Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Pictures: Iranians prepare for Nowruz

As the end the Persian year of 1401 draws nearer, the Nowruz shopping market is booming and people as well as salesmen are busy buying and selling.

Iran spotted 18 Asiatic cheetah cubs in past year: Official

An official with Iran’s Environment Organization says 18 Asiatic cheetahs were registered in the country in the past year.

3 Persian leopards spotted at protected reserve in Iran’s Semnan

Three Persian leopards, from a rare and endangered species, have been spotted in a protected reserve in Aradan County of Iran’s Semnan Province.

Pirouz, Iran’s rare cheetah cub, dies of kidney failure

Pirouz, Iran’s popular Asiatic cheetah cub, dies at a veterinary hospital due to kidney failure, dealing a blow to hopes of saving the endangered species.

Watch Persian leopard walking in Iran’s northern forests

A Persian leopard was caught on camera walking at night in forests of Savadkooh County in Iran’s northern Mazandaran Province.

Iran’s popular cheetah cub Pirouz in unstable health condition

Iranian Asiatic cheetah cub Pirouz is reportedly transferred to a veterinary hospital because of health complications.

Orumia’s wintry nature in Iran’s West Azarbaijan Province

Heavy snow covers Orumia’s natural sceneries, creating gorgeous winter scenes. These are pictures of the Band heights, the Orumia-Oshnavieh road, the Nazlou region, and Golmarz wetland.

Belgian Crane released in Owja Keleh wetland, northern Iran

The crane which was brought from Belgium to Iran’s Mazandaran Province to accompany another crane from Siberia, has been released in Owja Keleh wetland in Fereydounkenar, northern Iran.

City of Chelgard in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province covered in snow

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province covered in snow Over the past 48 hours, snow melted in Kouhrang Station has been reported be be 212 milimeters high.

Iran tourism: Gerdabben lake freezing

Following a sharp drop in temperature in Iran’s Charmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Gerdabben lake in the provincial capital, Shahrekord, froze, creating a spectacular and beautiful scenery.

Omid, single surviving West Siberian crane, no longer alone

Omid (Hope), the only remaining Siberian crane that keeps returning to Iran every winter, will no be longer alone, as officials transfer a mate from Belgium to the Fereydounkenar wetlands, Omid’s favorite residence for the cold season in northern Iran.

Chetah family spotted in Iran’s Semnan Province

A large Asiatic cheetah family has been spotted in Iran's Semnan Province. According to the director general of Semnan Province's environment protection department, a female cheetah and three of her cubs were seen near Abbasabad.

Iran tourism: Akhlamad Frozen Waterfall in Khorasan Razavi

The Akhlamad tourist resort is in the city of Chenaran, some 80 kilometers northwest of the Iranian city of Mashhad.

Iran tourism: East Azarbaijan’s beautiful nature

Azarbaijan-e-Sharghi (East Azarbaijan) Province of Iran was called Azarbaijan-e-Khavari before the 1979 Islamic revolution. Both Khavari and Sharghi are Persian words for East or Eastern.

Picturesque foggy forests in northern Iran

The proximity to the Caspian Sea and the Alborz mountain range are considered to be the main reasons for the survival of the forests in the northern part of Iran.

Iran tourism: Karaftu Cave, a major historical sight in Kurdistan Province

Karaftu Cave is a mysterious and wonderful cave in Iran that is located 67 kilometers off the city of Divandarreh in Iran's Kurdistan Province.

Rural area in Iran’s Kordestan Province covered in snow

Snow blankets Ovroman Takht, a beautiful rural district in Iran’s western province of Kordestan.

Watch Persian leopard cub playing with mom in Iran’s northern heights

A Persian leopard cub has been caught on camera playing with his mom in the mountains of Iran’s northern Mazandaran Province.

Official: Leopard returned to natural habitat in Tehran Province

The director general of Tehran's environmental protection organization says after some 3 weeks of monitoring the eastern edge of the Iranian capital, a leopard sought by authorities left the place in question and returned to its natural habitat in the region.

Iran’s popular cheetah Pirouz turns 8 months old: New pics

New photos have been released of the popular Iranian Asiatic cheetah Pirouz, who has just turned eight months old.

Iran nature and tourism: Zrebar Lake birds

The reeds of Zaribar Lake in Marivan, in Iran's Kurdistan Province, have turned into a refuge for native and migrant birds and a very safe place for aquatic and waterside birds of the wetland.

New picture of Iranian cheetah cub goes viral

A picture of Iranian Asiatic cheetah cub Pirouz shows he has grown well and seems to be healthy.

Iran Tourism: Nations Art Museum

If you happen to be in the Iranian capital and like to enjoy seeing paintings dating back to more than 50 years ago, make sure to visit Mellat Palace Museum in northern Tehran.

Unrest dealt heavy blow to Iran’s tourism sector: Hotel official

The head of the Iranian association of hotel owners says the recent wave of social unrest and riots promoted 85% percent of the foreign tourists planning to visit Iran, to cancel their reservations in recent weeks.

Iran tourism: An ever-burning mountain in southwestern Khuzestan Province

Southwestern Iran is home to a small hillside that has been burning non-stop for years, creating a mesmerizing sight at night.

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