Thursday, January 26, 2023

Nature and Wildlife

Chetah family spotted in Iran’s Semnan Province

A large Asiatic cheetah family has been spotted in Iran's Semnan Province. According to the director general of Semnan Province's environment protection department, a female cheetah and three of her cubs were seen near Abbasabad.

Rural area in Iran’s Kordestan Province covered in snow

Snow blankets Ovroman Takht, a beautiful rural district in Iran’s western province of Kordestan.

Watch Persian leopard cub playing with mom in Iran’s northern heights

A Persian leopard cub has been caught on camera playing with his mom in the mountains of Iran’s northern Mazandaran Province.

Official: Leopard returned to natural habitat in Tehran Province

The director general of Tehran's environmental protection organization says after some 3 weeks of monitoring the eastern edge of the Iranian capital, a leopard sought by authorities left the place in question and returned to its natural habitat in the region.

Iran’s popular cheetah Pirouz turns 8 months old: New pics

New photos have been released of the popular Iranian Asiatic cheetah Pirouz, who has just turned eight months old.

Iran nature and tourism: Zrebar Lake birds

The reeds of Zaribar Lake in Marivan, in Iran's Kurdistan Province, have turned into a refuge for native and migrant birds and a very safe place for aquatic and waterside birds of the wetland.

New picture of Iranian cheetah cub goes viral

A picture of Iranian Asiatic cheetah cub Pirouz shows he has grown well and seems to be healthy.

Single surviving West Siberian crane, Omid, migrates back to Iran for winter

The single surviving West Siberian crane, Omid (Hope), flies thousands of kilometers back to Iran for the 15th consecutive year to spend the winter in Fereydoonkenar in the Iranian northern province of Mazandaran.

Iranians observe last solar eclipse in 2022

People across Iran observed on Tuesday afternoon a partial solar eclipse, which was the last of its kind in 2022.

Video: Iranian Asiatic cheetah Pirooz alive and kicking

A new video footage of Asiatic cheetah cub Pirooz, who was born in captivity over five months ago in the Iranian capital Tehran, was released on Monday, following rumors that the cub had been kidnapped.

Rare Persian leopard spotted in Iran’s Jiroft

A scarce Persian leopard on the UN’s endangered species list has been caught on camera in a protected area in southeastern Iranian city of Jiroft, an official has confirmed.

Iran tourism: Soleyman Tangeh Dam, spectacular resort in Mazandaran Province

The Soleyman Tangeh Dam is located some 45 kilometers southwest of the city of Sari, the capital city of Mazandaran Province in northern Iran, and near a village named Afra Chal.

Surviving Persian cheetah cub turns 77 days old

After the death of two of the three Asiatic cheetah cubs born in captivity in Iran, the third sibling is almost out of the woods and is 77 days old now.

Heated debate erupts in Iran on how to address increasing street dogs

The recent tragic deaths of two children in separate attacks by stray dogs in the Iranian city of Qom has triggered calls among the public as well as in the Iranian Parliament and City Councils for legislation on tackling the dangers of free-ranging urban dogs.

Iran tourism: Gorgeous sunflower fields of North Khorasan Province

Sunflower fields are among the tourist attractions that catch the eyes of any visitor to the North Khorasan Province.

Car collision kills brown bear cub in Iran’s Karaj

A brown bear cub has died after reportedly sustaining wounds in a collision with a vehicle in Iran’s Karaj near the capital Tehran.

Iran tourism: Attractions in Nour County

Nour County is one of the must-see places in Iran’s northern province of Mazandaran. Parts of the region are home to the central Alborz mountain range, which is covered with trees and dense vegetation.

Iran tourism: Shimbar plain a jewel in southwestern Iran

Shimbar or Shirin Bahar plain is the border between the southwestern Iranian provinces of Khuzestan and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari.

Anzali Wetland, habitat of swamp tulips

Anzali Wetland is in Iran’s northern Gilan Province near the port city of Bandar Anzali.

Surviving Iranian cheetah cub Pirooz, hale and hearty

Following the death of two of the three Asiatic cheetah cubs born in captivity in Iran, the Department of Environment says the third cub is out of the woods and is not at risk of death.

Iranian port city of Bandar e Khamir registered as wetland city

Bandar e Khamir in southern Iran has been registered as a wetland city of the world along with 24 other cities from 13 countries. That’s according to the Iranian port city’s mayor, Javad Mahmoudi.

Deer footprint fossil 10mn years old spotted in west Iran

A deer footprint fossil dating back some 10 million years has been discovered in western Iran.

Storks return to Marivan, Kurdistan Province

Storks are among the migratory birds that migrate to the southern warmer areas when the winter begins in the northern latitudes.

Iran nomadic tribes start migration ahead of summer

In Iran’s East Azerbaijan, nomadic tribes start migrating from Kishlak (wintering place) to Yaylak (summer highland pasture) from mid-spring and end it toward the end of the summer.

Iranians begin harvests of borage flowers in northern mountains

The mountainous areas and margins of the roads in Iran’s northern Mazandaran Province have been covered by red and purple flowers these days.

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