant discovery has been made. Archaeologists uncovered a brick wall from a building along with several other historical artifacts.

Iran tourism: Tarom, a piece of paradise in spring in Zanjan

The Iranian city of Tarom in Zanjan province in western Tehran, perched on top of the country, is and a complete package of a natural attractions for tourists.

Twin rainbow forms over Tehran

Residents of Iran's capital Tehran were on Wednesday treated to a visual spectacle: a double rainbow.

IAEA chief tours Iran’s historic Khaju Bridge

The director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi, who is in Iran to hold technical talks with Iranian officials and attend a nuclear conference, visited the historic Khaju Bridge in Iran’s central city of Isfahan.

Iran’s Zrebar Lake overflows after recent downpours

The level of water in the Zrebar Lake in western Iranian city of Marivan has reached its highest point due to the rainfalls in the past few days.

Iranians celebrate Shiraz Day; city of poetry, culture

Iranians on Saturday honored the national Shiraz Day, the day designated to remind the cultural and literary contributions of the city in southern Iran throughout history.

Urmia Lake water level further up

The water level in Lake Urmia in northwestern Iran has witnessed a significant surge after recent downpours, the head of the catchment areas said.

6 popular traditional breads of Iran’s Kerman Province listed as a heritage

The diversity of traditional breads in Iran’s Kerman Province is very high. These breads are so attractive and pleasant and they include Tiri, Zarandi Kopoo, Kermani Taftan, Sirjan fatty and sweet bread, Kornoon bread of Shahrbabak and Anar, Kerman boiled oil and Baft cookie bread. All these have been listed as intangible heritage of the region.

Flashfloods hit central, southeastern Iranian cities Isfahan, Yazd

Heavy rainfalls in several cities in central and southeastern Iran have triggered floods, causing damage and leaving several people missing.

Tourist village in Iran’s Kurdistan hosts huge number of people for historical festival

The Hezar (1,000) daf ceremony was held on Friday evening in the presence of a large number of people and officials as well as daf players from all over Iran in the tourist and historical village of Palangan, in the western Iranian province of Kurdistan.

Persian leopard spotted in Iran’s Ardebil province

A leopard has been spotted in a protected area in Iran's Ardebil province.

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