Thursday, June 1, 2023

Nature and Wildlife

Iran tourism: Rig-e Zarrin sand desert in Yazd

The Rig-e Zarrin sand desert is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in Yazd Province of Iran.

Harvesting spring-time chai (tea) plants in Iran’s north

It’s already mid-spring, and the chai (tea) farmers in Iran’s bountiful north are harvesting what is known as spring-time chai plants.

Hails as big as eggs hit region in western Iran

Hails as big as eggs have fallen in Uramanat, a region in Iran’s Kermanshah Province.

Iran tourism: Saqalaksar in Iran’s littoral spells visitors

Saqalaksar Village, 15 kilometers to the south of the Iranian city of Rasht, in Gilan Province, has a particular feature. An embankment dam in the village in northern Iran, has provided an exquisite tourist attraction, looking almost like a natural lake.

Iranians free birds seized from smugglers in nature to mark Migratory Bird Day 

Marking the World Migratory Bird Day, Iranian environmental officials and nature lovers join a ceremony to free birds confiscated from smugglers at the Lar National Park on the hillside of Mount Damavand in the northern province of Mazandaran.

Spring-time snow surprises residents in Iran’s northwestern town

It’s mid-spring in Iran and yet, snow has whitened the streets in parts of Varzaqan Town, in Iran’s East Azarbaijan Province.

Iran tourism: World’s largest fresh water spring in Marivan

Marivan, a city in Iran’s western province of Kordestan, is home to the world’s largest fresh water spring.

Tehran International Exhibition of Flowers and Plants

Tehran International Exhibition of Flowers & Plants-19 kicked off on Saturday afternoon (May 6, 2023) in the Gofetgoo Garden in the Iranian capital.

Snow whitens Iranian town in spring

It is mid-spring in Iran and yet, this northern town in Mazandaran Province has turned white with snow. Savad-Kooh is a mountainous town abounding in wild flowers. Now covered in unexpected snow, the scenery is even more pleasing to the eye.

The season of tulips in western Iran

The period between mid-March and mid-May is the perfect season for the growth of tulips, which emerge from the soil on the snow-bearing and rain-producing mountains of Iran’s western Ilam province.

Video shows two Asiatic cheetah cubs in Iran in good health

A video clip has emerged showing two Asiatic cheetah cubs in Iran, named Azar and Touran, wrestling playfully and fidgeting around in good health.

Harvest of roses in north-central Iran

Every spring, harvest of pink roses begins in May and goes until the end of the season in Iran’s north-central and central regions.

Spring nature of Chalus Mountains, northern Iran

More than one month into the spring, forest trees are blossoming and leafing out in the heights of Chalus, in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran.

Inverted tulips adorn western Iranian fields

Inverted tulips are among the most unique species of indigenous flowers and plants in mountainous areas of Iran and give a beautiful and rare natural look to the highlands of Manesht in the western Iranian province of Ilam in the spring.

Iran tourism: Shidvar, “Iran’s Maldives” in the Persian Gulf

Among the beautiful southern islands of Iran is one called Shidvar which is located in Hormozgan Province along the Persian Gulf.

Lake Urmia’s good days return after being partly inundated

Good days are back for Lake Urmia in Iran's West Azerbaijan Province after the opening of a canal that will transmit water from Kani Sib region to the lake.

Spectacular pear trees in Iran’s Gilan Province

As the spring season decorates the nature, pear trees in gardens give a spectacular look to Iran’s northern province of Gilan.

Beautiful sunset of Iran’s West Azerbaijan’s blue jewel on the horizon for boat riders

Lake Urmia, in Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province, has been waiting for its water level to rise for years, so that in the tumult of the waves, the blue jewel of Azerbaijan can present its sunset’s beauty to visitors.

Iran spotted 18 Asiatic cheetah cubs in past year: Official

An official with Iran’s Environment Organization says 18 Asiatic cheetahs were registered in the country in the past year.

3 Persian leopards spotted at protected reserve in Iran’s Semnan

Three Persian leopards, from a rare and endangered species, have been spotted in a protected reserve in Aradan County of Iran’s Semnan Province.

Pirouz, Iran’s rare cheetah cub, dies of kidney failure

Pirouz, Iran’s popular Asiatic cheetah cub, dies at a veterinary hospital due to kidney failure, dealing a blow to hopes of saving the endangered species.

Watch Persian leopard walking in Iran’s northern forests

A Persian leopard was caught on camera walking at night in forests of Savadkooh County in Iran’s northern Mazandaran Province.

Iran’s popular cheetah cub Pirouz in unstable health condition

Iranian Asiatic cheetah cub Pirouz is reportedly transferred to a veterinary hospital because of health complications.

Orumia’s wintry nature in Iran’s West Azarbaijan Province

Heavy snow covers Orumia’s natural sceneries, creating gorgeous winter scenes. These are pictures of the Band heights, the Orumia-Oshnavieh road, the Nazlou region, and Golmarz wetland.

Belgian Crane released in Owja Keleh wetland, northern Iran

The crane which was brought from Belgium to Iran’s Mazandaran Province to accompany another crane from Siberia, has been released in Owja Keleh wetland in Fereydounkenar, northern Iran.

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